A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 29

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 29














Ariel sat on Lee’s laps on the bed while he held her waist, her head is placed on his chest with her legs coiled around him


Silence took over for a while before Ariel first spoke up


“Are we going to keep being silent?” She asked raising her head up


“Huh? ” Lee raised his brows


Ariel looked at him with her eyes full of  great love, great affection and undying love for him


“I love you princess” He said


“I love you more my prince” She smiled naughtily


“Your smile!”




“It was a naughty one” He smiled


“We are all naughty” She said moving her ass on him


“Are you trying to seduce me with your bright future?” He asked seductively


“Seducer, you are the one trying to seduce me”


“Seriously” Lee rolled eyes


“Guys don’t roll eyes” She said and Lee chuckled


“I still can’t believe we are married to each other, it’s like a dream to me gosh!” She squinted happily


“It’s not a dream baby, it’s real and I’m happy I found you” He said


“But you are good at lieing seriously” She pouted


“Do you want us to do a white wedding?” He asked suddenly


“The traditional marriage is enough but.. I will think about it ”


“Okay, I will be waiting for your reply”


“The night is still young what should we do? ” Lee asked


“I’m hungry ” Ariel said


“What do you want to eat,, I will ask the maids to get it for you” He replied


“I want to eat some d*ck” She replied biting her lips sexily


Lee looked at her with open eyes


“Who is spoiling you?, you are becoming naughty” He smiled


“Nobody, I want you to do things to my body tonight, make me beg for you touch”


Lee leaned in and kissed her neck, nibbling on it, she started moaning softly biting her lips to suppress her from moaning loud cos the feeling was getting tense


Her hands began moving around his body, his hair, his face and all over him


He left her neck and travelled to her lips, kissing it so hard


Ariel started kissing him back like her life depends on it


His hands cupped her b**bs while kissing her, her moans rented the whole room, their bodies are on fire right now


Ariel started unbuttoning his shirt slowly, she finally unbuttoned it and Lee yanked the shirt from his body, he is now shirtless


Ariel remembered the first time she saw him shirtless she almost lost her breath


This body now belongs to her, she started caressing his body, that added to Lee wanting her more, cos his desire got more ignited


He stopped kissing her and took her b**bs out, she stood up and pulled down her nightie


Looking more closer he discovered she is more sexy and well endowed


He laid her on the bed and took her panties off, scenting her V


He moved his hand to her b**bs and as he pressed it , she moaned loudly


“I love you pinkie”


“I love you more sunshine” She said


He took her n*pple in his mouth and she melted like a jelly fish, moaning like a dog in heat


“Sunshine,, ahh”


Lee started trailing kisses on her stomach till he reached her Netherland, she is damn wet already


He blew air on her cl*t and she twitched


He gently touched her cl*t and twinned it between his fingers


“What are you…. doing”


“Giving you what you requested for” He said and without waiting for her response


His tongue found it way on her cl*t, Ariel grabbed the bed sheets tight, squeezing the innocent life out of it


“Gosh!! sunshine, something is trying to come out” She said


Lee understood and increased his pace


“C*m for me pinkie” He said


Ariel twitched thunderously and screamed orgasming on his mouth, Lee licked his lips tasting her juice


He pulled down his shorts and Ariel looked in amazement as she saw his largeness


She spread her legs for him and his eager d*ck make way into her p*ssy, she is so tight since she hasn’t had s*x for a very long time, what happened was rape


He began digging in her wetness


“Sunshine,,, go faster ” She moaned






A teacher walked in to the class and the class became quiet


“Good day students” He said


“Good day sir” The class chorused


“I won’t be lecturing today, I got an emergency and I won’t be able to lecture today” He said


The students started making happy gestures


“But I will be giving you guys a group assignment, I will pair three people in each group, so hear your names” He said


The class started murmuring inaudible words




“Group A, we have Ryder, Nirvana and Scarlett


“Group B, we have Wong, Min and boi zin


“Group C, we have Nina, Ken and Fen


“Group D, we have Taohyung, Vera and Bradley”


He continued pairing them until he was done, after he was done he gave each group its assignment question


“Good luck and have a good day” He said and walked out


The class became noisy again


👥I hate assignments


👥 I hate American teachers


👥Mr Johnson is so annoying


“I got pair with my baby” Nirvana gushed cutely


“I don’t like Ken” Nina said


“You will soon like him and before we would know you both will be dating” Boi zin said


“I rather remain single than to date Ken”


“Pin my words, you will eat your words”


“What ever”


Wong winked at Min and her heart raced, she smiled back at him




Some students are tropping out for lunch while others are still in the class


Ryder and Nirvana left for lunch, same with Nina and Boi zin


Wong and Min are still in the class


She is trying to find a way to start a conversation with him but it’s hard since he’s not looking her way


She summoned up courage


“Ain’t you going for lunch?” She asked


“What about you?”


