A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 16

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 16








Lee slowly hugged her back as she cried in his arms wetting his shirt with her tears but he doesn’t care about that


He felt sad that she is crying, they may it be close but that doesn’t mean he don’t have conscience


They remain like that for minutes


Min came to Lee’s room, she couldn’t stop thinking about him last night, she opened the door and froze on her steps immediately she saw them hugging, she watched them hurtfully before leaving


Ariel broke the hug after five minutes, she step back from him and hiccups


“Thank you for borrowing me your arms” She said


“You’re welcome, what happened? you’re bleeding” He gasped


Ariel looked at her arm and sighed, she got into a slight accident while rushing to the hospital and she didn’t even know she got hurt


She looked at Lee’s shirt and gasped again


“I stain your shirt with my blood and tears, I am sorry for wetting your shirt” She said


“It’s alright Ariel, talk to me! why are you crying and what happened to your arm?” He asked


“My grandma is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it is developing to the last stage but she has a chance to live if she can get a surgery in two days but the doctor is asking for 600k wons Jimin, even if I weigh my salary for two years it won’t amount to that money ” She replied hiccuping


“I’m so sorry, what’s the name of the hospital?” He asked


“Hans medical center” She replied


“Look at me” He said and she looked at him


“Your grandma will be okay, I strongly believe a way will come and the money will come” He said


“I don’t want to stress you with my problems, you haven’t even collected your salary ” She said


“Yeah, I know I don’t have the money but I have this feeling a way will come”


“I know you don’t believe me, we aren’t close …”


“Stop saying that, we may be enemies back then but we are friends now” She said


“Then do you believe me?” He asked


“Yes, I believe you” She replied


“A pretty lady like you shouldn’t be crying, you will look ugly and I don’t want to see you ugly” He said and strangely she blushed unknowingly


“Did you just say I’m pretty?” She asked surprisingly


“Yes, whoever that say you’re ugly needs eyes surgery” He replied


“That means you need one, you once told me that I’m the most ugly lady in the world”


“I said that ?”


“Yeah” She smiled


“I was blind then cos we were enemies” He replied and she smiled


“Can I hug you again?” She asked cutely


“My arms are yours” He replied


She hugged him inhaling his sweet smell


“You smell nice” She said


“Hey stop being a naughty friend” He smiled


She continue hugging him till she fell asleep, he looked down at her and smiled


“Who sleep while standing?”


He carried her in his arms and took her to her room, he gently placed her on the bed, he studied her facials and smiled


“She is so cute, I can’t deny that” He said and left


He came out and suddenly heard some screaming


“Who is that?” He wondered


He traced the voice to Min’s room, he opened the door and entered


His eyes widened as he saw the mess she caused, her room is disorganized and she is breaking things, throwing them to any direction, her hair is roughed up


He rushed to her and grabbed her, she calm down immediately she saw him


“Jimin” She said and hugged him, surprising Lee


“What’s wrong Min? why are you breaking things in your room” He asked


“Can we stay like this?” She asked, sobbing softly


He didn’t reply rather did he hugged her back


She broke the hug and without thinking she unexpectedly crashed her lips on him


Lee’s eyes widened like they will gouge out, he recovered from his shock and pushed her away


“What is the meaning of that?” He asked still in shocked


“I like you Jimin, no I love you” She said shamelessly


“What!! are you alright Min, you can’t love me” He baffled


“Can’t you see that I f*cking love you,, you are all I think about, my heart beat for you Jimin, I love you ” She said


“I think you’re going crazy, snap out of it and come back to your senses” He said


“I’m in my right senses, I like being straight with my feelings, you are the first guy I will love don’t reject me, date me please” She said pleadingly


“When you come back to your senses I will face you” He said and made to go but she held his forearm and he turned


She made to kiss him but he pushed her away


“I don’t love you Min, I don’t feel the same way with you, I can’t love you, you are just obsessed with me,, this is obsession” He yelled


“Is it because of her?”


” Who?”


