A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 27

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 27








After class the students started walking out, the girls soon started flocking around Wong trying to flirt with him, throwing sexy and naughty comments about him


Min scoffed annoyingly and started walking out with her friends


Wong freed himself from the girls and went after her, he caught with her outside


“Hey Min” He called and she turned with a smile




“You’re going home?” He asked


And she nodded


“Wong” Ryder called appearing there with Nirvana


“Buddy” Wong smiled


“See ya tomorrow” Ryder said and left with Nirvana after she waved at Min


Wong and Min started walking towards the parking lot


“You’re handsome and brilliant” She suddenly spoke up






“You’re pretty and a cry baby” He said and she blushed secretly


“I’m not a cry baby”


“Min the cry baby” He teased


“I hate you, stop it”


“I like you” He said and her heart stop beating, he held her hand and she felt the spark again


“I like you can we be friends? He asked


She released her breath


“Yeah, .. sure” She replied nervously


“Are you nervous?”


“Yes, no”


“You’re funny Min”


A car drove there and Min’s driver came out


“I’m sorry I’m late miss” He apologized


“It’s nothing, Wong bye”


“Bye, cry no more”


“I will wound you soon” She said entering the car, she waved at him and he returned it


He got in his car too and drove out




Ariel and Lee walked inside the room, her grandmother smiled immediately she saw them


She hug her before hugging Lee


“Mom” Lee said


“Mom!, I’m missing out on something?” She asked suspiciously


Lee and Ariel smiled


“I fulfilled my promise” Lee said


“You did?”


“Yes mother” Lee replied


She hug him again, so tight this time


“Thank you so much Jimin, my baby is now having a boyfriend, when are you two getting married?”


“Grandma, we just started dating it’s not upto a week and you are talking about marriage” Ariel said


“But you two love each other so much right?” She asked


They both looked at each other


“We do” They replied


“Then I can’t wait for the two of you to tie the knot” She smiled


“What should I cook?”


“No, we will cook,, I will cook with my baby” Ariel said sweetly and pulled Lee into the kitchen


Her grandmother smiled widely


“Even if I die now, I will be happy”




Dayiun walked downstairs as she had just received a call from the king telling her that the prince will be coming back in three days time, she walked there excitedly, the girls are in the sitting room watching their favorite K-drama


“Hey babies” She called with a smile


“Mom” They turned


“I got good news for you, the king just called right now that the prince will be coming back in three days time” She said


“Wow!!” Yang exclaimed


“I can’t wait to see his face” Jing said dreamily


“Prepare yourselves girls, he will be coming back on Friday, enjoy your movie, I love you all” She said and left


Min just stared without saying a word, her mind is busy thinking about Wong


“Won’t you say something Min”


“I got nothing to say, I’m too young for marriage anyway” She rolled eyes


“You’re so annoying”


Min sighted Ariel walking to her room, she stood up and followed her to her room


She entered the room and Ariel turned


“Ariel” She called with guilt in her voice


“Yes Min” Ariel replied


“I… just want to say I’m sorry for everything bad I did to you, hope you can forgive me” She said rushing her words


Ariel made to say something but Min ran out


“She just apologize? What has gotten into her ” Ariel wondered


She took her bath and headed to Lee’s room, she got there and Lee is already sleeping


She climbed on the bed and started kissing his face, Lee woke up and smiled seeing her




“Baby Jimin, you slept so early” She said


“Yeah, I’m so tired, I have something to tell you”


“What’s it?” She asked


“I will be traveling to Australia tomorrow, mom just called me right now that she has just opened a factory and she want me to be there” He said


Ariel became sad immediately


“So sudden?”


“Yes love, I’m sorry but I have to be there”


“How long will you be staying there?”


“Like four days” He replied


“I won’t be seeing you for four days, wait does that means you will be resigning right, since you will be looking after the factory” She said


“Yes and you will be going to Australia with me”


“But what about..”


“Grandma will go with us” He said


She smiled


“I love you” He said and kissed her, their make out started




Lee woke up and packed his things and walked out of the room, he moved to the living room


“Where are you doing to?” Jing asked coming there


“I’m resigning” He replied


“Resigning?” Yang asked




“That’s a good thing, we don’t even want you” Jing scoffed


“I’m even tired of seeing pig faces” Lee said


Jing and Yang exclaimed hurtfully


“Bastard” They yelled


Without saying anything he walked out of the mansion


“Jimin” Ariel called


He turned and they hugged


“I will miss you Ariel, but I promise you I will come back and take you out of this suffering” He said


“I will be waiting, I love you so much, safe trip ”


She broke the hug and gave him an envelope


“What’s inside it?” He asked


“My salary, manage it” She replied and he gasped


“No, I can’t take this baby, you need it the most”


“You’re traveling you need it”


“No mom is sponsoring me, Your boyfriend is becoming rich very soon” He said and brought out his salary and added it to the envelope and out it in her hand


“Take care, Jimin love you, know that”


“I love you too bye”


He kissed her lips and she wrapped her hands around him kissing him back, even when they broke it, they couldn’t get enough of it, Ariel watched sadly as Lee walked away


“This mansion won’t be lively as before” She said and moved back into the mansion


“That cleaner resign?” Dayiun asked her


“Yes” She replied


“I will call the king, he can’t resign like that” She said


Ariel walked away




Lee got to the palace and this time around, he is not wearing a mask, he walked in and a guard stopped him


“Who are you?”


