A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 14

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 14








“AGRHHH” Lee groaned painfully


Ariel’s eyes widened as the tea poured on him


Why would he do that,, he has f*cking save her for the second time


She quickly rushed to him and held him


Yang smirked evilly and stared at them


“Claiming to be a superman huh!” She said


“Is that how villain you’re Yang?” Ariel asked


“You don’t know me,, I’m worst than this, just avoid me.. you are just a common cook here, know your boundaries and for you Jimin you got what you deserve,, fools” She said and walked upstairs


“Are you alright, should we go to the hospital?” Ariel asked still holding Lee


“No, just take me to my room now” He replied


“But you’re hurt” Ariel complained


“Just take me to my room I will be fine” He insisted


“Okay” Ariel muttered and took him to his room


They got inside and he sat on the bed


“I need to get this clothes off me” He said and started pulling his shirt


He took it off completely and Ariel breath seized immediately she set her eyes on his perfect body


Everything stopped moving


She lost her senses completely as she drool on his body, his cute biceps and abs


She hasn’t seen a guy with such a perfect body, gosh!! heaven took a whole day to create him, one can’t be this flawless and perfectly built, she kept swallowing her saliva


It’s her now in her world and only her


Lee looked up and caught her staring at him, he looked down at his chest and sighed


“Ariel” He called


“Ariel ” He called again but no response came from her


“Ariel!!!!” He shouted this time and she came back from her day dreaming




“What were you thinking, I f*cking called you for three times, I know I got a perfect body but must you stared for long? ” He asked smirking mischievously


Ariel looked away embarrassingly but tried to hide her nervousness as stubborn as she is


“I wasn’t staring at that croak body ” She replied


“Then what were you looking at that you got lost in? ” He asked


“I was just wondering why you do what you did out there ” She lied


“Lylist you can lie for China,,, congratulations ” He smiled


“I kept hating your proudness and arrogance” She scoffed


“We don’t like each other before ” He said


“Why did you protect me? ”


“I don’t know,, I just found myself doing it? ” He replied sincerely


“You don’t hate me anymore? ” She asked


“I still hate you, I was out of my senses ” He replied and somehow she felt hurt


“Then you shouldn’t have done that” She said


“You should be grateful I saved your ass stop complaining ” He said


“I didn’t ask for your help anyway ” She replied


“You can leave my room,, I will take care of myself,, I don’t know why you’re here ”


“Seriously, you’re asking me to leave? ” She asked




“Suit yourself ” She snapped and started walking out


“I will endure till Min comes back she will get the cream for me” He said and she stopped


She walked up to him and faced him


“You got hurt because of me not because of Min,, I will get the cream for you” She said


“Are you jealous? ” He asked


“Are you okay?, what would I be jealous of, snap out of it boy” She said, pouting her lips


His eyes caught her lips and he swallowed nothing


“Can you stop doing that” He said


“What?” She asked


“Nothing” He replied


“Get Benthazalin cream for me, it didn’t affect my skin that much ” He said


“I will be back” She said and left




“Easy Ariel ” Lee said groaning as Ariel massaged his back with the cream


“Stop whining like a baby, I thought you are too tough” She laughed mockingly


“You’re heartless” He said


“Stop talking or I will do it roughly” She said and he kept quiet


She continue rubbing the cream on his body and both of them felt a spark between them but both said nothing


Ariel felt her heart beating so fast,, same as Lee


“I’m done” She said


“Can we stop fighting?” Ariel asked without thinking


“Huh!! I don’t think we can you are too rude” He replied


“And you think I mean it when I said that” She said


“I’m hungry”


“I will get you your food”


“Don’t add spice in it” He said


“Dummy” She said


“Fool” He replied back


She smiled and walked out


“Her lips are cute,, no, no it’s ugly” Lee pinched himself




“Yeah,, f*ck my mouth ” Jing moaned as her boyfriend f*ck her mouth


“Gosh!! you’re so sweet baby” He groaned shoving his d*ck deeper in her mouth


Jing s*cked senselessly polishing his member


He moaned pleasurably and c*m in her mouth, she swallowed everything licking her lips


