A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 18

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 18










“He is not my boyfriend grandma” Ariel said


“But you two look cute together, can you both make it happen?” Her grandma said


“Grandma!!” Ariel called shly


Lee smiled, she is lively and funny


“Steven told me someone paid for my surgery”


“Yeah, grandma but the person didn’t leave any information about him or herself” Ariel answered


“Heavens will bless that person for saving me, he or she will succeed and will go more far in life” Her grandmother prayed


“I’m glad you’re fine now ma’am and for the fact that Ariel is smiling again” Lee said and Ariel looked at him


“You see he is caring and romantic, Ariel I need to see my grand children”


“Who will like to marry this stubborn lady here” Lee said


“Ariel is a sweet girl Jimin”


“Maybe for you ma’am” He said and Ariel glared at him


He chuckled and face the other side


“I will be discharge in fours days, the doctor said I need enough rest”


“I love you grandma”


“Love you my dear child”


Lee watched as the granddaughter and grandmother hugged


They left the hospital after spending so much time with Ariel’s grandmother


They are strolling on the road now looking for a cab


“Shouldn’t we just stroll home?” Ariel spoke up


“You think so?”


“Yes” She replied by nodding


“Why don’t I take you out, all bills on me”


Ariel started laughing so hard


“What’s funny?” Lee asked


“Where will you get the money? you haven’t even received your first month salary, come on don’t spend the little you have on me” She replied, still laughing


He scoffed and faced his front


“Are you angry?”


“Why should I be! I’m poor right?” He asked sarcastically


“I didn’t mean it that way but…”


He interrupted her


“I understand! I know my stands before offering to take you out ” He said


“Okay fine, let’s go”


“I don’t have the money” He said


“Why are you so strict, I hate people who get annoy so easily” She pouted


Lee looked at her that moment and saw her pouted lips, he immediately pulled her to his chest, Ariel gasped inhaling his scent


“Should I just kiss you?” He asked looking directly at her


She nervously looked away before answering


“Stop it ” She said


“Are you sure you don’t want me to kiss you?” Lee asked


Ariel swallowed and became quiet, some part of her want to feel his lips but the other is being stubborn


“You’re mute, you shouldn’t be taking me serious, I just like pulling your legs around, you are lucky, you are the second girl I’m this jovial with me” He said and release her, Ariel breath out, she didn’t know she held her breath


“So who is the first?”


“My ex” He replied


“Wow! you once had a girlfriend, it wasn’t her fault she broke up with you, you are too boring” She rolled eyes, she said that to get back at him for making her heart race recklessly


“I don’t know why I even tell you that, I’m boring okay, fine ” He said and hastened his steps


“You wanted to take me out” She shouted


“Look for someone who’s not boring” He replied without looking back


“He is annoyed again, his swing of mood is complicated” She said and rushed to him




Min walked out of the class with her friends, lectures are over


“The new guy is so cute, I wish he date me” Nirvana said dreamily


Min glance at her


“You can have him, good luck”


“Are you jealous?” Nirvana asked


“Jealous!! not like I even like him”


Someone suddenly called her name, she turned to behold Ryder rushing to her


“Min” He called as he got there


Nirvana started staring at him


“You will lose your eyes soon” Boi zin whispered into her ear


“F*ck off”


“Hi hottie Ryder” Nirvana smiled


“Ryder is enough” He said


“Ohh!! ” She exclaimed


Nina and Boi zin laugh secretly, they left when they got to the school parking lot


“Bye Ryder” Nirvana waved but Ryder aired her, she smiled sadly and got into her car and drove out


Ryder is looking for a way to start a conversation with her but it’s hard


“How was the lecture?” He spoke up


“It was spectacular” She replied simply


“Your driver is not coming?”


