A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 26

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage πŸ–ŠοΈ


Episode 26








Ryder looked in confusion as both of them held his hand


“Ryder we need to talk now” Min said


“I need to talk to you Ryder” Nirvana said


“Please Nirvana, it won’t take long ” Min said


Ryder looked at where Min is holding him and he can’t say he like it, heΒ  feel nothing for her again, her cold altitude towards him even helped him to know where he stand, he can say for Nirvana cos he felt something real for her


He sighed and took his hand away from them


“Okay let’s do it this way.. I will talk with Min then you Nirvana” He said and left with Min


Nirvana sighed sadly watching them


“What’s it?” Ryder asked


“I’m sorry to ask this but did you perhaps took me home last night in a club?” She asked


“Yes” He replied


And she gasped inwardly


“Did.. did I kissed you?” She asked


He nodded and she gasped out so loud feeling embarrassed immediately


“I’m sorry Ryder I wasn’t in my right senses” She pleaded


“I understand.. you won’t kiss me in your right senses”


She quickly understood where he is heading


“I didn’t mean it that I….”


“I know, you mistook me for that Jimin guy, I guess you love him so much to be begging him to love you back” Ryder said and her eyes widened


“I said that?”


“Yes you do” He replied


“Oh! f*ck I was useless last night”


“Who is he to you? your boyfriend?” He asked


“It’s something I don’t want to talk about” She answered


“I’m sorry, I will take my leave now” Ryder said and left


Min looked as he walked away and somehow she is feeling guilty


She really f*cked up last night,, did he perhaps feel something for her, cos his words seems like and what about Nirvana she is into him and she is already crazy about him


This is so hard


“I’m feeling something for Ryder without knowing, I couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss and now knowing it’s him, part of me is happy that it was him ” She sighed softly


She decided to followed Ryder and spied on them


Nirvana took Ryder to an empty class and faced him, Min got there and hide at the door post looking at them


“Pretty eyes, you wanted to talk to me” He spoke up


“Did you kissed Min last night?” She asked


“How did you know..”


“She told us” She cut him off


“Yes I did” He replied


Nirvana heart almost exploded, the pain she felt was immense, her heart was shredded


“You kiss her?”


“Not like I kiss her intentionally, she was drunk and ended up kissing me, she mistook me for another person” He replied


“Do you feel something for her?” She asked


“I won’t lie, I love being straight, yes I do, I have feelings for Min despite her cold altitude towards me”


Tears started flowing down Nirvana’s eyes


“What about me?” She asked


“I’m sorry but I don’t feel the same way for you, I took you as a friend” He said


Nirvana continued crying, Ryder tried to touched her but she stopped him


“Don’t touch me, I was fooling myself around thinking you feel something for me not knowing you are in love with my friend, it hurts cos I f*cking love you so much, I’m not obessed with you, I know when I’m in love for real, I am not angry with Min, it’s not her fault I’m ready to give up for her, I pray she realized her feelings for you, we can continue being friends, I will be free now” She said


Min is crying where she is standing


Ryder is in love with her and she was harsh towards him cos of Jimin who doesn’t love her ,, she started hating Ariel for a guy who doesn’t feel anything for her, it’s hurt to be rejected


Now she is tied in it with her friend, now Nirvana is in love with Ryder


She is ready to give up her love for her sake, she can’t deny now that she didn’t feel something for Ryder, she was just blinded by her obsession towards Jimin


But what about Nirvana


Nirvana made to walked out but Ryder pulled her back and landed his lips on her kissing her


Nirvana’s eyes widened in surprise, same with Min


She felt a sting in her heart immediately he kiss her


Nirvana couldn’t returned the kiss cos she was in total shock


Ryder broke the kiss and looked at her surprise face


“You look more cute while crying, I fell for Min at first, it was love at first sight but maybe I was just obessed with her, her cold altitude towards me made me to realized I wasn’t really in love with her, you came into my life and changed everything, I fell for you crazily without knowing, but this past week, our dates, our calls, I couldn’t stop thinking about you Nirvana, I love you, I only said those words to see your reaction, I don’t feel anything for Min again and she doesn’t even like me, so there’s no fuss about that” He said


She kept looking at him without saying a word


“Pretty eyes say something, I’m dieing” He said


“You love me too?” She asked like a whisper


“Yeah, I love you so much” He replied seriously


She kissed him immediately and he received her lips warmly


Min couldn’t take it anymore, she ran away


It was her fault anyway, maybe they weren’t meant to be, she lost again


He was just obessed about her at first, it wasn’t really love


“I hate myself now, it’s all my fault, I will set things right, I will apologize to Ariel, maybe one day I will find someone who will love me” She said and without looking at where she’s going she bumped into someone and both of them fell with her being on top of him


“I’m sorry I was walking…” She stop as she looked at the guy


She has seen handsome guys but she hasn’t seen any guy to be compared to him


She felt her body twitched instantly as her body made contact with him, time stop moving


His lips, his face, his eyes, she forgot about her sorrows immediately


Wong wondered why she is looking at him like that instead of standing up from his body


“Hey” He said and she realized she is still on him , she quickly stood


“I’m sorry”


Wong brought out his hanky and cleaned her tears


“Pretty girls don’t cry, I will beat whoever that made you to cry” He said showing her his fist


She smiled, he is funny


“You’re funny, no one made me to cry” She said


“Okay but don’t cry again okay” He said and she nodded


“I’m Wong”




“I’m a new student, just got transferred, SD” Wong said


“We are in the same class, let’s go” She said and he followed


πŸ‘₯ A new student


πŸ‘₯ Another hottie


πŸ‘₯ Our department is blessed with hot guys


πŸ‘₯ Another guy to compete with Ryder


πŸ‘₯ What’s he doing with Min


πŸ‘₯ Maybe they knew each other


“Hey class, my name is Wong, I got transferred to this university, hope we can relate” Wong said


πŸ‘₯ His voice, oh! my goodness


He smiled and sighted a seat where Ryder is sitting on alone, he walked there


“Can I sit with you?” He asked with a smile


“Yes, you can” Ryder smiled


“I’m Ryder”


“Wong, can we be friends, I like you?”


“Wow! friends” He smiled


Nirvana and Min eyes met and they looked away


“I’m sorry” They said at the same time


Boi zin and Nina looked at them


“He confessed”




“Ryder confessed his feelings to me” Nirvana said


“Oh my goodness?” Nina exclaimed


Nirvana turned to Min


“Min I’m…”


“I saw everything, not like his feelings were mutual he was just obessed with me the same way I was obessed with Jimin, I understand I’m not against your relationship with him, we are friends, I love you ” Min said and hug her


“I love how they settle it” Nina said


“The new guy, you know him before?” Nina asked


“No, I was crying when I bumped into him and he cleaned my tears and told me he is a new student, I got to discovered he is in the same department with us, so I took him here” Min replied


“He is looking at you, I think he like you”


“Stop it, he can’t like me, we just met some minutes again”


“It doesn’t take years to like someone, see he is relating well with Ryder though they’re meeting for the first time” Boi zin said


Min turned towards where Wong is sitting and their eyes met, he smiled and winked at her, she quickly took her eyes away and smiled secretly.



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