A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 23

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 23








She looked at him with a confused look


“Panties?” She asked


“Yes, the other night you were here that you were looking for your bra” He replied


“Would you stop that,, I didn’t say anything like that” She said


“Partial amnesia may be the next way”


“What!! ”


“Just saying,, so why are you here?” He asked calmly


“Nothing, just feel like coming here” She replied


He said nothing and walked into the bathroom


Ariel started imagining crazy things about him, she had to pinched herself to stop


“F*ck me” She said


The bathroom door opened and Lee walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist, water is dripping down his chest making him irresistible and hot


Ariel tried controlling herself so that she won’t stare at him


He walked to his closet and turned to her


“Hey close your eyes, I want to change” He said


“If I’m going to close my eyes then I will be sleeping here”


“What!! okay you want to see my nakedness or what”


“I won’t mind” She said


Lee started loosing the towel, she thought it was a joke but her eyes widened when he was about taking it off completely, she covered her eyes and ran out


“You’re crazy Jimin” She said and closed the door


Lee chuckled lightly


“She really think I was going to do that, I finally succeeding in getting her out” He said and took out some clothes and changed into them


He went to the bed and laid on it


“Wow!!! today I will sleep peacefully” He said


“Said by who?” Ariel asked entering the room again


“Jesus!! you again?”


“Yes, you thought I was gone right? well I’m back, give me space I want to sleep”


Lee just stared at her as she came and laid on the bed covering the space again


“I will just die very soon” He whined


“I will surely attend it” She said


“You can sleep on the couch if you’re not comfortable here”


Lee frowned


Ariel stylishly pushed him from the bed and his butts landed on the floor


“Ariel!!!!” He yelled frustratingly


“Good night handsome devil”


Lee sat on the floor watching her as she slept comfortably


“What kind of girl is this?” He whispered




Everyone in the house has gone out for their daily business, Lee and Ariel are the only ones remaining in the house


A car stop outside and Byung came out and walked in, he pressed the button and the door open revealing Ariel


They smiled


“Sweet Ariel” He said


“Sweet Ariel” She repeated smiling


“That’s the name that fit you” He said


“Come in”


They walked in together


“Where’s Jimin?” He asked


“In his room” She replied


“Let’s go there” He said and before she could say something he began dragging her there


Byung knocked on the door and Lee took it to be Ariel


“See Ariel I’m not ready for your troubles” He said


“Idiot open this door now”Byung said


“Byung” Lee heard the voice and quickly opened the door


“Shit, you bring this psycho here ” He groaned seeing Ariel


“Handsome devil” She said and pushed him out of the way, she went in with Byung


Lee closed the door back and walked to them


“Are you guys busy?” Byung asked


“Why?” They asked at the same time


“I want the three us to go out and have fun” He replied


“You will be the one paying”


“All bills on me”


“I’m not going, you can go with Ariel” Lee said


“Stop this cold altitude”


“We can go together, he must not tag along with us,, I can’t wait to see some cute guys” She said


Lee scoffed jealousy


“Okay I will go, we need to change”




A wow! escape Ariel’s mouth as she saw the car Byung came in


“So you’re rich! I didn’t know” She said


“You mustn’t know everything” Lee said


“I didn’t talk to you”


Byung smiled


“Let’s go guys” He said opening the doors


Lee and Ariel got in and sat down beside each other, Byung entered


“Tao park” He said to the driver


“Yes sir” He said and started the car


“Don’t talk to me”


“Same here”


“Will you two stop arguing” Byung said


“It’s Jimin’s fault”


“Her fault”


Byung squeeze his forehead tenderly looking at them arguing again, they look cute doing it anyway, so he just faced his front




They had fun at the park before going to play some games and ride horses, they visited the popular beach


Currently they are in a restaurant


“I like pork alot” Ariel said


“A foodie will like anything” Lee said


“Jimin” She pouted and step on his leg


“Ahwn” He winced


“That is to show you how to learn to mind your business” She said


“You two are something else” Byung laughed


“He is so annoying” She complained


“Ariel I want us to have a private discussion” Byung said


“Private discussion, say it here” Lee said


“I heard him calling my name not yours dummy”


“Fool, no one is moving”


“Stop me” She said and stood


“Byung let’s go”


Byung stood up and they walked outside


“I will beat her one day” He seethed jokingly




“I want to ask you something and I want you to give me a sincere answer” Byung said


“What’s it?”


