A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 10

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 10








“Water, water” Lee shouted


He quickly grabbed a bottle of water and gulp it down his throat


“Aha, she is so wicked, how could she” He said


After sometime the itching stopped, he looked at the food and went out of the kitchen


He walked outside and saw Ariel making a call


He grabbed her, forcefully turning her around


“What!” She snapped, cutting the call


“How could you ariellore?” He asked


Ariel glared at him


“Ariel ” She corrected


“Why did you add excess spice in my food, is that how cruel you are?” He asked


“Cruel huh? did you think about that when you pull my hair yesterday?” She asked, folding her hands under her b**bs


“You started it first” He defended


“What type of a kind drag with a lady, I was expecting you to be a gentle man ” She replied


And Lee giggled


“Seriously!! you expected me to do nothing, you were even lucky I didn’t beat you up ” He smirked


“Beat me up, in your wild dreams, if I give you a punch you will be flying to Madagascar by now ” She said showing him her fist


“Gosh!! I will fly to Madagascar! with that tiny hand of yours, seriously little girl ” He said


“Hey, ain’t little okay, I’m f*cking twenty ” She frowned


“Frowning is what fit your face” He giggled


“Jealous cos you’re ugly so pathetic”


“Girls drool when they see me, you ain’t exceptional, just pretense”


“I rather drool on a snake than to drool on you, be careful I might kill you ” Ariel said


“It’s 2 to 1, I will get back at you” He said


Jing walked out and saw them arguing


“Don’t you two commoners have anything better to do” She asked, glaring at them with her red lipstick


“Hey did someone just talk?” Ariel asked


“Yeah an animal just talk ” Lee replied


“How dare you Lee?” Jing yelled angrily


“Ducks don’t talk when lions are talking” Ariel said and started walking in, Lee followed


Jing stomped her leg on the ground


“They won’t spoil my mood” She said




“Baby” Jing called


“Yes baby” A guy replied


He came out wearing a jogger and he is shirtless showing his biceps and abs


She held his face and gave him a luscious kiss


“I miss you” She said


“Same here” He replied


“You ready for me right” She asked seductively


“I am damn hard, I took the pills” He said


“Embrace yourself baby” She smiled and began unbolting his belt




Min is in the cafeteria with her friends, it’s lunch time, she is just staring at the plate of food absentmindedly


Since she set her eyes on Lee, she can’t take him off her mind


It’s love at first sight, she thought maybe it because he looks like her celebrity crush but no it’s not, her heart fall for him


She is staring in space and smiling


“Hey, Min what’s going on with you? you’re not eating your food and you’re just smiling to yourself, tell us what is it?” Boi zin asked


Min came back to reality and sighed


“I’m alright” She replied


“Tell us the truth, we agreed on keeping no secrets from each other” Nina reminded


“Okay girls, I think I’m in love” Min smiled




“Wow!! for real, who is the lucky guy?” Nirvana asked


“Stop the questions, he is our new employee, a cleaner precisely” Min muttered


The girls glance at each other


“A cleaner?” Nina asked


“Yes, anything wrong with that?”


“How could you possibly like a cleaner?” Nirvana asked


“I can’t believe,, shit” Boi zin said


“He is human, not like he’s a ghost ” Min said


“There are lot of rich guys out there” Nina said


“You can’t tell your heart who to love” Min replied and started eating while the girls glance at her


“You girls should eat your food might get cold” Min smiled




Someone suddenly pulled Linbae into a corner, she gasped but calm down immediately she saw it’s Byung


“You scared me” She said poking him on the forehead


“I am glad I did” He smiled


Her heart is thudding due to how close their bodies are, they are facing each other


“Can I kiss you?” Byung asked


Her heart immediately skip a beat


“Huh!! ” She gasped inwardly


“I was just joking! were you thinking I will kiss for real? but if you give me permission I will do it” He said


She breathed out


“Stop being a pervert” She smiled




Lee walked into the palace and the maids couldn’t took their eyes off him


👥 Who is he?


👥Is he an angel


👥 Gosh his handsomeness


A guard blocked him as he made to enter inside the mansion


“Who are you?” He asked


“A servant to the king and I wish to see him” Lee replied


“Follow me” He said and Lee nodded


He led him in and bowed before the king


“My highness, this young man here wish to see you ” The guard said


“You can go now Dani” The king said


He bowed and left


Lee smiled widely and sat on the couch


“Old man” He said


“My young house help, prince in disguise” He smiled


“Stop teasing me father, where’s mother” He asked


“She went to a women conference” The king replied


“So how is it there?”


“So hard father, you won’t believe it that I got slapped on my first day ”


The king began giggling


“What’s funny dad”


“I told you it won’t be easy ” The king said


“I can manage, I need to see Byung now ” He bowed and left


He went to their room and opened it, he went in


“Byung ” He called


“Yes, I’m in the bathroom” He replied


“Buddy” Byung said and came out


They both hug despite Byung being wet from the water


” My prince is really having a tough time” Byung said


“The girls are not what dad pictured them to be, I am glad I came up with this plan”


“I know you will get what you want”


“Guess what, the rude girl I met at the pizza shop is also working there too ” He said


“Your future wife!!!” Byung screamed




Lee got back home and met Ariel in the living room standing akimbo


He walked passed her but she blocked his way


He tried taking right but she blocked, he tried taking the left and she still blocked him


“Can we just avoid each other” He said simply


“Where are you coming from?” She asked


“The last time that I check you ain’t my guardian, so get out of my way” He replied


“And if I don’t” She grinned


“We promised to avoid each other right, can you stick to that” He said and slightly push her out of his way, he walked into his room


“What is even wrong with you Ariel, why did you even talk to him, I’m going crazy” She said raking her hair




She is trying to solve the chemistry assignment given to them by the chemistry lecturer but she is finding it hard to solve it


“Gosh!! who will help me, my two sisters are dummies, Ariel , she doesn’t went to high college ” She muttered sadly


Lee came to her mind and she smiled


“Oh!!! Jimin, let me ask him for help and I can get to see his face, silly me ” She said and got down from her bed


She walked to his room and knocked on it


“I’m coming” He said


The door opened and Min’s eyes boozed out as she stared at Lee’s bare chest


He has just taken his bath and the water is dripping down his body adding to his hotness


The abs, his biceps, it’s like God took a whole day to create him


Min bit her lips hard


“Hey” Lee said bringing her back


“Oh!…. huh! Jimin”  She stuttered


“Can you help me out with something?” She asked


“What’s it?” He asked


“Can you just dress up, I will be waiting” She said


It’s getting hard for her to control herself seeing his bare chest


“Oh! sorry” Lee said and closed the door


Min held her chest and heaved


The door open again and he is fully dressed


She smiled and went inside


“Can I sit?”


“Sure, so what did you want me to help you out with?” He asked


“I’m finding it hard to solve my chemistry assignment” She replied


“I actually studied science in my high school” He replied


“Did you further ahead?”


“No ” He lied


“Oh!!, sorry ”


He took the book from her and looked at the assignment


“It’s quite simple”


“Simple for you not me, can you teach me?” She asked


“Yes, come close” Lee said and Min came close


He started explaining the procedures to her and at the same time solving it


Min’s eyes fell on his pink lips and she couldn’t stop staring


She leaned in more closer to him, she isn’t hearing anything Lee is saying, all that is in her mind is to kiss his lips, strangely she’s so attached to him


“So we got to the answer ” Lee said and turned to her and their lips touched instantly



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