“I don’t know what is delaying him” She said


“I can take you home if you want”


“No thanks, I will wait for him”


“Okay, I will wait till he come” Ryder said


“That’s is not necessary,, I guess you have other things to do” She said


“No, I have nothing to do at home after school, I will wait” He said


Min stared at him wishing her driver should come fast so she can leave


Forty minutes pass and there’s still no sign of her driver


“I will take you home, maybe he is not coming again” Ryder said after a long silence between them




They walked to his car, he opened the door for her and she went in, he entered and drove out




She came out of the car as they got to her house, Ariel and Lee just came back that very moment


Min seeing Ariel with Lee shredded her heart again


“Jimin” She called rushing to him, forgetting that she came back with Ryder


She hugged his arm, Ariel looked at where she hug Lee and she felt jealous, she walked in


“What are you doing? you came back with someone right” Lee said


She turned to Ryder but he is already driving away


Lee walked inside leaving her behind


“That b*tch” She said




“Why I’m even jealous!, he isn’t my boyfriend” Ariel said in her heard


“Does Min like him ”


“Stop thinking about such things Ariel”


She brought her phone out and a news feed video popped out, she clicked on it and the video started, it’s a video report showing a young lady who was rape in Seoul last two days ago, south Korea


Suddenly the memories of how she was raped started coming into her head, she started shifting back in fear, imagining it as that fateful night, a night she will never forget, her virginity was forceful taken by unknown bastards, she was brutally raped, her boyfriend left her, who would want to stay with a lady who is rape


“No please, stop, stop…. please” She started screaming and shedding tears


“No, no ” She started tightening her hands on her skirt


Lee heard the loud screams and without thinking he rushed out of his room and the first thing that came to his mind was her, he ran to her room, he entered and saw the state she was in and gasped




“No don’t come near me, bastard” She began imagining him as one of the rapists


“It’s me Le.. it’s Jimin ” He corrected himself


Min secretly open the door and saw the scenario playing, she close it back and smiled


“Oh!! I even forgot about her most feared secret, maybe if Jimin heard about it, he will surely hate her, who would want a raped lady” She smiled devilishly and left


Lee kept moving closer and she kept shifting back


“Please, don’t touch me”


“Ariel it’s Jimin, what are you saying?”


An idea came to his head and he pulled her to himself and kissed her instantly, just like magic the memories started leaving her head, she came back to her senses completely


“Are you okay now?” Lee asked after breaking the kiss


She looked at him and nodded embarrassingly


He has just seen her most weak side


“You scared me”


“I’m sorry, please promise me you won’t stop being my friend no matter how annoying I’m” She hiccups


“I won’t! can you tell me what happened?”


“I don’t want to talk about it please”




“We kissed again”


“That was what came to my mind to calm you down and luckily it work, my lips are your antidote” He said proudly


“Cocky dummy”


She hugged him, this time he hugged her back




Byung can be seen walking to the maids chambers, he badly want to see Linbae and confessed his feelings, she is avoiding him and it hurt like hell


He saw a maid coming out


“Sir, Linbae is in the garden” She said before he could ask her


“Thanks” He muttered and left, he walked to the garden with a racing heart, he got there and meet the unexpected, Linbae sat with a guard chit chatting with him happily


He felt anger and jealousy aroused in him, it breaks his heart to pieces and he walked there




She turned


“Ohh!! Byung” She said


“Sir” The guard bowed


“What are you doing here?” He asked not smiling




“We are discussing” Linbae replied


“And do it have to be here?” He asked with anger visible in his voice


Linbae noticed jealousy in his eyes and smiled, her plan is working, he can’t wait for him to confess his feelings to her, she can’t barely wait anymore


“And why? we can sit anywhere”


“But not here, hey you just leave here now” Byung said gently


The guy stood up immediately and tried leaving but she stopped him


“Zhang stop, don’t go anywhere” She said facing Byung


“But Linbae…”


“No but”


“I said leave,, now that I’m still saying it peacefully”


“Yes sir” The poor guy bowed and scrowled away


“Why do you do that, why sent him away?” She asked


“Cos I don’t want any guy close to you”


“Why, why!! we are not even dating, so why can’t a guy come close to me or get along with me” She yelled fakingly


“You want to know why?” Byung questioned


“Yes, tell me” She replied, inwardly she is curious to hear what he will say


“Cos I love you Linbae” He said



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