A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 28

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 28








“My….king.. he.. he is your son?” Dayiun asked stammering


“He is my only son, prince Chen Lee” The king answered


“What is going on here, you sent him here as a cleaner” She said


“It was his idea in the first place, I told him about taking one of your daughters for a wife but he suggested that he will come in disguise and studied them and see their real characters, I couldn’t stop him since he’s a grown man and he knows what he wants” The king replied


Yang and Jing eyes widened more, the shock just tripled to a hundred fold


“I can’t believe this” Jing said


“Jimin the cleaner is the prince and the popular chinese singer who is based in France, I suspected this earlier” Yang said beside Jing


Lee smiled and moved forward


“Your suspicious were right Yang, I’m the same person, I’m not who I claimed to be here, I am the prince and my name is not Jimin, I lied about myself, but I didn’t regret disguising cos I eventually met the most precious thing in my life, you two took me as a commoner, Yang I can remembered you slap me, Jing you called me a commoner numerous times, you got employed in STANDARD COMPANIES”


“He is the CEO of the company” Byung interrupted


“I wanna die” Min muttered


Jing began shedding tears, she can’t believe she insulted her boss, she can remembered she called him a commoner that day too, life can be cruel sometime


“I knew everything about your employment, I gave the permission for you to be employed” Lee said and smiled


Jing couldn’t close her mouth


“Ma’am you failed as a mother in bringing your children up, you allowed them to fo what they want making them to go the wrong way, this is lesson to you Jing and Yang don’t underate anybody you come across even if that person is a commoner, you two hated me cos I was poor guy, Min you’re good but to you chose to go astray cos of the obsessional love you had for me” He said


They all turned to look at her


“I hope you change for the better, I came here with a purpose that is selecting a bride and I really got what I wanted in a poor, crazy, bold, kindhearted girl” He said and walked up to Ariel and stood at her front, she looked back at him without saying a word


“This is the woman I chose to marry father” Lee said and Ariel gasped


Yang and Jing looked away in shame including their mother


“We started as enemies, we were like cat and dog but we later became friends and we eventually fell for each other, Ariel I’m sorry for lieing to you, I had to lie to you ” He said and tried to touched her but she shifted away from him


“I’m sorry” He said sadly


“You were lieing to me all this while, you told me your father abandoned you and your mother”


“What a heavy lie, prince the king will punish you later” Byung shouted


The king and the queen glanced at each other and ended up smiling


“Shut up Byung” He said and faced Ariel


She sniff and ran inside and without sparing a second Lee ran after her


“Dayiun I’m sorry about what  just happened, but the prince made his choice and I have nothing to say, there’s no point standing here, hope you will put your children in place and you girls change your ways, cos my son can’t lie, you didn’t pass the test for real I will be leaving now” The king said


Everyone bowed


“What about our son?” The queen asked


“He is not a kid he can come home when he settle with his lover, Byung and the guards will be with him” The king answered


A guard rushed and open the doors, the king and the queen went in, the cars drove out leaving Byung and some guards behind


Dayiun looked Jing and Yang and walked back to the mansion embarrassingly


“We f*cked up for real” Jing said


Min looked at them with pity eyes


“That’s not the end, there are still guys out there” She said and walked inside



Ariel rushed into her room with crying eyes, it hurt, the fact that he was lieing to her all this while, their love was built on lies, but in the other way round he had to lie, she didn’t know whether to be angry at him or not


Lee rushed into the room and stood at her back


“Ariel listen I love you okay, but I had no option but to lie to you but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you for real, you are the one l love”


“This relationship was built on lies, how am I even sure of it going far” She cried


“Can’t you understand I was here for a mission, you expected me to reveal my real self to you, put yourself in my shoes and understand what I’m trying to explain” He growled


She turned and walked closer to him, she grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him to herself crashing her lips on his


He reciprocated immediately savoring her sweet taste, Ariel kissed him hungrily, she surely missed this lips


By the time they broke the kiss their lips are swollen


“I love you” Ariel said


“I love you more” Lee replied, kissing her nose


“I won’t ever lie to you again”


“You’re a prince and a singer, no wonder your voice made me sleep that day” She smiled


“I will sing for you anytime”




“What about her?”


