A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 19-20

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 19 & 20








“You say what?” Linbae asked to be sure of what she heard


“I say I f*cking love you” Byung answered breathily


Linbae walked up to him and crossed her arms around his neck


Byung looked at her


“What took you so long to say it?”


“I was afraid and scared”


“Afraid of what?” She asked cutely


“Of getting rejected”


“Then what if I do it now” She smirked


“Huh! no don’t do it, I’m sorry….”


“I love you too Byung, I fell crazily for you, I haven’t love a guy the way I love you, seriously, it was love at first sight, I knew you love me, I heard the words from your mouth that day but I waited for you to be bold and say it directly to my face, but you took so long, I couldn’t wait anymore so I came up with this plan and it work” She said


Joy surged through Byung’s body


“What plan!! wait bringing the guy to the garden”


“Yeah, I was sure you will be jealous and it work”


“You’re something else,, but I love it seriously” He smiled


“You just got a crazy girlfriend”


“Can I kiss you?”


“Are you for real, you are asking for permission before you will kiss your woman, who does that” She frowned


“I’m sorr…” He swallowed the “Y” cos Linbae captured his lips, he reciprocated and began kissing her back, s*cking on her lower lips, Linbae moaned pleasurably, brushing his hair




Ariel is sitting upright on her bed hugging the pillow to herself, she can’t sleep, sleep is so distant from her


Her kiss scene with Lee kept coming to her head, she couldn’t think of anything else


She is missing him, crazy right!!


They are living under the same roof and she is greatly missing him


It took her a strong self control of not going to his room even though it’s not easy for her, she doesn’t understand the feelings but she like it


A knock came on her


“Come in ” She said


The door slowly opened and Lee came to view


He is passing through the same thing Ariel is passing through


He can’t stop thinking about the kiss though he tried to forget about it….but it’s impossible to forget, he missed her dearly


A wide smile crept on her lips as she saw Lee




“You’re still awake?” Lee asked


“Yes, I can’t sleep” She replied




“I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m thinking about…” She paused immediately as she almost spill the beans


“About what? Your grandma” He said


*About you” She said in her head




“Stop worrying yourself, she will be alright”


“Sure thanks, why aren’t you asleep yet?”


“I can’t sleep either” He said and looked at her


They maintained eye contact, no one is ready to look away


“Can I stay here with you for a while?” He asked


“Yeah, you don’t need to ask , here” She said tapping on the space beside her


Lee walked to the bed and sat beside her on the bed


They are still maintaining the eye contact


“You’re cute” He said and her cheeks reddened


“You’re handsome” She replied


Lee blushed secretly but she saw it


“Oh my God!! I made a guy to blush” She said childishly, smiling


“You’re so childish” He smiled


She hit him


“Ion childish, I’m twenty” She pouted


“I told you to stop pouting your lips”


“Why don’t you want me to pout my lips?” She asked


“Cos it make me wanna kiss you” He answered


Ariel quickly covered her hands on her mouth


“Kissing someone who’s not your girlfriend or boyfriend is wrong” She pouted again


He pulled her to himself, her lips are just a inch away from his lips, she looked on with a racing heart, inwardly she can’t help but wish to have a taste of his lips


“I will kiss you if you pout your lips again, I’m serious” He said and released her


She continue looking at him


“Hey stop boring holes on me” He said


Ariel scoffed and looked away


“Tell me about yourself?” Lee asked


“I’m an orphan living with my grandma, my parents are dead, I grew up not knowing them, my grandmother raised me all alone, I only went to high school… I couldn’t afford college of poverty”


“I’m sorry about your parents”


“It’s nothing, that’s my fate, tell me about you” Ariel said


“I’m a half Korean half Chinese, I grew up in Australia, dad and mom divorced and I had to move down to China, I didn’t went to college too despite dad being rich, he abandoned me and mom and refuse to have anything to do with us anymore,, he remarried, but mom is out of China now, I will introduce you to her once she come back” Lee replied


Ariel looked at him with emotional eyes, his story is touching, it’s not easy having a rich father who refused to take care of you


“Stop being sorry for me, I dislike it” He said, noticing the way he is looking at him


“But your dad is a monster, sorry to say that… but who does that, at least he should have consider you, you are his first son for f*ck sake ” She heaved


“It’s nothing, I’m used to my new life”


“We share something in common, not going to college” Ariel said and they laughed


Lee smiled to himself as she buy his lies, he will pass an audition in lying…. *a solo lylist*


“We got each other right” Lee said


“Yes ” She nodded


“Can you sing for me?” She suddenly asked


“Ion a singer”


” But for my sake please, please”


