A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 1

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage


Episode 1










Chen Lee have just finishing speaking with his father, the king on the phone.


He sighed and turned around dropping the phone on a table.


The door open and Byung walked in with a mischievous smile on his face


Byung is Lee childhood friend, he is a halfbreed, his father is a Korean while his mother is a Chinese woman, he is Lee personal assistant, manager and at the same time his personal guard, the king employed him for the last job though lee never see him as one but as his best friend, manager and personal assistant


If you’re looking for a crazy, talkative person, here is byung he can talk for twenty hours but he is funny, lively, handsome and smart


His winks alone can make any girl knees wobbled


“Your highness” He said and bowed


Lee scoffed and frowned, he is tired of his disturbances, he can’t stand it again or else he will just faint


“Qué (What?)” He snapped


“How many times will I tell you that I don’t f*cking understand Spanish” He said putting his hands on his waist like a lady ready for a fight


“You wanna fight?,,, Guoi” Lee replied in french


“amugeosdo aniya (it’s nothing) ” Byung said


“F*ck you byung” Lee frowned, he doesn’t understand Korean, he only speak french, English, Chinese and Spanish


And Byung smiled widely


“You are yelling now cos I spoke a strange language but you had the guts to speak Spanish to me, it’s high time you start respecting me I am your elder prince Lee” Byung said


Lee looked at him through the corner of his eye


“Elder my foot, we are both 22 fool ” Lee replied


“Three months is still a difference get that rude prince ” Byung said going to the cellar


He opened it and took a bottle of wine, he turned and came to face with Lee




Without answering him Lee smack him on the head


“Ouch!! Lee” Byung frown


“Learn how to control your running tap of a mouth, I am your prince ” He said moving away from him


“I am Korean not Chinese so basically you’re not my prince, babo (idiot)” He replied


Lee didn’t understood what he meant but his instincts told him it’s an abusive words, he stared at Byung and Byung suspiciously understood, he took to heels


“Idiot” Lee ran after him but before he will get hold of him Byung went into his room and lock it


“Remain there don’t come outside, I will skin you alive” He shouted and Byung smiled


“I love you my little prince” He replied from the inside


Lee shook his head and walked away from the door smiling, he is so cute to be angry at


He is the only one who can say such a thing to him without getting punish, it’s not like he is some kind of a wicked person but… whatever!


“This will not be easy” He muttered sitting on the couch, remembering his plan






“What did he said my king?” His wife asked behind him


He turned around and smile


“He said he will be coming back in two days times but I should not make his arrival known and about the wife issue he agreed though it was hard convincing him but he said something disturbing that I shouldn’t let the family of the girls know he will be coming back in two days, I should said it will be in a month time” The king replied


“Maybe he has his reasons, when he come down here he will explain better to us, I can’t wait to see my son after so many years ” The queen gushed


“Same here, I miss him”




Dayiun walked downstairs with a smile on her face


Zheng was a minister in the palace before he died, him and the king were high school seat mates and friends


The king gave him the position after he was crowned the king, Zheng passed away after some years and after that the king hasn’t forsaken his family, more reason he promised Dayiun (Zheng’s wife) that his son will chose one of her daughters for a wife


Her joy knew no bound that day when he told her that and presently the king Just called to let her know his son will be coming back in a month time, she is downstairs to announce the good news to her spoilt green snake under green grass daughters, they aren’t what people outside pictured them to be


Dayiun is a disgrace to mothers, she allowed them to went loose thinking she was showing them love and giving them freedom not knowing she was spoiling them in the name of love


She saw them already watching a K-drama


“Hey my babies” She said appearing there


“Mom” They said


“Mom got a good news for you” She said


They focus their attention at her


“What is it Māmā (mom)?” Jing the eldest asked


“Guess girls ” She smiled


“Tell us already” Yan the second to Jing said


“please sweet mom ” Min the oldest said with a pouted lip


“My babies are too cute to keep them in suspense, the king just called me to tell me that the prince will be back in a month time, one of you will be chosen” She replied dreamily


“Wow!!!” They exclaimed


“It will be me, I know” Yan said


Jing and min eyed her


“Who told you the prince will like tiny girls ” Jing snapped


Min laughed


“Hey girls don’t start the argument again, I will be upstairs now, just be happy for who will be chosen, I can’t wait to become an inlaw in the royal family ” Dayiun said and started walking upstairs


“I will be chosen, I am curvy,sexy and also beautiful” Jing said


“In your wildest dream” Min said


“I will be the one” She smile


“I heard the prince hate mingling with under age ” Yan said throwing a chew gum in her mouth


Jing started laughing so hard


“I hate you two” She said and left


They are the perfect definition of spoilt children but their mother hid it from the public eyes


Jing the first child is very arrogant, rude and so cruellous, you will even think the devil do come to her to learn how to be wicked lectures from her, one good thing about her is she got a perfect body, sexy and curvy hips with a perfect ass, she has a secret lover, you will hate her once you get close to her


Then we have Yang, the pencil badass, she is so little in structure, seeing her for the first time you will think she hasn’t been feeding well, she is also rude and arrogant, she has a boyfriend whom she kept secret and ha, she smoke too


And then last the cute Min, she is not bad like her sisters, she has good side and a bad side too, she just turned 17 unlike her sisters who are graduates she is in her first year in high college, she behave like a little child even though she’s 17






Byung slowly opened his door to peep and see if Lee is not in the sitting room, when he didn’t saw him he breathed and walked out


“Haa, the jerky prince is not around” He said


“Who are you calling a jerky prince” Lee asked behind him


Byung slowly turned with a widened eyes, wait! when did he got here , he… was here, did he suddenly appeared but his eyes widened more when he saw the dozen of books in his hands


Not again, anytime he offend him he will punish him by giving him dozen of books to read,, he so much hate reading


“My sweet Manager time to acquire new knowledge” Lee said


“Please my prince, even if I am not a full Chinese you are my prince, my Lee, my sweet heart, I love you ” He said practically begging


“I love you too but you will read my baby,,, refuse reading them and you will be playing with your salary” Lee replied and hand the books to him


“You’re mean I am your friend”


“I know best Friend” He replied and sat down to watch him read them


“You must finished them” He said


“What!! Mummy your son is dying today”


“Don’t worry mummy’s boy I will take good care of her after you’re gone” Lee said


“Bastard” Byung said silently


“You said something?” He asked


Byung wanted to reply when his phone buzzed, he brought it out and read the notification, he gasped after he read it


“You’re having a dinner night” He said


“And you are just telling me just now, what is your use to me anyway bingo” Lee frowned


“I forgot” He replied


“I pray you don’t forget yourself some day, what time?”


“8, it is just 39 minutes to 8” He replied


“Okay, let’s go there…..Craig will be attending right?” He asked with a smirk




Lee smiled and moved to his room


“I can’t wait to see another drama today”

Byung said and stood up walking to his room to prepare for the dinner night but suddenly paused


For now he is safe but he know that snake called Lee won’t let this slide until he will make sure that he read the books


He frowned remembering his punishment



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