A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 15

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 15








Byung bit his lips and looked at her but quickly look away


He smiled and his dimples made her heart flutter, does this guy know the kind of effect he is having on her


“What if she reject me,, I don’t want a heart break” He muttered to himself


“Are you suddenly dumb?” She asked


“I…” He breathed out ” Okay I wanted to say you are the most prettiest lady on earth” He said


“You have told me that countless times remember!” She said


“I want to say it again” He smiled


“Are you it’s what you intended to tell me ?” She asked in doubt


“Definitely,, you are so cute ” He replied


Linbae face drop in disappointment she was expecting him to say the three words, he made her heart race for nothing


“When you’re ready to tell me what you actually wanted to me, you can talk to me but for now bye ” Linbae said and without any delay she began walking away


“Linbae wait are you angry?” Byung asked after but she gave no response and rather hasten her steps, she walked out completely


Byung sighed and cursed himself silently


“Why couldn’t I say it to her, Gosh!! what came over me, I started feeling nervous, I love you Linbae!!” He said and left sadly


Linbae came out from where she is watching him and smiled excitedly


“I knew it, that was what you wanted to say, I love you too Byung… but I will wait for you to be bold to say it in my face, I can’t believe I fell for you in just a week,, you can’t tell the heart what to do” She giggled like a child and ran to her chamber




A car stopped in the Zhang’s mansion and Min came out, she crossed to the other side and face the person in the car


“Thanks for the ride” She said


“You’re welcome, I’m Ryder” He said


“Min” She replied


“You’re American right?” She asked


“Yes, can I have your number?” Ryder asked


She smiled and he gave her his phone, she typed her number on it and gave it back to her


“Good night” Min said and went in


The guy smiled before driving away


“Where are you coming from?” Jing asked immediately she came in


“From a party” She replied


“You start partying?”


“I tried it out today, it’s not that bad”


“My little sis is growing up” Jing smiled


“I need to have my bath” Min said and left


Min walked to her room and pulled off her clothes and rushed into the bathroom, the water poured on her and she moaned pleasurably, after a while she step out and dry herself before slipping into a short gown, she wore her summer flip flop


Lee came to her mind and she smiled


“I haven’t seen him since today, but I will get something to eat before going to his room, I need to see that beautiful face”




Ariel is trying to concentrate on what she is doing in the kitchen but it’s becoming so hard as Lee kept coming to her head


She is trying to make something for Lee


The fact that she saw his bare chest is driving her crazy already, it can’t leave her mind


“Ariel at this rate you’re going crazy, why am I thinking about it, not like I’m crushing on him” She muttered


*But you are charmed by his biceps* Her inner mind said


“Shut up, I’m not charmed by any thing” She said


Min walked into the kitchen and said nothing to Ariel, she didn’t even look her side


“Min” Ariel called


“Hmm” She replied without looking at her


“I made something for you, check the fridge” Ariel said


“No, thanks, I will make something for myself” She replied nonchalantly


“But even heaven and earth knows you can’t cook” Ariel said


“And how does that got to bother you?” Min snapped


“I’m sorry” Ariel apologized


“Better” She said sarcastically


“Where is Lee?” She asked


“In his room, he got hurt”


“What!!” She gasped


“Yes, he actually….” Ariel didn’t complete her sentence as Ariel rushed out


“Is she that so concern about him” She scoffed and face what she’s doing




Min barged into his room without knocking, Lee gasped shockingly, he is sitting upright on the bed, she saw his bare chest and stopped moving


Her heart beat increased


“Min ” He called slowly


She took few steps to him and sat beside him


“You came in unoticed, what if I was naked?” He asked


“I’m sorry, I was so scared when I heard you are hurt” She replied


“Scared!!,,, why were you scared?” He asked


” Uhm… cos you’re my teacher ” She stuttered a little




“How did you get hurt, what happened?” She asked


“Tea was poured on me by your sister” Lee replied




“She wanted to poured the tea on Ariel but I intervened and it poured on me” He replied


Min heart boiled with anger knowing he did it for Ariel, she lost her cool


“Why would you do such a thing, were you even thinking?” She half yelled


“Hey calm down, what is the fuss about that” He said


“But why would you protect her, you are hurt” She said with concern


“I am glad you are concern but I didn’t regret doing it”


“Can you do it for me too?” She asked


“I don’t know” Lee replied and her face showed disappointment


“Goodnight” She said and started leaving


“Good night”


Ariel opened the door and was about walking in when Min suddenly came out slightly colliding with her, she stumbled back and the soup on the tray spill on her fingers


“Ahhh” Ariel winced painfully


Min looked at her with hatred and walked out


“Has she suddenly join her sister? she was different” Ariel thought and entered the room


Lee smiled seeing her, somehow her presence is more appealing to him that Min


“Hey fight partner” He said


She placed the tray on the bed stand and winced


“What happen?” Lee asked


“The soup mistakenly spilled on my fingers and it hurt” She replied


Lee made her to sat down, he took her hands and blew air on it, she felt the spark again and her body vibrated, he took the cream and rubbed it on her fingers


“You will feel better” He said


“You claim to hate me so much but you’re worried about me” Ariel laughed


“I still hate you okay”


“Are you sure you hate me?” She asked pouting childishly


“I… hate you ” He replied


“Why did it took you long to answer” She smiled


“Gosh!! stop frustrating me” He replied


“Can we be friends from now on, let’s stop fighting each other” Ariel said


Lee looked at her and held her hands


“Friends” He said and they both smiled, feeling the spark between them




” Hey Linbae” Byung called and she stopped


He couldn’t sleep last night


“What’s it?” She asked


“Are you avoiding me? you walked out on me yesterday,, I’m sorry” Byung said


“But you did nothing wrong?” She said


“Then why do I feel like you are angry with me” He replied


“I’m not, I’m still waiting for what you have to tell me exactly, see you” She said and left


“She is making it hard for me, did she love me too” Byung wondered, he turned around and walked back to his room




Her phone vibrated and she quickly took it and it was uncle Steven calling her


“Hello Uncle Steven” She said happily


“Hello Ariel, there is a problem” He said


“What is it?” She asked


“It’s your grandma, she is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it’s going to the last stage and she has only two days if she got a surgery she will survive, the doctor asked for a half a million for the surgery and I don’t have that amount” Steven replied sadly


“Grandma, what hospital?”


“Hans medical center” Steven replied


“I’m coming” She said and rushed out


She took a cab to the hospital, immediately she ran in and met Steven


“Uncle Steven”




“Where is she?” She asked


“Follow me” He replied


They got to her ward and truly her grand mother is laying unconscious on the bed with a pale and dry lips


Tears fell from her eyes as she looked at her, she is the only person she got in this world


She took her hand into hers and kissed it


“Grand ma!!! why do you want to do this to me?” She asked sobbing


“You promised to be with me, why!!”


“Don’t leave me, you are all I got in this wicked world”


Steven stared at her and walked out cause seeing her cry is making him to tear up too


“Where would I get 600k wons from, my salary for two years can’t weigh to that amount” She cried bitterly




She got home with a red and puffy eyes, she left the hospital after seeing the doctor but he insisted on the money or else he won’t do anything to help her survive but where would she get that amount of money


She walked absentmindedly to Lee room, she entered it and he spranged up seeing her face


“What happen to you Ariel” He asked with a worried face


“Can…can I borrow your arms for  some minutes Jimin?” She asked


“Yes” He replied


She went into his arms hugging him and strangely it work, she felt better



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