A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 3

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 3










Byung stood up and made to punched him back but Lee quickly held his hand


“No, don’t punch him let it slide” He said wiping his mouth


“I hate you Lee”


“Ion like you too, I don’t even know what I did to you,, it’s my fault that I write my songs myself without paying for songwriters to do it for me or it’s my fault that I sing good music, try improving on your career” Lee replied and that hit him so hard


Craig kept quiet cos Lee just f*cking said the truth


The other celebrities in the restaurant got alerted and glued their eyes watching the scene


👥 That bastard is at it again


👥Is it his fault than he is more than him


👥Such a failure musician


👥How dare him punch Lee


Brown stood with an anger face and glared at Craig


“I guess you have over stayed your welcome, get out now” Brown said


“I didn’t see any where your name is written as the owner of this building ” Craig said


“At any point in life one will be stupid,, but you’re misusing the opportunity, were you named daft or failure made you lose your senses? who owned 1 Vega restaurant? since your brain is malfunctioning I will help you, it is owned by Leandro Rios the father of brown Leandro get that” Byung said


“So I hope you have taken the correction now leave this place before I disgrace you ” Brown yelled angrily


Craig glared at Brown and Byung before facing Lee


“We shall see bastard, Avero let’s get out of here” He said and started walking out while his manager followed him


“That won’t still give you any Grammy award” Lee shouted after him


He stopped and turned


“And that won’t correct the mistake your father made failure” Byung said


Craig said nothing and walked out


“God!! you two are something else.. I now see the reason why you don’t say too much, your words are fire and you byung reduce your bad-mouth ” Brown said laughing


“Ion like nonsense in as much as I hate Lee rudeness towards me I can’t stand another bastard to attack him ” Byung replied and Lee glared at him


“Psycho” Lee said


“I love you sweet heart” He winked


“Do you know any psychiatrist hospital around brown?” Lee asked


“Why ?” Brown asked


“Cos we got a patient” He replied


“Who?” Byung and brown asked


“Who else but Byung” He replied and Brown started laughing in mockery


“F*ck you two ” He pouted


“Seriously it’s high time you should start treating Craig f*ck up Lee” Brown said


“I know but the perfect time is coming” He replied


“Sorry for the embarrassment” Brown said


“You shouldn’t be apologizing, I think we’ll leave now ” He said standing


“Okay thanks for coming bro” Brown said and they shook hands


“Bye crazy manager” He said and Byung smiled handsomely


They started walking out but a female celebrity called out to Byung and he stopped


She ran to him


“Hi Lee” She said and he nodded


“Byung can we have talk for a sec, the two of us” She said


“Sure” He replied and they move a little away from lee


Lee watched as Byung talk with the lady at the end of the discussion he walked back to him smiling mischievously


“What did she told you that is making you smile like a fowl that just saw grains?” Lee asked


“None of your business boss” He replied and walked out


“Silly bastard” He muttered and left immediately meeting Byung in the elevator




Craig screamed throwing his shirt away


He remembered the insults he received from Lee and his manager and the f*cking truth it was all true


“I want to kill that Lee ” He yelled pacing around


“I can help you to eliminate him, but we will do it with no trace, stop going after him and stay low cos if anything happen to him now all fingers will point at you ” Avero his manager said


“You got a point, I can’t wait to eliminate that fool, get me a b*tch now, I need to cool my nerves” He said, walking upstairs


“Yes sir” Avero replied and took his phone to order a b*tch for him




They got home and immediately they walked inside the sitting room lee falls on the couch and let out a breath


“Thanks to that animal I couldn’t finish that delicious meal and now I’m hungry” Byung said and Lee looked at him


“All you know is to eat, talk and behave insane”


“But at least I am not boring like you” He replied going to the kitchen


“Boring is six letters” Lee said


“And what about it?” He asked


“I will be deducting $600k from you salary” He replied and Byung gasped loudly


“What!! ”


“Okay you are not boring again, you are sweet, lively and funny” Byung said rushing his words


Lee chuckle and stood up


“Good night” He mumbled and moved into his room


“Don’t dare reduce my salary” He shouted after him


His phone beep and he smiled after seeing the notification


“Craig will regret punching you tomorrow” He looked at his phone again and smiled before dialling a number








Ariel walked out of the kitchen with water in her hands going for the door


She is a cook, she took the employment when she couldn’t find any reasonable job hence she didn’t went to high college


She is an orphan living with her grandmother despite but that she is another definition of trouble, she is crazy, fearless and won’t hesitate to tell you her mind, she is extremely beautiful, got the most perfect body, sexiness is her second name the most reason Jing hate her so much


But she has a weakness and a deep secret she doesn’t want anyone to know


She made to opened when the door opened almost making her to collapsed


“What the f…” Her eyes widened when she saw Jing coming in, she stood her ground without saying a word to her


“What the hell are you staring at?” Jing asked


“Ion haven’t heard that having your eyes is an offence ” She replied and Jing glared murderously


“One of this days I will wound you ” Jing said pointing her pointer finger at her


“Can you define a wound?” Ariel asked and Jing gasped


“You see you can’t define a wound but you’re talking about wounding someone, when you know the meaning of wound you can go ahead and do it, I guess you left your brain where you f*ck last night” Ariel said and walked out


“Did she just said all that to me” She seethed and walked to her room unnoticed


Her phone rang shortly and she answered


“You got home right baby” The masculine voice asked


“Yes baby, thanks for the f*ck ” She replied


“Bye ” He said and hung off


“Ariel I will deal with you ” She said, taking her clothes off




Loud screams can be heard in the hall as Craig’s fans screamed so loud


He is having a concert in the arena, almost all the tickets were bought and it surprising to see many people turned up for his concert like that


ACCOR FEST has a capacity of seventeen thousand and the hall is almost filled up





“Wow can’t believe the tickets are almost sold out” Avero said


They are backstage


“I taking my rightful position soon from that bastard ” He said proudly


“I believe it I can’t wait, it’s time already” Avero said and Craig nodded


The hall become quiet as the lights went off, it come back displaying a green dim light on the stage


A loud screamed followed


👥 Craig


👥 Craig baby


👥We loved you


The dim lights become clearly and he is on stage already, the screams even increased


He smiled and waved at them


His song beat started playing in the background


🎶 Yeah Craig baby


🎶All the b*tches like me


🎶 I got this p*ssy on my D’


🎶She wanna get it to me nicely


🎶 The melodious sexual sound


“Look at the kind of lyrics this fool put out and still expect people to vibe to it , can’t he learn from Lee and Brown ” A guy said and another one agreed with him


Craig is still performing when a commotion started outside


It is Lee’s fans called *THE RIDERS*


They code the name from his third album


They started trooping in the hall in a large number


Actually it was all planned yesterday, the lady that talked with Byung recorded the video of how Craig punched Lee and it was posted on the internet


More reasons his tickets were bought and it was mostly bought by the THE RIDERS ( Lee’s fandom name)


Byung planned everything with them secretly


Craig stop singing immediately he heard the noise, the security and the bouncers effort to stop them wasn’t fruitful hence they were in a large number


👥How dare you punched our Lee


👥Whack artiste


👥We hate you


👥 Bastard


👥You should be name failure


👥Or better still you should be named Craig failure


They started throwing all sort of stuff at him on the stage, eggs, open juice cans and bottles, stones and sticks


He struggled and ran out of the stage



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