“Do you perhaps has feelings for my friend?” He asked


Ariel took a long breath before answering


“I won’t lie, I love him so much,, but I don’t know if he loves me back” She replied


“What if I help you out to know if he love you back ”




“Yes, come close”


She moved closer and he whispered something into her ear, she smiled widely


“You’re a bad boy”


“Anything for you ”


“What did you guys discuss?” Lee asked immediately they returned back to the restaurant


“It wouldn’t have being private if we were to tell you ” Byung replied


“I hate you both two”


“Let’s eat ” Ariel said and jammed hands with Byung




“Where did you went to?” Linbae asked folding her hands under her b**bs


“I went out with my friends” He replied


“With your friends or your girlfriend?” She asked jealousy


“Come on baby, do you think I will cheat on you? okay let me show you the pictures I took with them” Byung said and swipe to his gallary and gave the phone to her


She looked at the pictures swiping it until she saw a particular one where Ariel hugged Byung


She started frowning


“Why did she hugged you like that?” She asked


“It was nothing, just a hug”


“Should I allow other other guys to hug me right?”


“No, but it wasn’t anything for her to hug me, understand me baby, she is just my friend and the other guy too is my friend”


“Why didn’t she hug the other guy” She said


Her jealousy is way ahead of him


He tried touching her but she stood up


“Don’t touch me, I’m still mad at you”


“I’m sorry, she won’t hug me again, I promise”


“Am I forgiven ?”


“No, I am still angry with you” She pouted


Byung held her and started kissing her face making her to laugh


“Am I forgiven now?”


“Still no”


“I’m doom” He said and fell flat on the bed






“Dad I’m ready!!” Princess shouted downstairs


She is brown only daughter and he love her so much, his love for her can’t be compare to anything in this world, he lost his wife to an accident not an accident really cos it was caused by Damon


“I’m coming baby” He said rushing downstairs


He got downstairs and carried her in his arms


“Princess” He peck her


“Dad, I scored 91/100 in my test” She said


“Wow! I love you, keep making daddy proud okay”


“I will dad, bye I don’t want to be late”


Her driver came in and took her out


“Daddy loves you princess”


She blew him a kiss


Malcolm walked in




“Idiot I told you to stop calling me boss” Brown smiled


“You have a meeting with Mr Johnson” Malcolm said


“Let’s go”




“Boss we got her ” A guy said to Damon


“Good job, take her to the hideout” He said


“Okay boss”


Malcolm smiled widely, he just listen to the conversation unknown to them he hacked into their system, he has his ways, he knew something like this was happening anyway


Soon the news of princess kidnap is all over the internet and Brown fans are going crazy, the cars couldn’t be traced, it doesn’t have a registered number


Malcolm rushed into Johnson’s office breathing heavily, starting them


“I’m sorry Mr Johnson”


“Brown.. princess..”


“Princess! what happen to her?” He asked


“She got kidnap on her way to school” He replied


“What!!” He stood


Mr Johnson switch on the TV and they are discussing what just happened


Mr Johnson too is shocked


Sweats began forming on his forehead


“This can’t be happening” He screamed


“Calm down brown” Mr Johnson said


He made to ran out but a call came in his phone stopping him


He took it quickly


“If you want to see your daughter, come to the address I will send to you and come alone, involving the police means you want her dead” The voice said and cut the call


He received a text message immediately and ran out


“Follow him” Mr Johnson said


Malcolm nodded and rushed out


“I pray nothing should happen to her” Mr Johnson said


Brown got in his car and without waiting, he drove out roughly heading to the address, the only thing on his mind is to save his daughter even if he is going to lose his life as long as she will be alive he is ready


“Princess be safe” He said and added speed


He got there and came out, it’s a well secluded deck and it will be hard to locate it


He made to call the number when it call


“Walk in ”


He started walking in and going deep inside, he started hearing princess crying


“I want to see my daddy, he won’t spare you both” She cried


He didn’t know when he started crying


He got into a room and saw a chair


“Sit” The voice said again


After waiting for five minutes, he heard footsteps behind him and he turned slowly


He gasped and almost fell from the chair as he looked at him


The man he never expected to see again in his life, the man he thought is gone, the devil, he is still alive but how come


Shock is his next partner, his whole being sharked, his jaw dropped shockingly


“Da..Da.. Damon”



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