“I’m Byung’s friend” He replied and he allowed him to pass


He walked inside the palace and the king and queen beamed in excitement immediately they saw him


He bowed greeting them


“Father, mother”


“Son, raise” The king said


“My baby is back” The queen said hugging him


She started checking him out


“I’m okay mom” He said


“Mission completed right?” The king asked and he smiled


“I will be in my room right now, where is Byung?” He asked


“He went on a date with Linbae”


“You guys knew?”


“Yeah, he told us, and we are anxious to hear the full gist about your stay in Zhang’s mansion”


“Okay father, I will be back” He bowed and left




Lee walked there and sat on a golden chair beside his mother


“Straight to the point” The king said


“The girls are not what you think they’re, they are spoilt to the core, so wicked and cruel but I fell in love with a cook there and I want to marry her instead” He said waiting for the king and queen reactions


“I don’t have any problem with who you chose to marry, I’m only concern about you getting married, cos you will be crowned the prince officially very soon and based on the tradition you must get married before you will be crowned as the crown prince” The king said


“I’m with your father son, we love her already even without seeing her, I believe you will make the right choice” She said


He stood up and bowed respectfully


“Thank you father and mother” He said and left


The king and the queen smiled




Lee walked in to the garden and saw Byung sitting there


“Pyscho” He called


Byung smiled and turned


“Jimin” He said and Lee started laughing


He sat with him


“Where’s Linbae?”


“She was feeling sleepy so she went to her room” He replied




“So you confessed?” He asked


“Yeah I did, but how did you know, I haven’t told you”


“Ariel told me, she beat you to your own game, I came up with the idea of she making your jealous” Byung said


“Wait, the guy she was flirting with, it was your idea to make me jealous so that I can confess”




“I will kill you” Lee said


Byung stood up and started running away, Lee chased after him




The day every one in China providence is waiting for to see the prince, they were expecting his arrival unknown to them that the prince is in china since for a time now


Jing and Yang so expectant to see the prince and who he will choose


The king called Dayiun and informed her that the prince will be coming to her mansion to see her daughters


But Lee decided to keep everything on the low for now, he wanted to see the shock on the face of everyone in Zhang’s mansion


The king introduced him as the prince to guards, maids and the ministers in the palace, the only people who saw his first for the first time


He is dressed in a royal robe which fit his body so well, he is looking so hot in the royal clothes


The cars are arranged already


Byung walked beside him as they entered the car together


“I can’t wait to see how shock Ariel will be” Byung said


“I hope you forgives me for lieing to her


The second car the king and the queen were inside


The cars started and they drove out of the palace




The cars drove into Zhang’s mansion and parked accordingly, the guards came out first


“Girls rush out they’re here” Dayiun said to her daughters


Jing and Yang rushed downstairs


“How are we looking mom?”


“So gorgeous babies” She replied


They smiled and started walking out with her, Min followed reluctantly, Ariel just followed to see the so called prince who is about to make a mistake


They all got outside and stood facing the cars


A guard open the door and the king and the queen came out


“Your highness” They all bowed


“Rise” The king said


Jing and Yang started smiling


“Dayiun, I’m pleased to be here after a long time since your husband died, the girls have really grown to beautiful ladies, I hope the prince found one of them worthy” The king said and everyone bowed again


Byung came out first and Ariel gasped


“Byung” She whispered


He looked at her and winked


“Please let’s welcome our prince, prince Chen Lee” He said


Min almost shouted, her idol crush is the prince


The door opened and someone stepped down , Lee looked up and everyone gasped in shock


No one was shocked the way Dayiun, Min, Jing, Yang and Ariel were


“Jimin” They gasped


Their heart started beating fast , since they know fully well he won’t chose them


Ariel couldn’t believe it, so he lied to her all this while, he was a prince who was just disguising, a prince in disguise


Dayiun couldn’t believe the guy who was a cleaner in her house turn out to be the prince


Min too was shocked to the core, she was living under the same roof with her idol crush and she couldn’t know it was him all this while


Saying they were surprised would be an understatement, they were in total shock one they couldn’t ever believe of, it was so shocking


Jing and Yang started shaking in shock, their eyes kept widening, they almost collapsed but Min and dayiun were fast to held them



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