A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 24

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 24








Damon smirked and walked towards him with his gun in his hand


“Wow! wow! Brown, long time” He said and took the chair facing Brown


“You’re supposed to be dead” Brown said


“Do you know why I’m called the devil? cos it’s not easy to kill me” He said and laughed


“What do you want?” Brown asked


“Your life” Damon replied and brown shrieked on the chair scaringly


“My life?”


“Yes your life, I warned you to stepped down from my position Brown, I was the best musician in France until you debuted and you took away my position and one thing I hate the most is being under, you made me that, I became the second best singer and cos of you I can’t show my face in France again, do you think I will let you to be alive” Damon said


“It wasn’t my fault that my songs were more greater than yours, you could have work on your sounds but you started hating me to the extent of killing my wife” Brown yelled


“I wanted to marry her, I love her but she rejected me for you, you took everything from me Brown” Damon yelled angrily


“Your behavior took everything from you, greediness and selfishness ruined you” Brown replied but immediately a punch landed on his mouth


“I’m going to sending you the land of no return where you belong”


“I may die but don’t hurt my child” He pleaded


“I don’t have any dealing with the little girl, I only used her to get you and now that I got you I will kill you and send your body to the public for everyone to see” Damon said and pointed his gun at him


“Say your last prayers”




Outside the deck Malcolm car halted and he came out


“Are you ready simeone?” He asked someone through his ear pod


“Yes, I have hacked into the CCTV cameras” Simeone replied


“Then let’s go brother”


He removed his gun and sneaked into the house since the cameras were toil with his presence couldn’t be noticed


He walked towards a gun tiptoeing till he got to him and grabbed him at the back snapping his neck, he died instantly


He started using his silencer to kill the gang members, they started going down


Simeone has already taken five guys down


He made to walked out out a kick pushed him back, he looked up and saw Den, Damon’s most trusted gang assistant leader


“You’re a traitor, you bastard” Den said


“No one can be trusted” Simeone shrugged his shoulder


“You will die bastard” Den said and charged towards him


Simeone landed a kick on his face sending him back, he stood up and they started exchanging punches, Den started getting the upper hand as he delivered some hard punches to Simeone


Simeone groaned in pain before standing to his feet


“You will die today traitor” Den said and moved towards him with the aim of finishing him but one thing he doesn’t know was that Simeone was fully prepared for him


But he could delivered the punch, he bent and the punch crossed over him and blood splashed


Den held his throat as his neck started bleeding profusely


Simeone actually sliced a knife in his throat when he bend over dodging the punch


Den fell on his knees coughing


“Rest in hell brother” He said and kicked him




“I got no words to say to you bastard” Brown said looking for a way to grabbed the gun


“Don’t even think of trying to snatched this gun from me cos you will be making a grave mistake” Damon said like he read his thoughts


“Die, I can’t become the number in France and you won’t be alive to continue being the best singer, your friend Lee is not safe Craig is on his throat bye I will miss you” He said and made to shot him but suddenly a bullet hit his arm


“Arrghh” He screamed painfully and turned to see Simeone his PA


Brown’s eyes too widened


“Simeone” He called


“Yes brother in law ” He smiled


Malcolm walked in immediately


They both smiled at each other


“Malcolm” Damon called


“Yes Devil, you are shocked to see me right?” He smirked


“You killed my sister Damon and you think I will let it go, I was only posing as your PA, brown’s wife was our sister, and in case you don’t know Malcolm is my elder brother, I told him everything about your plan, your day end here, you will die a second death and this time it will be for real” He replied, shocking Damon


“You two were seeing each other?” Brown asked


“Yes, and I knew this was happening today, I wanted to prevent it but taking the risk worth it at least someone will be dieing again” Malcolm replied


“And don’t think your boys will come to your rescue, we have already taken care of them, Den is dead too, I killed him myself” Simeone said


“No!!! ” Damon yelled and released the bullets at Brown but he was fast to dodge them


Four bullets pierced Damon’s chest at the same time, the two brothers shot him at the same time


