A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 13

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 13










The lecturer is in the class giving his all in the lecture but Min mind is absent only her body is present in the class


She is still thinking about Ariel and Lee and somehow she is beginning to dispise Ariel


Her seat mate Nirvana saw how she is not concentrating and tap her


“Huh!” Min said


“What’s up with you? you ain’t concentrating?” Nirvana asked


“I’m good” She replied


“If you say so then Concentrate”


Min looked at her and said nothing






Byung is in his room when his phone buzzed, he took it from the bed stand and his eyes widened immediately he saw the news on his phone screen




“Craig escape?”


He began reading down and his eyes widened more as he read about the massacre that happened last night in France police station how the cops were brutally killed by unknown guys


Craig is no where to be found, he is wanted.


“I need to let Lee know about this, he has been offline since he disguise himself” He said and went for the door


He walked out and the guards started bowing down greeting him


He smiled and greeted them back


“Going somewhere?” Someone asked behind him


He turned and saw Linbae


“Yes, but I won’t be long” He replied


“Okay, I will be waiting” She said and left


He called the guard who drove Lee to Zhang’s mansion and asked him to take him there




The car stopped and he came down and walked into the mansion


He saw the security man and walked to him


“Good morning sir, I’m looking for L….”


In that moment Lee came out and saw him, he called out to him immediately


“Byung” He called


Byung turned around and walked to him, he smiled and hug him, Lee didn’t hug him back


“What are you doing here?” He asked


“Stop giving me that look, to see you of course is that a crime” Byung replied


“Why didn’t you called me instead?” Lee asked


“I wanted to come here anyway” He smiled


“I have something to tell you”


The door opened and Ariel came out, she looked at Lee and back to Byung


“Hi” Byung waved


“Hi ” She smiled


“Who’s he?” Ariel asked


“My best friend” Lee replied


“Your best friend and what is he doing out here, take him inside” She said


Lee eyed her


“Stop eyeing me and take him inside, you are too cold and boring” She rolled eyes


Byung smiled handsomely


“Thank you, can we go in now L…”


“Shut up” Lee said interrupting him from calling his real name


He held him and began dragging him inside, he took him to his room


“Do your want to expose me there?”


“Huh, how?” Byung asked


“You almost called my real name fool” Lee replied


“Ohh!! sorry, I didn’t know you hid your real name” Byung said scratching his head


“What did you have to tell me?”


“Calm down, what name did you give yourself”


“Jimin” He replied


“Good name” Byung said teasingly


“Stop it and tell me why you’re here” He said


“Craig escaped from prison last night” He replied


“Last night, how?” Lee asked


“The station was attacked and it was discovered that after the attack he was no more in his cell” He replied


“Isn’t it obvious that the attack was a way to save him” Lee said


“He is wanted now in the country”


“Ain’t bother about that for now” Lee said


“Who is that girl?,,, wait is she the rude girl you told me about?” He asked


“You asked and still answer yourself” Lee said and sat on the bed


“She is cute” Byung said


“Cute my foot… she isn’t close to cuteness” Lee scoffed


“You need eye surgery then” Byung said and he hit him


“Ahh!!” Byung groaned


“How is your girlfriend doing?” Lee asked




“Yeah, Lin… I don’t even know her full name” Lee said


“Linbae ” Byung replied


“We ain’t dating” He said


“But you two will soon be dating right?” Lee said and faced him


“I wish, I love her ” Byung replied


“Awnn so cute, the psycho is in love” Lee smiled widely


“I’m thirsty” Byung said


“Wait here while get you water” Lee said standing up


And Byung nodded, Lee left the room and he followed him unknown to Lee


He walked in the kitchen and took a bottle of water and is about leaving when him and Ariel almost ran into each other


“Why do you like to always lose concentration when walking?” Lee asked


“Are you talking to me?” Ariel asked


“No, I’m talking to a statue” He replied and she glared at him


“Your glaring won’t do any harm to me” He said


“I keep hating you everyday”


“Same here” Lee replied


“You both look cute arguing” Byung by the door and they looked there


“I hope I told you to be in the room?” Lee asked


Byung walked in and stood beside Ariel


“You know you’re crazy and I like it, this guy here is so boring” Byung said pointing at Lee


Ariel smiled


“I wonder how you cope with him as a friend… he is so proud of himself, you are even more handsome than him” Ariel said


“Awnn, I’m blushing” Byung pouted


“Byung are you my friend or her?” Lee asked


“I’m your friend but I like saying the truth you know, I like her already even more than you ” Byung said


“Don’t talk to me again, stay with her ” Lee said and walked out


“He is jealous” Byung said, laughing


“I will see you some other time, I got to go now bye what’s your name?”


“Ariel” She replied


“Give him hard time okay” He said


“I’m already doing that” She smiled


He winked and left


“He is different from his friend, rude Jimin, I will punch him one day….ahh”




Min knock on Lee’s door, he reply from inside and open the door for her


“Jimin ” She said




“Can I come in?” She asked cutely


“Yes” He said


He made way for her and went in and he closed the door back


“So why are you here?.. finding difficulty with your assignment again?” He asked and Min nodded


“What course?”


“Mathematics,, ion understand anything the man was saying in class” She said


“Okay, your book” He said and she gave him the book


They sat on the bed and Lee gave space between them to avoid what happened the last time


He began explaining it to her but as usual Min is lost staring at his face, he look at her side and saw her staring at him


“Are you even listening to me?” He asked


Min got back to reality and sighed shyly


“I’m sorry” She muttered


“You got to concentrate if you want to understand this, it’s not hard anyway” He said and she nodded


He resumed and Min tried controlling herself even though it’s not easy as his lips are looking kissable and so irresistible, she wonder how it will taste if she get to kiss them fully


Lee ended the lecturing after an hour


“You understand it now?” He asked


“Yeah, thank you so much for helping me out,, cute professor Jimin ” She said


“Cute! I’m glad to here that coming from you” He replied


Min cheeks heat up as she blushed


“Good night”


“Good night” He replied


She stood and walked out of the room


Lee heaved and shook his head


“She is behaving weird” He said




Yeah, three days later,, Ariel and Lee are still fighting but it’s not like before as they are relating little by little, Min is still making hard effort to gain Lee attention


The mansion is more lively as Dayiun is no more, the girls do what they like, Jing is always sleeping outside and Yang busy smoking, during one of the those days, Lee caught her smoking in her room when he went there to clean it up but he didn’t make it known to her


Yang ordered Ariel to make a cup of tea for her, Ariel finished making the tea and took it to her, she is in the sitting room


She gave it to her and she tasted it and her mood changed


“What’s this?” Yang asked


“You asked me not to put too much sugar” Ariel replied


“And you foolishly made it tasteless right” Yang said


“I added little sugar, you should blame your mouth for not being able to detect what is tasty or tasteless” Ariel said


“Make me another tea and make sure it has taste” Yang said


Ariel looked at her angrily and collected the cup and went back into the kitchen after some minutes she came back with another cup


She gave it to her and as soon as Yang drank it she spat it out


“It’s too taste” She complained


“What is your problem” Ariel yelled this time


“Don’t you dare yelled at me b*tch, you can’t follow a simple instruction” She yelled back


“Now go and make another tea for me”


“I rather die than do that, I’m not a slave here get that into your peanut skull ” Ariel said


Yang stood up furiously and without thinking she poured the tea at her but like a slow mo.. from no where Lee got there and blocked the hot tea from touching her, the tea poured on him as he screamed in excruciating pain as it made contact with his skin



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