“That common b*tch, that cook” She replied


“Don’t dare call her names, she is a common cook but she is not a loose cannon like you, she has dignity in her, I don’t love you, stop making this hard for us, I like you as a person but not romantically and Ariel it’s not because of her, I’m not into her okay” He said and left her room


“Arggh,, he hate me cos of that b*tch, I will have you Jimin, I f*cking love you, deny it but you love that b*tch” She shouted




She remembered Jing’s words and smirked


“I guess I have to do the needful” She said wickedly


Her phone suddenly started ringing, she took it


“Hello, who is this?” She asked


“Min, it’s Ryder” Ryder replied


“Why are you calling me?” She asked rudely


“Are you okay? you don’t sound too good”


“Don’t call my line again” She said and hung up


“American bastard” She mubbled




Lee got back to his room and sat on his bed thinking about what happened


It’s so unbelievable to him, he didn’t expect that from her


“I thought she was different” He said


He touched his lips and frowned, remembering the kiss


“She kissed me again f*ck”


He took his phone and dialled Byung’s number, he took immediately


“Oh! my sweet heart” He said


“Stop joking always, can you do something for me?” He asked


“Anything for my sweet heart” He replied


“Go to Hans medical center and pay 600k wons to an old woman diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,, I don’t know her name exactly but just asked around, she was brought to the clinic today ” He said


“Who is she to you?” Byung asked


“Just f*cking do what I asked you to do okay” He yelled


“Okay no need for yelling, I will do it, bye ” He smiled and hang up


“I can’t let her know I help her, I don’t want her to feel bad hence she doesn’t know my real identity” He uttered and fell on the bed




Byung came out of the car and walked into the hospital


He saw a nurse and stopped her, she started drooling on him


“Hi handsome” She said


“Hi, where is the doctor’s office?” He asked but the nurse was busy staring at him


“Hey I asked a question” He half yelled


“Sorry, you were saying?”


“Where’s the doctor?” He asked again


“Follow me” She said and he followed, she began swaying her ass for him to see


Byung scoffed annoyingly


“Hey, I hope you don’t want that little ass to fell off” He said and she gasped loudly


She glared at him before entering the doctor’s office


Byung sat down on the chair facing the doctor


“Good day mister, welcome to Hans medical center” He said formally


“Thanks doctor, I’m here to deposit money for the treatment of a patient with pancreatic cancer, she was brought in today” He said


“Ohh! the old woman right?” The doctor asked


” Yes, I want to pay for her treatment” He said


“Can you really afford the bill?” The doctor asked


“Do I look like a poor person to you huh or I yiu think I can’t afford 600k wons?” He smirked


“I’m sorry, let me take you to the cashier room” The doctor said and stood, they both walked out




Ariel eyes open and she sat upright quickly, she has just woken up, she yawned and stretched herself, she looked around and discovered she is in her room


“How did I get here? Did he took me to my room? Gosh!! I over sleep” She asked herself and smiled


She remembered how she hugged him and how comfortable it was to be in his arms


“He is sweet and rude at the same time”


She took her phone and saw nine missed calls from Steven


Her heart miss a beat, she became scared


“Did something happen to grandma?” She asked scaringly


She quickly called him back and he didn’t waste time picking her call


“Uncle Steven, did something bad happen to grandma, I was asleep when you called” She asked rushing her words


“No, she is fine, someone just paid for the surgery I was calling you to let you know, the surgery has being done successfully” He replied


“Oh! my goodness!! is the person a guy or a girl?” She asked


“The person identity is unknown, nothing about the person, you can come and see grandma tomorrow ” He replied


“Okay Uncle” She said happily


Her mind drifted to Lee and she came down from the bed, she rushed out of her room and headed to his room



Presently in lee’s room he opened the door and was about going out when suddenly someone jumped on him, he immediately knew who the person is


Both of  went down together and accidentally their lips jammed together


They stared at each other


Their lips rested on each other and slowly both began kissing each other, savoring the taste of each other lips, Lee’s hands held her waist delicately as they kissed senselessly, both lost in the sweetness of the kiss, to them they are the only ones in the world right now


“Jimin” Ariel moaned softly



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