“What should I sing, I don’t have anything in my head” He protested


“Anything whether it’s rubbish sing it, I wanna hear you sing” She insisted


“You’re so pestering”


“Sing, sing, sing”


🎶 Never knew it will be like this


🎶 I thought I will never feel this way


🎶You change my mindset


🎶You reform my movement, a pure Bliss


🎶Now I’m falling, falling without knowing


Ariel is sleeping already, he looked at her and stop singing


“Good night” He said and made to stand but she held his hand tightly


He looked back


“Don’t go,, stay with me” She mumbled in her sleep


Lee smiled and stay back, he continue staring at her till he fell asleep


They began moving closer to each other and they ended up cuddling unconsciously


He held her waist delicately and she placed her head on his chest




Ariel is the first to woke up, she felt a hand on her waist and looked down to see Lee holding her possessively


She realized her head is on his chest


“We slept last night like this, gosh!!!”


“He hold on me is like a possessive boyfriend” She smiled naughtily


She looked up to his face admiringly


His brows, eyes lashes, lips and his cute face, she felt the urge to touch it, she moved her hand to his face and touch it feeling the softness of his face


“I didn’t have the nightmare last night could it be it’s because he slept together with me” She thought


The innocent look on his face added to his handsomeness, he is looking so innocent in his sleep but in reality he is a devil


“Handsome devil, I don’t know what you’re doing to me but I love it”  She said caressing his face


Lee eyes opened and she quickly withdraw her hand


He felt a weight on him and dimmed his eyes, he roamed around and saw himself holding someone, he quickly spranged up


His mouth open wide


“Ariel” He called shockingly


“Jimin,,, good morning” She said


“We… we…. slept together” He stammered




“F*ck, I messed up again,, I’m sorry”


“Come on not like anything happen between us,, we are friends, stop getting it wrong”


“You ain’t angry?”


“Angry for what!! we kissed remember?  so what happen?” She asked


“Must you say that out loud” Lee pouted


“If you pout your lips again, I will kiss you” She said and Lee quickly look at her


“Huh!! I didn’t pout my lips”


“You just did it now” She replied


“Using my words against me right!! catch you later princess” He said and left


“He called me princess! what ever is happening to me I don’t understand, I need to see grandma and tell her how I’m feeling, I don’t understand myself anymore, my heart race when he smile or touches me”




“Awwwn, f*cking boring lecture” Nina moaned tiredly


They have just had the third lecture which is mathematics and the teacher is a boring one, you must be really intelligent to understand him


“He is making maths to become my enemy” Min said


“Blame your brains not Mr Fenhua” Nirvana said, she is the second most brilliant student in the department


“Everyone is not like you, maths guru” Nina and Min rolled eyes


“Nirvana is right” Boi zin defended


Ryder who is listening to their conversation smiled and walked up to them


“Hey Min”


“Hi” She replied drily


“Ryder” Nirvana started drooling again


“Pretty Nirvana” He replied and her heart almost exploded


Nina and Boi zin waved at him, he waved back at them at once


“The course is not that hard” Ryder said


“For you not me” Min replied


“I can lecture you if you’re finding it so hard,, I am good teacher”


“I don’t need your help” She replied flatly without any concern


“Would you teach me?” Nirvana asked but he aired her again


“Let me take you out for lunch” Ryder said


“No thanks” She rejected


Ryder looked at her sadly and began walking out


Nirvana stood up and followed him


“You can take me instead” She said


Ryder smiled faintly and held her hand and they started walking out, Nirvana kept smiling like a fool


👥 Are they dating already


👥 This guy is hot more than some of our Chinese guys


👥 Nirvana is lucky


“I wish we are dating” Nirvana gushed in her head




“What was that?” Nina asked




“You just gave the guy a harsh treatment, that’s not fair” Boi zin said


“Seriously I don’t like him, I regretted meeting him in the party”




Jing rushed into the mansion screaming


She is jumping happily like a two year old girl who just bought candy


Yang and Min both came out of their rooms


Lee and Ariel came out from the kitchen as they heard the noise


“Guess what sisters” She said




“Just guess”


“You got a new d*ck !” Yang smirked


“B*tch” Jing sneered


“Just guessing” Yang said mockingly


“I got a job with STANDARD COMPANIES as a sale manager ” She said and threw the papers at them


Their eyes widened, it’s f*cking true


“Congratulations ” They hugged her


“Wow!! you’re lucky”


Lee smirked, unknown to her that company belong to him, though only his parents and Byung knew he is the owner of the company


“Hey commoners won’t you congratulate me” Jing said


“Cos you got a ticket to heaven right?” Ariel asked


Jing seethed “b*tch”


