A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 12

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage ?️


Episode 12









“Ariel!!” Min called rushing there, she halted on her tracks as she saw the position they are in and strangely she felt somehow,, something like jealousiness


Lee and Ariel stared at each other, she felt his hands on her ass and her breasts directly on his chest



Min turned back and left folding her fist tight


Lee coughed and Ariel came back to her senses, she quickly stood up from him and looked away embarrassingly


“What was that? why were you screaming that loud did you saw a ghost?” He asked


“Nothing ” She replied


“Nothing and you were shouting like someone going insane?” He asked obviously knowing she is lying



“I say nothing, gosh”


She opened her door and immediately she saw the cockroach on the door front


“Ahhhh” She shouted and jumped on Lee again


“Please eliminate that damn creature” She said


And Lee chuckled seeing that she is scared of a cockroach



“You’re katsaridaphobia?” He asked


“What’s that! ion understand the meaning of that word” She arched her brows


“It means cockroach phobia”


“Ohh!!, yes I hate it”


She cling tightly to him as the cockroach moved towards them


“Kill it now” She said


“Calm down ” Lee said and marched the cockroach, limping it


She sighed softly still holding him


“Can you come down now ” He said and she looked up at him and realized she is still hugging him


“Thank you” She muttered and came down from his body



“So the rude, fearless ariellore is scared of a mere cockroach” Lee laughed


“Hey it’s not funny okay” She hissed


“katsaridaphobia” He teased


“Stop it… f*ck that thing cos of it you saw my weak side”


“What will a cockroach be doing in your room, you were like,, Jimin you can’t clean my room properly but what about you?” He asked mockingly and Ariel only bit her lips



“And your weak side is so funny” He smiled


“Can’t believe you have a weakness, it’s true that everyone has a weakness” He said and his eyes caught the upper part of her b**bs since the gown she is wearing reveal it


“What are you staring at?” She asked


“How would you breastfeed your children when you give birth?” He asked


“What do you mean?” She asked confusingly



“With the two small things on your chest how will you feed them with it” She said and began walking away


“Huh!!” Ariel gasped getting what he just said


She looked at her breast and covered it with her hands


“Pervert I hate you” She shouted


“I say what I saw katsaridaphobia” He shouted back before finally leaving



Ariel open her door and went inside, she fell on the bed instantly and heaved, she remembered how he held her ass


She slowly touched her backside


“He touch my ass, ahh” She said burying her face into the pillows




Min’s eyes are facing the book she is reading but it is obvious she isn’t concentrating as the scene of Lee and Ariel kept playing in her head



“Are they an item already?” She wondered


Strangely it’s hurting her


Her door opened and Yang entered


“Min” She called and she turned


“Big sis” She replied sullenly



“What’s wrong, you don’t look good?” Yang asked


“I’m fine” She replied


“Liar, I know when you’re alright, you can tell me anything” She questioned


And Min said sighed


“I saw the guy I like with another girl so close” She replied



“Oh!! I get it… your crush hugging another girl”


“Something like that” Min nodded


“And you’re jealous and feeling insecure now right?” Yang asked


“Exactly sister, I can’t get it off my head, I just knew the guy but I have fallen deep for him” she said


“The guy know about your feelings?”



“No we aren’t that close”


“Then make him fall for you”


“Then what if the girl becomes a hindrance?” Min asked


“Then do all it takes to win him, go for what you want” Yang replied and Min smiled


She hugged her


“Thanks sister” She said


“I’m glad you’re happy now, see you later, cheer up, where is Jing?” She asked


“She went for a shopping spree” Min replied


“You came back early today?”


“Yeah, see you later, I will be in my room ” Yang said breaking the hug, she stood up and went for the door


“Ariel, I don’t know if you like Lee too but I won’t take it lightly if you do, I don’t want to hate you”






Yang and Min are in the sitting room watching a music channel, they are lovers of music


Jing is not back, actually she is spending the night over with her boyfriend


Lee walked out of his room, he has just had his bath and his hair is still wet with water,, adding a sprinkle to his hotness


“Jimin ” Min called out excitedly


He turned and walked towards there


Yang looked at him disgustedly


“Hey ” He waved


“Slap woman” He waved at Yang


“Bastard” She said and face the Tv


“Come join us ” Min said and Yang immediately eyed Min


“Don’t even dare to try it, ain’t associating with a commoner ” She snapped


“Big sis” Min pouted cutely


“Ion have any intention to join, ion like lurking around dogs” He replied and walked away


Yang folded her fist, boiling with anger


Min looked at her and smiled secretly




Everything is going on well in the station when suddenly the lights went off and everywhere become dark


“What’s happening?” A cop asked


“I don’t know, let me check it out” Another replied and started walking to the power station


He got there and is about checking it out when a bullet went into his skull, he drop dead immediately


The gunshot is heard and the cops got alerted, a danger alarm is ring


“A cop just drop dead” A cop shouted in the station microphone


All the cops got their guns ready, they started hearing sounds and before they will reacted


They started dropping dead on the floor, numerous bullets ran into the station


People on complete black entered the station with heavy and sophiscated guns


They began shooting and killing the police men, the cops tried to fight back but it proved futile hence the guys got the upper hand


Soon twenty two officers were on the ground, others started running for safety


“Go get him” A deep voice said


Three guys went to a particular cell and brought out a guy and took him to the guy


He smiled immediately he saw him


“Boss” The guy bowed


“You came to safe me again, thank you” The guy refer to as boss said


“I can’t let you rot here”


“Time to get back at the fool, let’s go” He said and they lead the way


“Protect the boss”


They got outside and got in a car, immediately they drove out, two cars in the station blew up sending some officers nearby flying and injuring them badly




Lee is about knocking on Ariel’s door when the door opened and she came out


“What are you doing here?” She asked


“To clean your room” He replied


“When did that start?” She asked folding her hands


“To help you since you can’t clean your room to avoid you jumping on someone” He said and Ariel looked away


“Using what happened yesterday to mock me today huh ”


“Just want to help to prevent unnecessary touching” He said and Ariel glared at him


“Okay if you say so” She said and opened the door, Lee went in


“Look like a piggy room” He smiled






“Start cleaning already, cleaner boy ” She said


An idea came to Lee’s mind and he grinned


“A cockroach” He said and immediately Ariel jump on him


“Where is it?” she asked scaringly


“There’s no cockroach, just pranking you” He said


She groaned and came down


“Why do that?” She pouted


Lee looked at her pouted lips and swallowed


They are cute!!


“To get back at you for adding excess spice to my food, we are equal now 2 to 2 ” He replied


“Gosh!! you’re something else, can’t you forgive”


“You should have think about that before adding that to my food” He replied


“And stop jumping on me, I don’t want to touch your little ass again” He said


“You said what?”


“Oh!! I say nothing”


“I will kill you” Ariel said and started coming after him


Lee quickly ran out and she went after him


“Come back here pervert, if I catch you I will kill you alive ” She shouted after him


They got to the living room and Ariel kept on chasing Lee, she mistakenly slip and is about falling down when Lee rushed to her and grab her preventing her from falling, their eyes interlocking


Min came out of her room ready to go to school when she saw them staring at each other


She looked at them enviously and cough bringing Lee and Ariel back to their senses


“Good morning cute Min” Ariel said but Min glared murderously at her before heading out


They both looked at each other with a questioning look


“Why is she like that” Ariel asked


“Ion know and stop being clumsy” Lee replied and started heading back in


“Hey come back here, ain’t done with you” She said


And began running after him



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