A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 5

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 5








“It’s Lee”


“It’s him”


“Wow!! am I dreaming”


They started shouted attracting the attention of other people


“F*ck ” Byung muttered and Lee glared at him murderously


“This was what I was avoiding” Lee said


In a blink of an eye his fans converged around him asking for autographs


👥 Autographs Lee


👥 Please


👥 Don’t say no


Two girls fainted, they had to pour water on them before they came back


“It’s my first time of seeing him in life” the first one said


” He is so cute” The second one said


👥 Autographs


Having no option he started signing the autographs but his fans kept increasing




He is still signing autographs for them, he got tired and had to stopped


“Please, please guys, can we do this some other time, I am tired already, you don’t want me getting sick right, I can’t do this anymore” He said


👥No don’t get sick


👥We love you


“Okay I will see you guys next time, I love you all” Lee said and they started making way for him to pass


” Are you leaving for China on Wednesday” The girl who removed his mask suddenly asked


” Yes” He replied


👥We’ll miss you


👥Awnnn, don’t go please


👥Are you going to release a song for us


👥We are starving


“I am working on an album, just recorded today, it will be ready in a month time bye” He replied


They continued shouting after him


Byung called the driver over


A black car which had been there since got to life and started coming after them


“Watch out Lee ” Someone shouted


Lee turned and his eyes widened, the car was coming directly at him but before the car would hit him Byung quickly push him out of the way


The driver seeing he missed his target tried to run away but unfortunately for him in the process of trying to run he ran into a pole and the car crashed and got damaged


He came down and tried escaping but Lee fans got hold of him and started beating him with sticks and anything their hands could lay on


Lee stood there staring absentmindedly,, for a minute he was scared and thought he will die


Byung tapped him and he moved his hands


“You’re lost, the bastard is caught” He said and Lee moved to where they are beating him


👥Who sent you


👥You tried to kill our Lee


👥How dare you


He was proving stubborn when a guy took a heavy stick and started hitting him with it so hard


He cried in great excruciating pains


“Ahhh, please… stop.. stop I will talk” He said


The guy stopped


“I…. am… sent by Craig Lesbon ” He said




👥That bastard


👥Is that how much he hate Lee


👥He is getting arrested


👥The lesson we thought him earlier isn’t enough for him right


“Take him to the police” Lee said and they turned their attention on him, checking him out


” Lee….you’re okay right”


“Did you have any bruise”


“Are you fine?”


They started throwing numerous questions at him


“I am okay fans”


He answered and entered the car as it drove them home




“Craig!!!” Avero called running into his room


“What ?” He asked giving him a hard stare


“What did you do this time?” He asked getting Craig confuse


What the f*ck is he saying!


“What the hell do you mean, go straight to the point” He half yelled


Avero showed him the video posted, he watched as the guy he sent confessed everything to the public


Saying he was surprised would be an understatement, he was totally shocked


His eyes became big like they would soon leave their sockets


“What!!! ”


“I told you to calm down but you chose to be impatient, now look at what your got yourself in, you have to leave here and hid somewhere cos the cops will be looking for you, you just lost some fans cos of this mess, you know how crazy THE RIDERS CAN can be ” Avero said


Craig quickly grabbed his car keys and ran downstairs


He opened the door and a punch flew to him sending him to the ground


Byung entered with a murderous look on his face, looking at him you won’t know it’s the crazy, funny Byung cos he is different now


“Hating on Lee wasn’t enough for you, you even went extra miles trying to eliminate him, but you failed cos your name is already failure bastard, is he the reason for your misfortune, why can’t you let him to be huh!” Byung said, shouting


Avero ran down immediately, he gasped as he saw Craig on the floor


Craig stood with a bleeding nose


“How dare you come to my house and punch me?” Craig asked


“It seems the punch isn’t enough for you”


Byung pounced on him and started hitting his face as he bled


Avero stood watching helplessly


“By the time I am done with you, you won’t even recognize your face”


Byung continued hitting him nonstop, Craig started loosing consciousness but Byung isn’t ready to let go


Someone ran in and it turned out to be Lee, he quickly held him


“That’s enough Byung, you will kill him ” Lee said


“That’s what he deserve, you are too soft to be forgiving all the times ” Byung replied


Craig rolled on the floor with pains all over his body, his body is on fire right now


“I don’t have anything to say to you Craig, happy stay in jail” Lee said


Two cops came in immediately and held Craig up even though he is weak, they took him out


Byung started walking out but Lee called him and he stopped and turned


“Are you angry at me?” Lee asked


“Why would I be angry at you, I’m just angry you didn’t let me to kill that bastard” He replied


Lee took few steps to him and hugged him


“Thanks for caring about me, you are the best friend”


“First time you will be hugging me yourself, wow!! I’m blessed, I care about you so much, so be a good boy okay” Byung said and Lee pushed him


“Idiot” Lee said and walked out


“Hey wait for me, gosh!! he is so hard to understand and you loser’s manager upon many celebrities in France you chose to manage that hoodlum and arrogant brat, I pity you ” He said and gave Avero a stare before leaving




The video went viral even beyond France and in less than an hour many companies terminated their contract with Craig, the endorsements he had got terminated and his music is banned by the government despite his father being an official in the government house, he lost many fans too


Bad comments about him are everywhere


THE RIDERS did the most in tarnishing his image and everything he worked for, he got arrested and he is in detention currently






Byung and Lee got down from his private jet, he arrived before the time he announced on his IG account to avoid attention


He is on a mission and don’t want any mistake


He looked around and sighed heavily


“Long since I came here, so funny nobody know me here, I grow up in France ”


“First time I am hearing about that” Byung said beside him


“There are many you are yet to know ” He replied and mask his face


The king sent fleet of cars to escort him home, they are already waiting


The driver came to him and bowed


“Sir, are you ready?” He asked and Lee nodded


The other guards took their bags into the car


Lee and Byung got in the car




The cars drove in the royal palace and stopped


Lee and Byung came down


The maids started murmuring about Byung handsomeness


Good thing they didn’t saw Lee’s face some of them might have faint


👥Who is that mask guy


👥 Even in that mask he is cute


“Would you girls stop making noise here ” The chief maid said and they went mute


She greeted Lee and Byung bowing


Byung smiled at her while Lee kept a straight face


“At least smile at her ” Byung nuggled him


“It’s not a rule to smile ” He said and started walking inside


The servants got the bags from the car and took it in


The king and the queen came down stairs


👥Your highness


👥Your majesty


The servants bowed including Byung


The queen almost shouted as she ran to Lee pulling him into a tight hug


“I missed you so much” She said


“Take the bags upstairs” The king said


“I missed you too mom” He replied


“Byung we see again” The king said


“Yes your highness” He said and bowed


Lee broke the hug and smiled at his father


“Yo old man” He said


“Young man ” The King replied smiling


Lee and the king shook hands like friends would do, hitting their knuckles together


“I miss you man” Lee said and and hugged him tightly


“Same here boy ”


“Keep calling me that” He frowned


“You will continue to be a boy to me”


“I’m f*cking twenty two ”


“Ion care ” The king replied


Byung smiled at their cute relationship


The queen finally noticed him and called out to him


“Byung right” She said


“Yes, your majesty” He bowed


“You’re handsome just my Lee” She said


And Byung smiled handsomely


“Come on boys, something is specially prepare for you both ” The king said and took them to the royal room



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