“Answer me first”


“I’m waiting for you” He replied and she felt special


“Waiting for me?, why?”


“Cos I want to eat lunch with you” He replied smiling


Min tried hard not to blush, but she ended up blushing


“Okay let’s go” She said


Wong stood up and walked to her, he took her hand and she felt the same spark but it’s more stronger this time


She kept looking at him as they left the class




Ariel woke up just some minutes ago, she really woke up late


The door opened and Lee entered


She smiled


“Sunshine, morning”


“Pinkie, you really slept” He said


And she nodded


“I didn’t know my d*ck contain some sedative on it” He said


“Being naughty this morning, you made me feel special last night, we can do it more often right?” She asked


“Yes, anytime you want” He replied and she smiled


“I can’t wait to visit another country, France I’m coming soon” She said spreading her arms


“Hey calm down don’t fly” He said and she smiled


“My concert is tomorrow”


“I haven’t forgotten about that”


“Freshen up, breakfast is ready and we are going on date today, the queen also want to see you ” He said


“Yap, but you haven’t given me my bed breakfast” She pouted


“What’s that?”


Ariel touched her lips, Lee walked up to her and kissed her deeply




Byung ran after Linbae as she was trying to hide from him


He caught with her


“What’s wrong?, are you avoiding me?”


“You don’t love me, lemme” She said


“How could you say that, my heart knows I love you, talk to me”


“Since we started dating, have you ever make out with me, you don’t have time for me again, you are always with the prince”


“I’m sorry” He said but she was still keeping a frowny face


“OKay what about we go on a date and be just the two of us, private” He said


“Really, when?”




“Wow!! I love you” She said,, wrapping her hands around him


“I love you”


“I love you flower”


He kissed her so deep




D-DAY, 8AM**


It’s Tuesday and it’s the prince concert, thousands upon thousands filled the Grand hall no space is left out


This is another record to be ever made in the country, the Grand hall is the most largest, longest and biggest hall in the country and no one or any singer has been able to sell a complete tickets but prince Lee made the record


It was full that some people were forced to watched him performed on tv


The screams in the hall is enough to make one deaf, it’s deafening


The blue lights flashed through the hall randomly


“I will be seeing him perform live ” Min said and Wong looked at her, she came with him


“You really love his music”


“Yes I do” She smiled


🎤 Time to welcome the greatest singer Prince Lee” The DJ said


The hall suddenly went silent as a jet like car started descending down, everybody watched in anticipation


It landed on the stage and Lee came out


Saying he’s hot is an understatement, there’s no adjective to modify his hotness


Lee was surprised to see the crowd that came to watched him perform live


He stood and looked at them amazingly


His shirt is exposed


“I can’t believe I’m loved like this, I’m so special tonight, I didn’t know I have fans in my country until of recent, you guys want me to perform live …”


👥Live performance


👥 We want to hear your real voice


He smiled


“If you’re a Rider can I hear you scream”


“Yah!!!!” His fans shouted and the whole building vibrated, causing a deafening scream


“I will performing my favorite song RIDER”


The fans screamed thunderously


🎵 We came to the world


The chattering screamed continue as his angelic voice came out and he stopped and smiled


Ariel smiled fixing her eyes on him, Byung and Linbae are together with her


“I’m blessed to have him as a husband”


He continued


🎵We are different


🎵We came from different diverse


🎵We have different beliefs


🎵We came from different destination


🎵 But I’m trying to make a change about myself


🎵 I’m a Rider


🎵 Riding to highness


🎵 Riding to greatness


“I’m a Rider, I’m riding to my dreams”


“I don’t know about you, but call me a Rider


“Yeah I’m rider, I’m rider ” The fans sing


He stopped singing as his fans began singing it word by word, he stood amazed


“Riders can you sing it one more time” He said


🎵 I’m a Rider, I’m riding to my dreams


🎵I don’t know about you, but call me a Rider


🎵Yeah I’ma rider, I’ma rider




🎵Your dream is your dream


🎵You frame it yourself


🎵imma stop at nothing but to achieve it


🎵Rider with speed


🎵Amma not gonna get tired


🎵 Believe in myself, I do


🎵Cos I’m riding high, higher




He performed ten songs before the concert came to an end, the fans weren’t even satisfied


In the next few hours it was tagged as the biggest and greatest concert ever held in China providence


His fans kept screaming as he left the stage


The guards walked him to his car and he entered


Byung, Linbae and Ariel joined him


“Your highness” Wong said walking there


Ariel turned and smiled


Prince Lee scoffed jealousy and came out


“Wing” Lee called




“My prince!!!” Byung suddenly called and rushed to him, he covered Lee and the bullet hit him instead


The prince eyes widened.

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