A Bride for the Prince

A Bride for the Prince 8

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(prince in disguise)


By Terri Savage 🖊️


Episode 8








“What are you doing here ?” Ariel asked


” We meet again” Lee said and frowned


“And who are you to ask me that, in case you want to know I am the new house help, get that” Lee replied


“I hate you and now will  be living under the same roof with you gosh!!” She said


“You can live in the sky from now on hence forth if you’re not comfortable with me staying here, ion need you here too, what a bad day for me” Lee said


“Stay away from me ” Ariel said and took the food to the table


“Avoid my path ” He said after her


Jing watched the drama without saying anything, wondering where they knew each other


The two people he hate already hate each other, how funny


“You will regret your stay here I bet you” She said


Lee was about replying when he a heard footsteps coming downstairs


“What’s going on here?”


Lee watched Dayiun finally got to them


She looked at him and turned to Jing who is pretending like she cried


“Baby what happened?” She asked


“This fool here insulted me to the brim ” She said


Dayiun turned to Lee


“Who are you?” She asked sternly


“The new house help the king sent to you, I am the person” Lee replied


“Ohh!! and you are bold to insult my precious jewel? ” She asked


“She started it first” He replied


“You’re going to start work immediately that’s your punishment, make sure you clean the whole mansion” She said


Lee gasped


“What!! ”


“Do you have any problem with that? ”


“No, but I should start tomorrow right”


“No, what did you think you are here for? to sit and enjoy the whole day, boy you are here as a cleaner, get that,,now get to work , I will be upstairs baby” She said and resumed walking upstairs


Jing smirked at Lee and laughed in mockery


“By the time you will be done, your ass will be tired, poor thing, I will frustrate you here, ion like you” She said and left


“B*tch, had it been you know, can I really do this ” He mumbled


Ariel passed and their eyes met and both glared at each other






A guy is seen standing at the window and looking around the city


He is smoking dangerously, his whole body is almost tattooed with dangerous tattoos


His face is emotionless


He turned and started walking to the mirror stand


He looked into it and looked at the scars on his face


“I got this cos of you” He said


He took a frame on wall and looked at it


“I will get my revenge soon, you will be surprise when I showed up” He smirked and broke the frame, marching i






Byung walked in to the king’s chamber and saw him sitting on a royal chair made  with pure gold and having two eagles at both side of the handle


“My king you sent for me ” Byung said, bowing


“Yes Byung, you can rise ” He replied and Byung rise


“I am curious about something and only you can help me out”


“The king need my help who am I to say no ” Byung replied


The king smiled


“You can sit” The king said


“No, my king I rather stand, sitting down while you talk is a big disrespect” He said


The king looked at him and wondered how he is so respectful


“If you insist Byung, now tell me what kind of job is my son doing over there hence he asked me to stop paying you?” He asked


“Your highness your son is a musician” He replied


“Really!! ” He asked


“Yes , he is a big star in France , one of the biggest and richest musician in the country ,, he is freaking rich my king” Byung replied


“But how did he manage to be that successful in another country”


” Pure talent, his fans are crazy about him and would do anything for him, he made it out ” He bowed


“I’m impressed and thanks to you too ”


“My pleasure”


“You can leave”


The king said and Byung bowed before walking out


He came out from the king chamber and headed to the maids quarters even though he doesn’t know the way but he is determined to find her


He met a maid on the way and he stopped her


“Hi” He smiled


“Hi ” She replied, biting her lips seductively


He scoffed


“Have you seen Linbae?” He asked


“I can show you there ” She replied and stylishly hold his hand


“Let’s go ” She said making body contact with him


“You’re too close ” He said and she smiled, shifting from him


She took him to the maids quarters and in that moment Linbae is just coming out of her room


She smiled immediately she saw Byung


“Hey pretty” He said


The maid who took him there hissed and walked out


“Hi handsome,, what are you doing here?” She asked


“You left yesterday and strangely I’m missing you,, it’s bored without you and my friend” He said


Those words did magic to her and she turned to a tomato


*He miss me” She said in her mind


“Are you busy now?” He asked


“Not really” She replied


“Then let’s go to the garden or don’t you miss me?” He asked looking at her


“I do,, let’s go ” He said and they held hands as they headed there together




Lee has been working since he was instructed to do as his punishment, damn that b*tch,, is this the girl his father and mother appreciate


Gosh!! his body is on fire, he hasn’t do anything so hard like this all his life


“This game is not easy, but I got to endure” He said


“She doesn’t even care to know what how daughter did before pushing the blame to me” He said


The door opened and Yang stepped in, she froze on her tracks as she saw Lee


Lee too heard the sound and turned around, he saw a girl staring at him


“Hi” He said


Yang looked at him again and looked at the picture on her phone


Same resemblance


“Hey aren’t you Chen Lee?” She asked


“Chen Lee? who is that, first time hearing that name ” He replied innocently


“Are you kidding me? You don’t know the famous Chinese singer who is based in France?”


“Ion know him”


“What is your name?


“Jimin” He replied


“This is so complicated, how come you look exactly like him, he isn’t twins, no,, nothing is known about him are you perhaps twins”


“I am not twins, beside what would a singer be doing here as a cleaner huh, people look alike no big deal about that” He said


Yang sighed


She said nothing and walked upstairs, still looking at him


“That was close, how come she recognized me? do I have fans here in china too”


“Lazy ass, work” Jing said behind him


“ohh!! the brainless lady ” He smirked




“You heard me so well” He replied


“You’re serving punishment and you are still talking rude to me huh” She asked folding her hands


“Ion like talking much to pigs, excuse me I am working and the number is busy don’t try again later” He said


Jing glared murderously at him and walked out angrily


“He will soon be leaving this place,, I can’t tolerate his rudeness, he is just a common cleaner”


Lee finished cleaning the large sitting room, he then moved to the kitchen and started cleaning


Ariel walked into the kitchen, both stared at each other without saying anything


“I want to cook” She said


“And I’m cleaning, you can do that after I’m done” He replied


“I hate stubborn guys alot ” She said


“I don’t even need you to like me babo (idiot) ” He said


” How dare you called me an idiot, you thought I don’t understand Korean right so bad for you I do bastard ” She said


“Do I look like you?” He asked


She gasped loudly


“I have money,, ion a poor guy!! you have money but you’re here working as a cleaner, so pathetic ” She laughed mockingly


“A cleaner is still a job dummy” He said


“Call me a dummy again and regret it” She threatened


“D..u.m.m.y ” He said


She took an apple and threw at him, he scoop the water he is using and threw it on her face


She took another apple and stoned him with it


He splashed the water on her


“I hate you ” she screamed


“I hate you more, I hate you” He yelled


She moved to him and grabbed his hair, Lee too grabbed her hair and they began dragging each other



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