A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 25

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 25








Ariel froze at her spot as she heard the words came out from Lee


She blinked her eyes severally to be sure she is not hallucinating or something


“What did you just say?” She asked


“You heard me right, I love you Ariel, I can’t hide it anymore, I love you so much and I will….”


Ariel shut him up with a deep passionate kiss before he could react she broke it and looked into his eyes


“I love you too, more” She replied


Joy ran through his whole body and veins


He smiled


“You do?” He asked


“Yeah, I started lovin’ you even without knowing” She replied


“I thought it was just likeness at first but I came to realised my feelings for you” He said


“Grandma helped me to discover my love for you”


“I was jealous when I saw him hugging you” Lee said


“That is how I feel when you were avoiding me and sticking to Min,, I was going crazy and the craziness was going deep, I even had to come to your room and speak gibberish, like I was looking for my bra” She said


Lee began laughing looking lovely at her


“But you denied ever saying that?” He questioned


“It came out senselessly, I was missing you greatly that night” She smiled


” Now you will look for it for real” He said


“You are becoming naughty”


“What took you so long in confessing?” She asked, pouting sexily


“I was not sure about your feelings towards me and I wanted you to be the first to confess” He replied


“I beat you to your own game, I wanted to confess but I was afraid you will reject me or take me as a cheap desperate girl couple with the fact that we were enemies” She said


“Enemies to friends and now to lovers, I love you so much”


“I do love you too but will you still love me if you found out about my past?” She asked becoming sad


“I knew already” He replied


“Huh! how! who told you?” She questioned surprisingly


“I first heard it from Min, you know she confessed her feelings to me first and I rejected her so she thought by telling me that I will dislike you and I heard everything from grandma, I’m not bother about that, I still love you whether you were rape or not, it’s wasn’t your fault”


“You do?” She asked to be sure


Lee nodded


“But.. I’m not a virgin” She shly said


“I’m not on a mission for a virgin lady” He said and she smiled


“Your bad mouth,, I can’t believe you’re my boyfriend, we hated each other back then”


“I guess the saying that the person you hate will come to be the person you will fell in love with, I never for once dreamed of falling for you” He said


“Promise me you won’t leave me no matter what” Lee said


“I won’t, I love you more than I love myself baby Jimin”


“Same here, it’s mutual my pinkie, I love the name ”


“I love the name sweet pinkie too, can you start calling me that?” She smiled




“Kiss me” She said


Lee captured her lips, they have kissed before but this time around the vibe surrounding the kiss is different, it’s different from their other kisses


Ariel started moaning softly holding tightly to him, his lips taste like chocolate.. no like honey and she can’t get enough of it, his fragrance is so strong and sweet


Lee held her waist so tight like she will fly away so soon if he didn’t hold it well


His door opened and Min walked in but she met a shock right before her


Ariel and Lee are so engrossed in the kiss that they didn’t even heard the sound of the door opening


Oceans of tears flowed down Min’s eyes enough to form a stream


She held unto the door knob so she won’t fell


He loves her! they are kissing, she watched them hurtfully


She thought he was starting to like her, did he used her or what


Now Ryder is avoiding her and strangely she felt somehow anytime she sees him with Nirvana


Is she having feelings for him without knowing


All those thoughts ran through her mind, she turned back and walked to her rooms with a shattered heart




Ariel looked at herself in the mirror and smiled excitedly


“He is now my boyfriend, Jimin loves me”


She remembered their make out earlier and almost melted, the way his hands touched her ass, the kiss, thinking about it is making her to want him more, love him more


“Byung thanks for your idea, I owe you one”


She dried her hair and dressed up in a short backless gown


The door opened and her heart beat entered, his hotness tripled again and again, now he is more handsome




“Sweet Jimin” She said, standing


“You look hot in that gown” He complimented


She blushed


“Thanks baby, you like it?”


“I love it adding to the fact that it brighten your future which is at your back” He replied referring to her huge ass


“Pervert,, but I like since it’s coming from you”


” Come here”


She walked closer to him


“I will help you to overcome your trauma, I love you”


“I believe you and I love you more just know that naughty boyfriend” He said and stood on her toes, kissing him, he kissed her back




A lady is sitting on the counter drinking, it turn out to be Min, she just want to clear off her head


“More cups” She ordered


The bar man pushed more cups to her


“One sided love hurts” She said and gulped the whole beer


“I’m hating myself now, I hate Min, she is the cause of everything, I want to just kill her”


She kept drinking until she became uselessly drunk, the bar man stop giving her alcohol, she angrily paid and staggered out


“Hey guys look at that sexy b*tch” A guy said drawing the attention of his friends


“She is drunk”


“F*ck look at that ass gee”


“Her p*ssy will be tight, I wanna f*ck her”


They moved towards her, as she was about opening her car door, one of the guys spanked her ass


She yanked his hand away drunkenly


“Hey get away from me” She said weakly


“Soft ass”


“Let’s get done with her”


“Touch her and lose your hand” A voice said


“Who’s that?”


Ryder came to view, he looked at the four guys murderously


“Trying to rape her huh!” He smirked


“None of your business”


“She is my friend, now leave before you will regret it” Ryder said and started walking towards them without any fear


The guys looked at him and started shifting back wondering the kind of guy he is that is advancing towards them without any fear, they took off




He walked back to Min, she smiled as she saw him


“Jimin, what are you doing here?” She asked


Ryder wondered who Jimin is!


“I love you Jimin, don’t love Ariel please”


“Stop saying nonsense, I’m Ryder and not Jimin ” He retorted


“Please love me back” She said and kissed him, immediately she kiss him he lose his senses, he kissed her back… but he quickly snapped out of it


He carried her and took her in her car, he looked at her before driving out


“She so much love the guy”




Min woke up and saw herself in her room, she held her head as a slight headache struck her


The memories of last night came back to her, she remember kissing someone




Was it really him?


If it wasn’t him then who?


“Gosh, I f*ck up”


She stood up and walked to her bathroom




“The test was so hard but it’s was a good thing I sat with my handsome Ryder” Nirvana said


They had a test


“If it was hard for you what can we others do” Nina said


Min is just looking into space


“What’s up Min, you are dull?” Boi zin asked


“I saw Jimin and our cook kissing yesterday and I was so heartbroken, I went to a club and got drunk and I ended up kissing a guy, but I am having this feeling it was Ryder I kissed ” She replied


Nirvana ran out of the class


“She’s into him” Nina said


Min groaned and walked out


“I think she is starting to like Ryder, I observe it this past week”


“Wow! two friends, I hate such occasion”


Nirvana walked with a heavy heart, she can’t believe they kiss, even though she was just thinking and it’s not confirmed but she is hurt, she has come to love him so much


But Min is her friend, she shouldn’t be angry with her, she was drunk but it hurt badly


She hasn’t seen him since the test was over, he left the class


She made to go and look for him when she bumped into him


“Pretty eyes” He smiled


“We need to talk Ryder” Nirvana and Min said at the same, both grabbing his hand



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