A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 2

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage ?️


Episode 2











Lee came out of his room dressed, he is wearing a blue shirt and a jean with a gold chain on his neck and wrist



He styled his hair and he is looking cute like a Demi god, his dressing code is simple but hot


The door to Byung’s room open and he came out


“Wow! you’re looking so hot, can you date me ” He said and Lee eyed him


“Can you be serious for once, ion like gay” He replied and winked at him


“Wow, he wink at me, I am fainting already” He said jumping up like a teenager whose crush just confess his or her feelings to



“Are you even sure you are twenty two bingo?” Lee asked


“Why, you called me bingo” Byung frown


“If you’re are twenty two then why do you always behave like a kid” Lee replied


“Cos I am not boring like you” He replied and Lee gasped


“Me? boring, are you being serious here now Byung? ” He asked



“isn’t obvious” Byung replied


“Whatever ” He rolled eyes


He started walking out but Byung rushed at him holding his hand, lee turned and face him


“What?, are you hungry? ” Lee asked


“Can you please kiss me?” Byung asked and Lee’s eyes widened


“Okay close your eyes” He replied and Byung foolishly close his eyes


He waited for some seconds expecting maybe a push from lee but none of that happens


He opened his eyes and saw no one, he gasped suprisingly


“Lee wait for me” He said rushing outside


He caught up with Lee in the car trying to leave, he opened the door and got in



“You want to leave without me? who does that? ” He asked breathing heavily


“Why won’t I leave you behind, when you decided to borrow the birds your brain, you really expected me to kiss you” Lee replied


“You are so cute” Byung said and hugged him tightly


“Byung lemme alone” Lee said


“I will only leave you only if you will withdraw the punishment and you will tell me you love me” Byung said



“I can’t say that , you’re not a girl dummy” Lee replied stubbornly


“Then I will continue holding you like this, you smell nice” He smirked


Lee having no option gave in, you can’t escape Byung craziness if he’s at him, he has gotten use to him already


“Okay, I withdraw the punishment and I.. love you” He said


“Say the last part well”



“Gosh!! byung okay, I love you, can you let me go now” He replied


Byung slowly let him and smiled at him


“I love you too even though you’re boring and rude” He said and Lee eyed him before facing the other side and smiling secretly


“I will keep this” Byung said and play the recording





Lee heard his voice saying that, Byung actually recorded it when he was saying it


“Gosh! what kind of human being is this” He muttered






It’s a restaurant meant only for celebrities and none other ordinary person, it is expensively built, the floor is completely made of glasses, you can even see your reflection while walking on it



The whole building is made of pure glasses, it worth about $1.9b


The most expensive and prestigious in France


Lee’s car parked in and he came out with Byung


Byung smiled and looked around


“Been long we came here” He said but lee kept quiet



“I just f*cking said something” Byung said


“It doesn’t concern me ” Lee smiled and started walking inside


“So annoying” He muttered and followed him


They got into the elevator and it took them to the 8th floor


The door opened and they came out and walked in



There are other top celebrities in already, actors, actresses, musician and comedians


All eyes turned and focused on them, but especially Lee


? Wow!! the Chinese Demi god is here


?Is this guy even human


? Fallen angel maybe



?His manager too is so hot


Byung winked at the some of the ladies and their knees wobbled, Lee looked at him and shook his head


A waitress came and directed them to their reserve table


“Welcome sir, please may I lead you to your reservation” she said respectfully


Byung smiled at her and her heart miss a beat, Lee only nodded


They sat down and the dishes were brought to them


The door opened and a very cute young man walked in with some b*tchy ladies


? Brown is here


?The Grammy winner


? Look at that handsomeness


?But his handsomeness doesn’t match to Lee


He smiled and walked to the middle of the building


“Hello everyone, I appreciate you all for accepting my invitation for this dinner night, please enjoy yourselves ” He said and smiled waving at everyone


The all clapped


“I haven’t seen Craig” Lee said looking around


“Maybe he is yet to come” Byung replied with a junk of food in his mouth


Brown walked to Lee’s table and sat down there


“My competitor ” He said


“Idiot, everyone know you’re clear, congratulations, five man” Lee replied


“Thanks four man, you f*cking won 4 Grammy, let’s say I just escape and the fifth you were clearly denied of it, Adrian bribe his way to win it” Brown said


“I know but ain’t bothered, he is not some one to compete with, he is not even my match ” Lee said


“So I am invisible now right” Byung said


“Oh!! sorry crazy manager” Brown replied and pat him


“Silly ” He replied and brown smiled


“Where’s your enemy Craig?” Brown asked


“Haven’t seen him”


“It would be better if he didn’t show up, my manager mistakenly invited him….”


The door opened interrupting Brown’s speech


He is here


Craig walked in with his arrogant face, he is Lee’s worst enemy


Craig is a musician who hate Lee alot, he is not a successful musician like Lee


He is hated cos of his personality and he doesn’t have a strong fanbase like Lee


He is the son of a top government official


He is just envious of Lee achievements over his own, in the just concluded Grammy awards, brown won five grammy while Lee won four and he got nothing


Another reason is because of a female celebrity Michelle he is in love with but she is in love with Lee even though Lee rejected her


He blamed him for his failure


He sighted Lee and smirked and started walking there while his manager followed


“Trouble is coming” Byung smiled


“I am ready for him” Lee replied


“I can’t wait to watch the drama” Brown smiled, he too doesn’t like Craig


He stopped at the table and smiled


“Ohh! the Chinese man who doesn’t have any information about him on the internet is here” He said mockingly


Actually Lee decided to keep a low profile, their is no information about him on the internet even as he has an Instagram and tweeter handle, he only announced his when his music is dropping or when he want to release an album or a concert


You can’t find anything about him except his name, his manager name and his musical achievements nobody knows the reason for it


Not even me the writer (laugh)


“Byung did you hear something drop here?” Lee asked


“Yeah a loser just dropped a speech” Byung replied


Brown started laughing, Craig gritted his teeth


“I bet you are an orphan, which celebrity doesn’t have a profile” Craig said


“Is that why you didn’t win any Grammy award? ” Lee grinned


“Oh! my God” Brown laughed again


“You’re in Spain but the s is silent” Byung added


Brown almost fell from the chair as a result of uncontrollable laughter, this two guys are master of violence


“Craig can you stop this madness and go to your table, it’s not like I even want you here, your invitation was by mistaken so save yourself from some shame” Brown said


“Shut up fraudster, you two bribed the organiser with money to give you the awards” He replied


“But you have money too why didn’t you try it too maybe you will get one” Brown replied


“Imagine attending the ceremony and only clapping for the winners, so heartbroken, can you even imagine i search for a looser on goggle and they started showing me someone pictures” Byung smiled and Brown winked at him


“My chest ” Brown said


Craig glared at him dangerously


“A nobody is talking”


“A nobody who is the manager of a 8 times Grammy winner, the third most awarded artiste in France, can your manager brag of that like me, you doesn’t even pay your manager half of what I am paid for in a day, I will not include my monthly payment, hi loser’s manager, are you a robot, you don’t talk ” Byung wave at his manager who hid his face


That’s actually the plain truth


Craig started feeling defeated, he noticed Lee staring at him


“What are you staring at?” He asked


“A mistake your father made ” Lee replied


“Jesus!!” Byung and brown said as they burst out laughing


Craig lost it and immediately punched Lee



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