A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 6

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 6










They sat with the king and the queen eating a delicious Chinese dish


“Seriously, this is the best” Byung said


“I know you will like it Chinese food is the best” The king replied


“I will have to agree to that my king” Byung said


And the queen smiled


“How have you been copying with Lee, he is so cold you know” The queen said


“Mother” Lee pouted


“She’s obviously said the truth son” The king winked


“It’s not easy but I’m strong and he is the perfect match for me, we are really good” Byung said


“Do he have a girlfriend already?” The king asked and lee choked on his food


“Father ” He said coughing, he drank a cup of water and the king drop his spoon staring at him


“Yes” He replied


“Why are you asking him, I’m here” Lee frowned


“You won’t tell me if I asked you, but I know Byung for a very long time now, he doesn’t say lies, right Byung” The king replied and Byung nodded


Lee eyed him and he smiled back


“So tell us ” The queen said


“Actually, he is single my queen, someone served him breakfast so he is single now” Byung said and Lee hit him




“Breakfast?” The king and the queen asked confusingly


“Oh! it’s a word for us the young people, it means someone broke his heart, a girl I mean”


“Ohh!!,, the girl must be a b*tch to lose such a rare gem” The queen said


“So my son was in love awnn so sweet, this remind me, you promised to tell me everything once you get home concerning about the family I chose for you to a pick wife from” The king said


Byung gasped and looked at Lee, it’s the first time he will be hearing of it


Lee avoided his eyes and cleared his throat


“Actually dad, I am not really impress with the whole idea but I promised you to always respect you but I have my own request to make” He said


“Which is?”


“I will be going there to work as a house help” He replied




Both the king and the queen looked at him like he just said the most abominable thing


“Are you alright?” Byung asked


“I am fine ”


“You want to work in Zhang’s mansion as a common house help, what is wrong with you? are you going insane, my son, the prince of Bel kingdom ” The queen said


“What is going on with you, where did you get that idea from and what is your motive behind what you just said? ” The king asked


“Thank you for that question dad, I don’t even know what the girls look like… I don’t even know if I will like them talk more of falling in love with one of them, what about their characters, I will go there and observe them for a month before and know who they are really and if possibly fall in love with any of them ” He replied


They sighed


“But the girls they are the best you can ever imagine, they are the most prettiest in Bel kingdom”


“You can’t tell mom, you can’t judge a book by it cover, just allow me to do my thing, I know what I’m doing please” He said


“Okay we agreed but be careful”


“I will mom”


“Is that why you asked me to lie to Dayiun that you’re coming back in month time? ” The king asked


Lee nodded and the king smiled


“I can’t stop you, you are smart….house help prince ” The king said


The queen and Lee laughed


“Byung you are quiet,, it is unlike of you”


All this while Byung couldn’t really process what was going on, something like this is going to happen and Lee didn’t even mention anything about it to him


What kind of friend is he!


What did he take him for!


“I lost my appetite, your highness, Lee congratulations on your new job” He said, dropping the fork and walking out obviously angry


“Byung” Lee called but he left


“What’s that? ”


“He is angry with me, I didn’t tell him about my plan” He replied


“That’s is bad, he is your friend and manager remember” The queen said


“I know I f*ck up,, gosh, I should have told him, I just doesn’t want him to discourage me ” Lee said raking his hair


“It’s okay, he will not be angry with you for long ” The king said and patted him


He smiled lightly




Byung walked out so annoyed about what Lee did


Why would he called himself his friend when he kept such a thing from him


“I’m not important anyway” He muttered


“Why putting on a sour face?” Someone asked behind him


He turned and saw the lady who greeted him earlier


“Hi ” He said


“What’s wrong? ” She asked


“It’s nothing, you are pretty” He said and she found her cheeks getting red


“Really!! first time a guy will say that to me” She smiled


“I’m glad to be the first then, what’s your name?” He asked


“Lin bae” She replied, smiling sheepishly


“Cute name, I’m Byung”


“Cute name for a a cute guy”


“Flirting with me now” He said


“No,, no,, no.. I’m sorry sir, I just like been blunt, sorry if I trespass” She quickly said looking down


“You’re really… you were really funny while saying that ” He smiled


“You ain’t angry at me ” She asked slowly looking at him


“No, I am not, see your around then” He said


“Thank you ” She said and left


“She’s cute” He said


“Who’s cute? ” He heard Lee’s voice behind him and without turning he started running after linbae


“Wait Lin”


Lee smiled sadly, he hate it when Byung is angry with him, he is missing his craziness already


He turned around and walked away




Yang is in her room making a call with her boyfriend when her door opened and Ariel walked in with an expressionless face


“I will call you later ” She said and hung the call


She faced him


“You sent for me ” Ariel said


“Yeah, I did, I want you get me some pizza, I feel like eating it tonight” She said


Ariel scoffed annoyingly


“I’m a cook here, not an errand girl, you can easily order it, why trying to stress me ” Ariel said


“I don’t want to order, I want you to get it from me, it’s just some minutes to 8pm “She replied


“And I said no ” Ariel said


“I guess you’re tired of working here right, cos one word from me mom will get you fired,, just because you can cook well doesn’t mean you will grow wing wretched b*tch ” Yang said


“At least I can cook not like some brat that will go all day doing nothing and slutting around” Ariel replied


A slap landed on her face unexpectedly


Yang slap her


She held her red cheek and looked at her hurtfully, if not for her sick grandmother she won’t be here enduring all this insults


“Take this money and get me my pizza, rape victim ” She said throwing some cash at her


Ariel took the money walked out with tears, she almost jammed in to Min and Jing


“Sorry” She muttered


“What happen to you? you’re crying?” Min asked seeing her red cheek, she understood immediately


“Yang did this”  She asked


“It’s nothing” Ariel said and walked away


Jing smiled widely


They both went in together


“Good job kid sis” Jing said


“You slap Ariel right?” Min asked sitting on the bed


“Why are you guys here?”


“It’s wrong we visiting our sister” Jing replied


“Whatever” She rolled eyes


“What did she do this time?”


“I asked that b*tch to get me pizza but she started talking back to me”


“But you can easily order that without disturbing anyone, it’s unfair Yan” Min said


“Min, don’t get angry this night”


“She is just a cook here and she has no right to talk back at us” Jing said


“But it’s still not good, she is human like us”


“A wretched and futureless human ” Yang said


“A customer to the boys” Jing laughed mockery


Min looked at them and shook her head, knowing no matter she said they won’t change


“Lee was suppose to be in china today but nothing is heard about him, is he not coming again?” Yang asked


“Ion know” Min replied and moved towards the door


“Hey you just get here” Jing shouted


“Can’t stand you devils sight again” With that she walked out


“Such rudeness” Yang scoffed


“I will wound her one day”


“Can you define would?, you see you can’t even define a wound and you talking about wounding someone,, when you know what a wound is come and wound me ” Ariel’s words echoed in her head






Ariel kept thinking about what Yang said to her and it kept ringing in her head


She almost got into an accident as she wasn’t concentrating


Her eyes are red as a result of crying too much


It hurt to be poor!!


She still want her job, so she has not obey that loose cannon b*tch


She got into the shop and bought the pizza, she paid and started walking out when she ran into someone as she was in deep thought and not concentrating


The pizza package flew from her hands and she fell down


She looked up and saw a handsome guy looking at her


“Don’t you have eyes?” She said with a hard face


Lee bent down and took a look at her face


She is not smiling!


She’s still frowning


“Hey you!… you should goggle how to smile ” He smiled





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