A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 4

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 4








One of the stones hit Craig on the head and injure him immediately, he is going backstage and they followed him still throwing things at him


A member threw a stone and it hit his back


“Ahhhh” He screamed painfully


“What happened?” Avero asked


“Get me out of here before this crazy fans of Lee will kill me” He said


Avero got the car ready and they got in driving away, THE RIDERS arrived there but he already left


👥 He escape


👥 He is lucky


👥 He won’t try such nonsense next time


In the next few minutes the video and the news is trending on FRANCE GIST


Some are blaming Lee’s fans, while many people are in support of what the riders did


It has become a war between CRAIG FC and THE RIDERS, they are both busy fighting each other


Almost every channel and news stations is broadcasting what happened


It’s the most talked about thing in France now




Byung smiled satisfactory after watching the video


“Riders are the best fanbase, such embarrassment to his concert… He will learn his lesson from now on” He said laughing


“I need to show Lee this ” He said and walked back in to the studio


Infinity studio is owned by Lee and presently he came to record some songs


Byung walked in and smiled seeing how he is singing so passionately


🎶 The passion is not here, the very day I saw you, I knew you were the one


🎶 This love shouldn’t pass us by baby


🎶 I know when I see real love, cos I had seen so many love and know the real love




🎶 Pretty thing, your eyes weak me


🎶 Ain’t saying shit


🎶 I know the feeling, it’s true


🎶This true love


🎶 True love, true love


🎶 It’s so hard to find


🎶 But I got it yo’


🎶 Shì wò dae


🎶 Wô zaì dêng nî


” Wow!! what a great song Lee ” Byung started clapping


“Hey don’t damage my ears” Lee said removing the headphones from his head


“Don’t be boring always mister Lee” He replied


“Prince ” He corrected


” Ion care ” Byung replied


“Said that again” Lee glared and Byung eyed him without saying anything again


“How is it, I mean this last verse ” Lee asked the producer


“The best, summer hit, anything from you is fire, are you releasing it or adding it to your next album?” He asked


“I will be leaving for China on Wednesday and I will be out for a month so I will use it as a welcome back song ” Lee replied


“Gonna missed you boss” The producer said


“Thank you” Lee smiled


“I got something to show you ” Byung said and Lee turned




“Here” He said and gave Lee the phone


Lee’s eyes widened slightly immediately he watched video


“I thought nobody recorded what happened there, the riders do this, I really a crazy fanbase, you are behind this right?” He said giving Byung a suspicious look


Byung avoided his eyes


“I know you will be the mastermind behind this” He smiled


“I couldn’t let this to slide this time, Craig need to be teach a lesson” Byung said and pecked him




He gasped suprisingly


“My best friend is really going crazy ” Lee said and looked at Byung smiling


“If you have been smiling often like this by now you would have been more handsome than me ” Byung said grinning


Lee took a bottle water and threw it at him but Byung dodge and ran out smiling


“He will always find a way to make you laugh ” The producer said


“Got a crazy friend, what do you expect, no dull moment with him”


“But your fans are violence themselves look at how they disgrace and even wounded Craig, soon interviewers TV will call you for an interview about this”


“I will say what I have to say, not like I engineer it anyway” He smiled




“Ahhh, take it easy bastard” He shouted at the clinician treating his wound


“I am sorry sir”


He  finished bandaging the wound


” I’m done” He said


Avero quickly did a transfer to his account


“You can go ” He said


“Thanks ” He replied checking his phone


He smiled and left


“How are you feeling now Craig?” Avero asked


“I’m not okay Avero, I am not, my concert was ruined by those wretched fans of Lee, you expect me to be alright? I f*cking lose millions there ” He groaned


“I know, but you have to calm down” Avero said


“I am going to destroy Lee” Craig said


“I told you to trade wisely or you will regret it” Avero said


“F*ck off, Amma do my thing myself” He yelled and walked upstairs


Avero sighed and walked upstairs to his own room




Min screamed coming out of her room with her phone


“sisters ” She called happily


Yang and Jing turned


“What’s it? ” They asked


“The famous Chinese singer who is based in France is coming to China here, he just announced it on his IG story ” She said


“My crush” She gushed


The girls quickly started checking their phones


They smiled after seeing it


“Wow!! he is f*cking cute, his hotness got added everyday” Yang said admiringly


“Are you crushing on him?” Min asked


“What if I am it’s not like he is yours, I’m free to crush on him ” Yang replied


“I won’t waste time to date him if he asked me out” Jing said


“In your dreams ” Min smiled


“Get off b*tch ” Jing eyed her


“He is mine know that b*tches, you can go ahead and wait for the prince, I can’t wait to see” Min said and left


“She’s becoming so rude” Yang said


“I need to set her in place” Jing replied


Ariel passed there, their eyes met and they both glared at each other


“What with the glare?” Yang noticed


“I don’t just like her, good night ” Jing replied flatly


“Good night”


” I need a smoke to cool my nerves” Yang said and left for her




Soft s*xual moans can be heard in her room as she ride on a skinny guy


He is f*cking her so hard


She has been doing this even way her husband was alive, she does it in secret


She will secretly bring a guy home to watered her middle anytime she is in the mood


Ariel went to drop a flower vase and she passed by her door, she paused immediately she heard her moaning softly


She smirked


“The mother of spoilt children is at it again, can’t she just do it outside, no wonder her children are like her except for Min, she should have her room sound proof… what a old sl*t ” She said and walked away




Byung and Lee came out of the studio after recording other songs


He walked to the car but suddenly turned and saw Byung looking at a direction, he trace his eyes and saw him looking at the side of the road where there is an ice cream shop


” I want ice cream” Byung said like a baby


“Ice cream is for babies not for a twenty two years guy” Lee replied


“Said by prince Chen Lee, let’s go and get it”


“You must be joking, you expect me to there without wearing a mask, I don’t want to die signing autographs ” Lee said opening the car door


Byung quickly held his hand


“I got a mask with me any excuse” Byung smiled showing him the mask


“You don’t give up don’t you?” Lee asked


“You know as long as I’m still Byung the crazy manager”


“So you agreed that you’re crazy right?” Lee said


“According to psychologists everyone is crazy, it just depends on the level of the madness ” Byung replied


“I even forgot you went to high college ” Lee said simply and started walking towards the ice cream shop


“Must you bad-mouth me all the time ” He said running after him


They got there and the people there especially girls started admiring Byung handsome face


“Is that Lee’s manager Byung Young” A girl said


👥Wow it’s him, who is that mask guy


👥 First time I will be seeing him in love


👥He is more handsome than seeing him on the TV


👥 Maybe he’s here to buy ice cream, make way for him


He smiled and waved at them


The people gave way for him and Lee though they didn’t know it was Lee who is with him


Some brought out their phone and started snapping him


Lee smiled as they couldn’t figure out it’s him, he wonder what would have happen if he came here without a mask


They bought the ice cream and turned to go when a girl blocked Lee


“What?” Byung asked cos if Lee talk they will recognize his voice


“Even if you hide your face in mask I will still recognize you my idol,, the mask guy is Lee ” She said pointing her finger at Lee and smirking




Unexpectedly she removed the mask from his face and his cute face came to view


” Ohh!!!!!! my God!!!!!!! it’s him” Someone screamed


Byung and Lee eyes widened shockingly




E choke



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