They shot him again and he fell


“Daddy” Princess cried


Brown stood up and ran there, he pushed the door and saw her tied to a chair, he quickly loosened up the ropes and carried her in his arms hugging her


“Daddy” She cried more


“Don’t cry I’m here okay” He said


She smiled and wrapped her tiny hands around him


He took her out


“Uncle Malcolm” She called


“Sweet princess” He smiled


He looked at Damon on the ground fighting with his life


He squatted beside him


“You had a chance the moment you survive that night, you could have move on with your life but you chose to take revenge, you started this first by killing my lovely wife, she was so perfect to die that way, I did nothing until you tried killing me, it was good thing Malcolm saved me that night, I’m not sorry for you ”


Damon looked at him weakly and his eyes finally closed


“He is dead” Malcolm said


“What should we do?”


“Call the cops” Brown replied and walked out with princess in his hands


“Thanks for taking the risk” Malcolm said


“Anything for our kid sis” He replied and hugged him tightly




The cops came and took Damon’s body away and he is confirmed dead


No one cried for him, the brownies are so happy nothing happened to Brown and his daughter


Damon’s parents cried wishing he never took the path to destruction, they thought he was dead the first time, he survived and he died again


Brown’s house is full with his crazy fans checking up on him and his daughter


The news spreaded widely to other countries and even continents


Every news stations has the news, Tv stations, magazines and newspapers, it’s all over the internet




“Damon is dead this time for real” Lee said checking the news


“I can’t believe he survived the first time” Byung said


“Maybe that is why they called him the devil” Lee replied


“I’m afraid Craig will took the same path he took”


“I’m ready for him” Lee replied


“Ariel hasn’t confess yet?” Byung asked changing the topic




“Time is running out, you only got two days left, the King has already announced the date you will be coming back home” Byung said


“I know and I got my ways” Lee replied stubbornly


“It’s your thing, but don’t regret at the end, I think she loves you too”


“Can we talk about another thing” Lee said


“Okay fine”




Lee got home after spending time with Byung and his parents in the palace


He got home and saw Ariel talking to a strange guy


They didn’t even care to talk to him


He watched the way Ariel is laughing with the guy and jealousy took over him


He walked to his room


“I shouldn’t be jealous”


“But I can’t control it” He muttered


He sat on the bed and tried to get it off his mind but he can’t


“Is she dating already?”


He couldn’t take it anymore so he left his room and getting there


The guy is hugging Ariel so tightly and she hugged him back


Lee lose it completely, he walked there and angrily separated them


“What is that?” Ariel yelled


“How dare him hug you that way?” He asked back


“Who is he?” The guy asked


“A worker here”


“Oh!!” The guy muttered


“Who are you?” Lee asked


“I’m somebody” The guy replied making Lee more angry


“Leave now before I will do something bad to you”


“And who are you to send him out”


“Ariel stay out of this, if he want to hug you it should be outside not here”


Lee grabbed the guy on his shirt and took him outside, he pushed him out of the mansion


“Don’t ever show your face here,, she is mine” He said and left


The guy smiled


He got back in and Ariel glared at him, he walked to his room


Ariel giggled childishly and walked out catching up with the guy


“Wong” She called and they jammed hands together


“It works, I bet you he will confess now” Wong said


“Thanks for helping”


“I will leave now before your potential boyfriend will kill me” Wong said and left


Ariel headed straight to Lee’s room with a hard face


Lee is pacing around wondering why he acted so aggressive towards the guy, not like they are dating but he don’t want to see any guy close to Ariel


“And what was that nonsense for?” Ariel asked immediately she entered




“You can’t ask me that! why did you send him out, he is my friend”


“He was hugging you and I couldn’t take it”


“You couldn’t take it as my boyfriend or what? We aren’t dating, I can hug any guy I want” She yelled


“You can’t hug another guy” Lee said gently


” Why can’t I hug another guy?” She asked expecting zealously to hear him say those words


“Cos I’m in love with you, I love you Ariel, I can’t stand it if another guy hug you, I love you” He confessed



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