A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 7

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage ?️


Episode 7









Ariel frowned the more, hardening her face


He stretched his hand towards her to help her up but she hit his hand away



“Don’t touch me, ion need help from blind people” She snapped


“Huh, blind” He said


“You’re telling me to goggle how to smile, you too, you should goggle on how to see when walking” Ariel said


Lee eyed her wondering who she is


“Cos of you, the pizza package is destroy now, how would I get it back,, ion have any cash on me, thanks to you jerk” She said



“Hey, hey, small face, stop heaping your angression on me and stop blaming me, you bumped into me, you were the one not concentrating” Lee replied


“It was you who bumped into me”


“It was you”


“It was you ”


“No, it was you dummy” He said



“It was you fool” She replied


They started arguing like kids


“Okay, okay, I will get you a new pizza, ion a poor guy” He said


“I don’t give a damn about that shit ” She said


He started walking in and she still stood there


“If you don’t need it,, it’s none of my business fool” He said and walked


“He called me fool, dummy” She yelled after him and followed him inside the shop


They got it and walked out together


“Hey, don’t you ever cross path with me again” She said with a serious look


“Same to you, ion like fools” Lee said



“Ion like dummies, f*ck you” Ariel said and walked off


“Who is she? she is fierce! wait she made me to talk this much” He smiled before leaving




Lee came out of the bathroom after taking his bath, he expected to see Byung in the room but he wasn’t in


“He is still mad at me to the point of avoiding me” He said



He change to something simple and wore his mask, he doesn’t want any maid or guard to see his real face, some are born with mouth diarrhoea, he can’t trust them


He walked out and went to the large sitting room but Byung is not there


He turned but suddenly paused when he heard laughter coming from the garden


He went closer to the window and slide it and saw Byung happily chatting with a girl


“He abandoned me now huh” He said jealousy



“I miss him so much” He said and left


“No, I only punch him once you know” He said and Linbae continue laughing, he was actually telling her a funny story and couple to the fact that she found him cute added to the story been so funny, spending time with him is the best moment of her life


“You’re a superman” She said


“If you say so, I can’t argue with a pretty lady” He said


Lin found herself blushing so hard again



“Why is his words having so much effect on me” She said in her mind


“Anything on my face?” Byung asked noticing that she is looking at him


She looked away in embarrassment


“No,, you just look cute” She replied avoiding his eyes


“You’re…” He heard someone called his name



“Byung” Lee called again as he appeared there


Linbae stood up immediately and bowed


“What!!” Byung asked, standing up too


“Can we talk?” Lee asked


“No,, I don’t want to talk to you” He replied



“I will have to excuse you two ” Linbae said and left without waiting for a response


“You see what you cause, she left cos of you, I was really having a good time with her”


“What’s going with you?” Lee asked


“Are you asking me that Lee” Byung said


“I am sorry okay, I’m sorry for keeping it away from you, I was just scared that you will discourage me” He said



“And why would I, I would have understand Lee, did you know how hurt I was hearing that ,, I have always been with you, we grow up in France together despite being from different backgrounds, I took you as my brother… I understand I’m not that important” He said


You can’t understand Byung , he was only doing that to stresses Lee up


“I miss you, stop being angry at me please, I won’t keep anything away from you again” He said sincerely


He smiled turning his face away from him


“Okay fine, I forgive you” He said



“Really?” He asked excitedly


“Yes ” He replied


Lee hugged him tightly


“Stop avoiding me please,, I didn’t know I will miss you this much,, but I found out today” Lee said


“But you will be leaving me here” Byung pouted cutely


“You have that girl right” Lee teased


“When will you be leaving?”


“Tomorrow” He replied


“What!, so soon ?” He asked


“Yeah, ain’t got much time yunno, I ran into a pretty rude girl ” Lee said and smiled


“You just smiled, are you falling in love soon” Byung laughed


“Come on stop it, I will never fall for that brat bad-mouthed girl”


“You just met your match”


“Whatever” Lee said and they both laughed




Min sat with her friends as they are waiting for the lecturer


“Is he not coming again” She complained


“Let’s wait” Nirvana replied


“I remember something” Nina said




“I did it yesterday” Nina replied


“Wait, you mean you got disvirgin yesterday?” Boi zin asked


“Yes ” She nodded


“You enjoy it right?” Nirvana asked


“Yeah, it was painful but it turn out to be a wonderful pleasure” She replied


“We are only left with one virgin in our band” Boi zin said


They all turned to Min


“I’m scared” Min muttered


They started laughing


“Scared of what, you will soon be turning eighteen on September, I lost my virginity at sixteen,, you are f*cking seventeen” Nirvana said


“I will think about it”


“You better do cos we might separate ourselves from you, holy Mary ”


“It’s a lot of esctasy, s*x is sweet” Nina whispered in her ear


The lecturer walked into the class and the once noisy class became quiet




Lee is dressed already in a commoner way but he is still looking cute and hot


“Even in this clothes you’re looking hot” Byung said beside him


He smiled


“The house help prince” The king called


“Father” He said


“Your majesty” Byung bowed


“Byung” He replied


The queen came there too and hug him immediately


“I will miss you but I can endure, stop it if it become hard for you, you ain’t use to such hard jobs” She said


“I will manage” He replied


“We can still talk and meet anytime” He said and hug Byung, he hug him back


“Good luck” The King said mockingly




The car stopped at the mansion and Lee came down


“Bye” He waved at the driver before opening the gate and going in


“Hey ” A voice called


He stopped and turned


“Who are you?” The security asked


“A new employee” He replied


“Okay, are you the new house help that is to be sent by the king?” He asked




“A good looking guy for a job of a house help, even your English is standard ” The security said


“You won’t understand, situations can put you in any position” Lee smiled


“You can go in”


“Thanks” Lee bowed and walked inside the mansion


He looked around and sighed


“A new life for one month, so funny” He said


He is still reminiscing when he heard a voice


“Hey you, who are you, ohh! a commoner in our house” Jing asked walking downstairs


“Is that how you’re taught to welcome visitors in your house?” He asked


“What, such guts, oh I think you’re the new house help the king sent, such a waste of handsomeness” She scoffed


” But at least I have a brain in my head not plasma up there” Lee replied


Jing gritted her teeth staring at Lee who is less concerned


“You’re playing with your job commoner” She yelled


“Yelling can even completely destroy your frog voice miss, just an advice from a caring fellow” Lee said


“You’re just a house help here and you are already showing your guts on your first day?”


“I am a house help not a slave,, two different things “He replied rudely


“I hate you son of an animal ” She yelled at him furiously


Who is even this guy!!


“You must have been f*cking alot with animals to know it’s child ” He smirked


“Swallowing sperm sometimes is a better option” Lee said


“What!! mom” Jing yelled


In that moment Ariel walked out from the kitchen with a tray of food on her hands to take it to the dinning table when she saw a guy whom seen familiar to her


Lee turned that moment and she caught the sight of him clearly


She frowned, what is he doing here!


The rude guy at the pizza shop who bumped into her


Theirs eyes suddenly met and Lee gasped loudly




They both said at the same time



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