“There is no law that says it’s a most to congratulate someone” Lee said


“Ohh! the cleaner”


“I pity the company” Ariel said


“What do you mean?” Min glared hatefully at her


“It will be experiencing bankruptcy soon” Lee replied


Lee held her hand and they left


“Those two need to be sack” Yang said


“I will do that once mom is back”


“You can sack Ariel but dare try to sack Jimin” Min said and left


“Huh!! did she perhaps like him”


“Ion know”




It’s two weeks already, meaning Lee has one week remaining in the mansion


They have both discovered their feelings for each other but none has confessed, though kissing has become a greeting to them, what kind of friends do kiss each other


Dayiun is back and the house is not as same as before


Min is still heels over Lee , Ryder is trying his best to make her fall for him but she is not seeing it, her hatred for Min tripled as Lee and Ariel became so close




Craig walked in to the gambling house with his boys and bullet beside him


This a very dangerous gambling house, housing gangsters, it where mafia lords and other dangerous guys gamble, you need to be careful here cos dieing here is so easy


On a particular table a guy is seen dressed in a black leather jacket on a black trouser with black shoes, black on black, his hair is curly


Craig smiled widely as he looked at the guy backing him


“Boss there is…”


He cut him off


“He hasn’t change after two years, who won’t recognize the devil, his curly dark hair” He said and walked there, his boys followed


“Damon” He called


Damon dropped the cards on his hand and slowly turned


He has no expression on his face, no emotions but pure evilness on his face


“The devil is back” Craig said


“What are you doing here?” Damon asked



“Aren’t you happy seeing me?” Craig asked


“And what does that mean?,, why are you here exactly” Damon asked


“Are you interrogating me now, okay I came so we can become allies and take down our enemies”


Damon gave out a dry laugh


“Aligned with a weakling like you to destroy my enemy”


“Yeah, I’m a weakling but at least I wasn’t killed before” He said


Damon eyes became reddened at his statement


He grabbed his neck and started choking him


Craig’s boys remove their guns and pointed it at Damon


Damon’s boys too does the same


People in the house turned and started watching


“Easy boys, let go of my neck now ” Craig manage to speak


Damon slowly let him go


“I never like you even before and even now I don’t like you, I can’t associate with you to destroy Brown, now vanished and never show your face to me” Damon said


“I can’t force you, pray you don’t die this time again, let’s go boys” Craig said and left with his gang members


“Anytime he show his face delete him”


“Yes boss!! ”


“We are going to France in three days time, this time we must get him or kill him”


“Boss he has a daughter whom he loves so much, we can capture her and lure him into our trap, she is still in elementary school” His manager (Luke) said behind him


“You think so?” He asked


“Perfect way out, I will arrange everything out boss” Luke replied


“Okay* He agreed


“Maybe you will die another second death” Luke smirked






Lee is coming out of the bathroom when he paused his movement as he saw Min sitting on his bed


“What are you doing here?” He demanded


She turned and started looking at his sexy hot body


“I say what are you doing here?” He yelled


She stood up and started moving closer to him


“Hey Min stay back” He warned but she kept moving


“I say stop” He yelled and she flinched


“What is wrong with you Jimin, upon all guys out there my heart chose you , why can’t you love me back,, why do it have to be Ariel” She asked almost in tears


“Your obsession is so strong, you can’t tell your heart who to love, so it chose to love Ariel and not you” He replied


“I’m better than her, more beautiful than her and I have everything to make you a better person”


“Wake up from the dream you’re seeing yourself more beautiful than Ariel, cos you ain’t an inch close to her in terms of beauty, you are richer than her but she is more discipline than you”


“You made me who I become, just love me back please and I will change”


“Are you that desperate Min?, I didn’t expect this from you” He said


“Would you still love her if you discovered she was rape” She said


Lee’s eyes battled against each other


“You’re just cooking up stories about her” He defended


“You are slow-witted aren’t you? the day she screamed in her room, you remembered what happened, I know you do remember, she was getting back her past memories, she was raped” She said and smiled excitedly thinking she got him


Lee didn’t want to believe it but it seems true


*DON’T COME CLOSE PLEASE* He remember her words that day, he stood dumbfounded, wondering if to believe it


“Why don’t you ask her yourself” she smircked


“Are you saying this so I can hate her?” Lee asked


“Telling you the kind of lady you fell in love with”


“Even if she was raped I will still not love you, my doesn’t beat for you Min just understand this pleas…..”


Without expecting what is coming, Min pulled him to herself and captured his lips forcefully


Lee is about to pushed her away when the door opened and Ariel entered


“Jimin are y….”  She stopped as she saw them in that position and her heart shredded to pieces, seeing them kiss


She quickly ran out



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