A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 17

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 17








Lee hardened the kiss and Ariel keep up with him, tugging on his shirt


They suddenly came back to their senses and both gasped seeing the position they’re in and what they did


Ariel stood up from his body and looked down feeling embarrassed already


What got in to her to kiss him?


Lee sighed regrettably seeing her reaction


He didn’t know what really got into him, he can’t really explain what pushed him into kiss her even though at first their lips meeting was a mistake


Ariel is avoiding his eyes, she can’t look at him directly


He slowly raised her face up by using his pointer finger through her chin, she is now facing him though it’s not easy,, she is still shy and embarrassed


“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what got into me” He said pleadingly


“It’s…. I’m sorry too” She manage to replied


“We are all at fault here, let’s pretend nothing like that happen Ariel, I’m deeply sorry” He said


“How can I forget it so easily, that was my first kiss” She said


“That means I took your first kiss?” He asked with a smile


“Yes! and why do you smile?” She asked


“Isn’t it funny that I took my friend first kiss” He replied


“Silly you” She said and hit his chest lightly


“Should we kiss again?” He asked and she gasped


“I’m just joking riel” He smiled


“Can’t believe a rude, bad-mouthed guy and my former enemy stole my first kiss” She said


“Wrong, took your first kiss, remember you kiss me back and you even moan my name” He said teasingly


“Jimin!!” She called shly and covered her face with her hands


He chuckled


“Must you say it out” She pouted


He swallowed nothing, her pouted lips somehow is having some effect on him which he can’t fathom why!


“Would you stop pouting your lips” He said


“Why?” She demanded, pouting again


“Nothing,, but I might just kiss you again” He said


“You’re becoming naughty Jim,, stop it, ion like perverts”


“Ion one of them” He defended


“Can we stop talking about the kiss, I’m feeling weird about it” She said


“Okay, let’s take it as nothing like that happened okay”


She nodded


“You’re not sad anymore?” He questioned


“Are you a prophet?”


“No, why?”


“Someone just paid for grandma surgery bill” She said excitedly


“Wow!!!” Lee exclaimed innocently like he knew nothing about it


“But sadly the person didn’t leave any details about him, I don’t know whether it’s a man or a woman,, I wanted to thank the person so much” She said


*I’m the person fool* He said in his head


“I’m glad you’re happy” He said


She started looking at him suspiciously


He noticed that




“Are you the person who paid for grandma surgery?” She asked


He started laughing to confuse her


“You’re really funny!! where did you expect me to get 600k wons from? my two years salary can’t even amount to that money”


“Then why did it goes according to your words?”


“It was faith, nothing else, believe me, I don’t have that amount” He said


“Thanks for your faith” She smiled


He poke her nose and she hugged him


“Don’t you think you are hugging me too much!!” He teased


“I can stop if you want” She answered


It felt like a force is attracting them both to each other, they can feel it,, but it’s too sudden for them to be this close, the heart can’t be controlled


“No don’t stop” He found himself saying


“Then stop complaining dummy”




“We will go and see grandma tomorrow right?” She asked






“Boss Chen Lee is not in France” A guy said


Another guy poured wine in a cup and gave it to Craig


He illegally escaped from France since he’s wanted in the country right now


“Impressive, any news about him again?” He asked sipping the wine


“He travelled to his country but nothing has been heard of him since he left” The guy replied


“Boss your father called” A guy said rushing in with his phone


He collected the phone from him and click on the green button


“Father” He said


“Craig,, where are you?” He asked


“You should be asking how I’m doing not where I’m father” He said


“Answer me now” His father yelled


“You still got your temper, well I’m where I can’t tell you, I don’t trust anyone not even you,,,” Craig said


“I didn’t raise you to become what you are son” He said


“But I chose to become what I want, I’m sorry for disappointing you dad bye” He said and hung up the call


“Keep checking on him, if there’s any news about him, let me know,, I will get my revenge soon” He said


“Yes boss!”