The guy carried her up and placed her on the table and his tongue went into her p*ssy


“Ohh!! baby” She moaned pleasurably


He savoured her p*ssy driving her to the edge


“I’m c*mming,,, don’t stop ”


Jing let out a loud moan as she c*mmed uncontrollably on his face


Without letting her to rest, he shoved his hard d*ck into her wide hole and started f*cking her crazily and hard




Both cuddled as they finished f*cking, Jing is stroking his hair


“The month is fast going,, I don’t want the prince to choose you ” The guy said


“Even if he chose me,, I won’t leave you, I’m addicted to your d*ck I can’t stop tasting it” She replied




“I am serious” She said and he smiled


“I love you”


“I love you and your D” She said and kissed him




It’s 3:am in France, time difference between China and France


Echoing sounds and blazing loud screams can be heard in the concert ground as the brownies (Brown’s fandom) scream,their screams filled the hall


The arena is completely full housing more than forty thousand people plus


Fire works eluded and the arena became dark after a while the lights came on and Brown is on the stage


The screams triple




👥We love you


👥My idol


👥 Cute Brown


Brown smiled and winked at them


👥Oh my he wink


🎤 Brownies make some noise!!” Brown said


“Yay!!!!!” His fans screamed thunderously


“Are you guys ready for some crazy performance ”




The instrumental for his Grammy nominated song featuring Lee titled




Started playing in the background


“I wish Lee was here with me ” He said


🎶 We out here tonight, jiggling


🎶Our soul partying tonight


🎶 We got the melody


🎶 Sometimes we dance


🎶 Sometimes we jiggy


🎶 Sometimes we high (yeah)


🎤 Brownies sing it” Brown shouted


🎶 We poppin’, we rockin’


🎶Cos the feeling is high


🎶We jiggy and we rock


🎶 Straight to the party


The fans sing


(Lee’s verse)




🎶 Yeah we out tonight


🎶We outside


🎶I love women that like to party


🎶The feeling is high (ah,, ah)


🎶We just wanna get high


🎶 Keep the feeling, let’s go brown baby


A dim red light suddenly pointed at Brown chest without his knowledge


“I got him boss” The voice said


“Shot” The boss replied


Brown’s manager saw the light on his chest and started running up to the stage


“1,2,3” The guy counted and released the bullet but his manager fastly got there and pushed him down, the bullet hit one of the stage light and commotion rise in the hall


“What’s that?” Brown asked


“Stay down, Some one is after you, I will get you out of here” He replied and secretly took him off


The fans started running out in fear


“We lost him boss”


“Leave for now, I’m back and he must go down” The boss said and the guy stood up from his hiding spot and left


Brown got outside with his manager and they drove out




“Who could be after me?” Brown asked


“I don’t know or could it be Craig?” His manager asked


“You think so but why would he come after me, I’m not Lee” He replied


“You only have one enemy but Damon is no more alive or did he perhaps survive?”


” His body wasn’t found, could it be?”


“Who knows, it might be, there is slight possibility” His manager said


“Then if it’s him I’m not safe anymore cos he won’t stop until he get me” Brown said


“I will hired trained bodyguards for you, we need them now”


Brown fell on the couch and raked his hair






It’s night time, Byung and Linbae sat in the garden starring at the skies, they are sitting so close to each other


“Isn’t the view beautiful” She asked


“It’s but not beautiful as you” He replied and she blushed


“You think so?”


“I don’t think so, it’s the truth” He replied


She looked at him and smiled cutely,, her heart thudding so hard against her ribs cage


Byung has made up his mind to tell her about his feelings today, he can’t hide it anymore


“Linbae” He called


“Hmm” She replied and faced him


“I have something to tell you”


“Okay, what’s it?”


“I….I… I” He started feeling nervous


“You are what?” She asked curiously



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