“You were the one who paid for her surgery bill right?” Ariel asked


And Lee nodded


“Why didn’t you told me?”


“The same question again” He whined


“I understand, you were still disguising cleaner prince” She joked, laughing




“Dummy, it’s long you call me that”


“You’re leaving this house with me, you are the next queen of this kingdom, you will be living with me now, don’t worry about grandma I will bring her to live in the palace” He said


Everything is like a dream to Ariel, she is the next queen of this great and famous kingdom, something she never dreamt of


Everything happen so fast


“Am I dreaming?” She asked


“You’re not dreaming princess” He smiled seeing the bewilderment look on her face


“Now pack your things we are leaving this moment”


“Baby” she pouted




“Min apologized”


“That’s good” Lee replied without looking at her as he is busy packing her clothes and arranging them together


“You’re a sweetheart” She said and joined him


“You’re the sweet”


Some moments later they walked out and saw Jing, Yang and Min in the living room


“We are sorry Ariel” Jing and Yang said


“I don’t have any grudges against you two, your upbringing was just bad nothing more, I will miss you all” Ariel said


“You’re leaving?” Min asked


“She will soon be getting married to me, she can’t stay here, she won’t be working here again, she will be living where she is suppose to be” Lee said


“I love you Min, don’t change again cos of love it can’t be forced, it comes from the heart”


“I’m sorry Jimin.. sorry prince Lee, I’m your number one fan” She said


“I know, that was the reason you got obessed with me in the first place, be a good girl, the right guy for you will come”


He looked at Jing and Yang and said nothing


“We are sorry Prince” They said


“I don’t have any thing against you bye” He said and took Ariel’s hand as they walked out


Both girls sighed and went to their respective rooms


Wong came to Min head and she smiled


“He is so cute,, I’m thinking about him already, so crazy”




“My princess” Byung bowed immediately they came out


“Stop it Byung” She said


“Your father abandoned you and your mother, you can lie for China my prince, if lieing was a modelling industry you would have being the number one” Byung said


Ariel started laughing, Lee glared at him


“Let’s go baby” Lee said pulling Ariel with him, the guards quickly took the bags from them


“Linbae I’m coming” Byung screamed


“He is so funny”


“Not funny, childish” Lee said looking at Byung


They are already in the car, Byung came to their window


“You guys can start the make out life is too short” He said and left


“He is too blunt” Ariel said shly


“We are the same” Lee smiled




“Yes my prince”


The ride to the palace started




The news is over the country that the famous and popular Chinese singer is a prince


Lee face was shown to the people and he was crowned the prince officially a day before, it was a great occasion that saw many great and influential people visiting china to witnessed it


Lee will be returning to France in a week time to released his new album


THE RIDERS are going crazy now discovering something new about their fave , the internet is on fire as everyone is praising the prince


His popularity increased to a great length


Ariel and Lee got married traditionally, the  king gave them his blessings, it was a great feast to ever hold in the country at large


Ariel grandmother is now living in the palace, she’s the happiest person in the world, seeing her grandchild getting married to the prince


Min attended the ceremony with her two sisters, Ariel and Lee received them warmly


Byung will be leaving together with Linbae to France as the king also gave them his blessings


There is joy in the country from different angles


Lee’s concert in the country is happening very soon since he discovered that he had so much fans already, the tickets are all bought already




“Boss, boss ” Bullet called running into Craig’s room


He rushed in and saw a girl s*cking his d*ck on the bed




“What’s it bullet? can’t you see I’m busy now”


“It’s very important”


“Nothing is more now than me cumming” He moaned as the b*tch kept s*cking him


“Lee whereabout is located, it turn out that he is a prince and he will be hosting a concert in china very soon and he will be returning back to France in a week time ” Bullet said


“That’s what I have always being waiting for, time to exact my revenge on him, we will strike once he’s back to France”


“Okay boss” Bullet said and walked out


“Yeah, b*tch s*ck that d*ck, lick my balls” Craig moaned pleasurably






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