A huge guy with dangerous tattoos all over his body entered and the other gang members bowed


“Bullet” Craig called


“Boss, Damon is back and he is here in America,, Brown concert was attacked, he nearly died but was lucky to survive” Bullet said


“Damon handiwork, the devil is back,,hook me up with him, time to get back at our enemies” He smiled




Min is on the dinning table waiting for breakfast, she has a not happy face


Yang joined her shortly and noticed her mood


“Big sis” She said


“What’s wrong?” Yang asked


“I got rejected by a guy I love” She replied


“What! how dare him, you are pretty”


“It’s cos of a b*tch, a wretched b*tch” She spat hatefully


“Then take her out and get your man” Yang said


Min nodded


Ariel walked there with a tray containing the breakfast, she placed everything on the table carefully before looking up


“Morning cute Min” She greeted


Min refused to respond


“Guess I will pocket my greeting” Ariel said


Yang glared at her before taking a fork


Min frowned as she put a spoon in her mouth


“What’s this, you want me to purge all day?” She ranted


“Nothing is wrong with what I prepared” Ariel said


“What you cook is trash” Yang said


“It’s definitely you are planning to poison us ” Min said


“You both should be blaming your mouth not my cooking” Ariel said


“How dare you talk to us that way b*tch”


Min took the cup containing water and attempted to poured it on her but suddenly someone pushed Ariel out of the way and the water spiled on the floor


All turned to behold Lee


Min fumed adding to the fact that he just protected her again, it makes her hatred for Ariel increased


“Jimin” She called in a soft tone


“Min,, you shouldn’t become one of them” He said and took Ariel away immediately


“What did he mean?” Yang asked


“Ion know” She said sadly, he just ignored her again


“I hate them both, you are becoming like your sisters, no place for commoners” Yang said


And Min faked a smile


Lee took her to the kitchen, he took a fork and tasted the food, his expression is still the same


“Is it bad?” Ariel asked


“No, still delicious as ever” He replied


“Then why did Min said it’s poison, what wrong did I do to her, she suddenly started hating me” Ariel said


“Maybe wickedness runs in their blood, you can’t hide your true characters forever*


“Thanks for saving me again, you are the only one who likes me in this house”


“Hey I don’t like you okay” He said


And Ariel smiled


“I didn’t mean you like me like romantically, we are friends”


“That wasn’t what I meant, I don’t like you” He said


“We are a perfect match” Ariel said


“What did you mean?” Lee asked


“You have a sharp mouth, same as I, you are fearless and bold despite us being commoners” She replied


“I’m not a commoner ” Lee said


Ariel started laughing, Lee looked at her and walked out


“Hey I’m sorry okay,, come back” She said running after him




The class is noisy, there is no teacher in presently, the students are chit chat and doing what ever they want


“So he rejected you” Nirvana asked Min who is looking gloomy


“You’re just obessed with the guy” Boi zin said and she eyed him


“I love him, my heart beat for him, okay” She scoffed


“The guy is just a worker in your house, he doesn’t weigh upto your standard babe, come on there are better guys out there” Nina said


“You don’t know anything so shut the f*ck up


“I’m just saying… you’re..”


👥 A new student


👥He is cute


👥He doesn’t look like a Chinese


The whole class turned their attention towards the new guy


Ryder eyes met with Min and he smiled, she didn’t return the smile


He walked up to her


“Hi girls” He waved


“Hi hottie” Nirvana said


“Hi handsome”




“Ryder” Min said


“You know him?” Nina asked




“I transfer here” Ryder said and took a seat beside her


“I’m sorry about yesterday, I wasn’t in a good mood” She said


“I understand ” He smiled


“He is cute ” Nirvana whisper looking at him


A teacher entered the class and the class became organized


“A new student” The teacher asked


Ryder stood up


“Introduce yourself”


“Ryder Johnson from New York” He replied


👥He is so cute


“Quite class”


“You’re welcome to Zhou university” She said


“Thank you ma’am” He said and sat down


He looked at Min again and smiled, she fake a smile this time




Ariel and Lee entered Ariel’s grandma ward, she is awake already


She rushed to her and hugged her on the bed


“Sweet grandma” She said


“My dear Ariel” She replied


“You survive, why did you keep it from me?” She asked


“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you sad”


“Don’t do it again okay, I got only you”


“Ma’am” Lee spoke up


“Who’s he?” She asked pointing at Lee


“He is Jimin,, my.. ”


“Your boyfriend, he is so handsome” She interrupted her


Ariel looked away shly





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