“Does he have no shame? The man is raising money off of the Coronavirus challenge facing our country. Is there no decency that says, you know what? There’s some moments when we shouldn’t be taking things and using them for crass political purposes to raise money…” Karl Rove lamented in response to an email showing Biden was raising money off of the Coronavirus.


After attacking President Trump in a speech on Thursday over his handling of the Coronavirus now we see the former vice president raising money off of people’s fears. Truly disgusting.



  1. No Democrats have no shame ! Only agenda they have is to stay in power, and bleed the Americans dry. I cannot wait to vote for President Trump again. Americans Patriots who love Our Country have Our Eyes wide open. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of greedy crooked Senators and Congressman and Women be voted out ! And Republicans take back the House..

    1. Since Trump has been in office this is the first time I’ve been able to have some peace in the US. I know there’s a lot going on. But I know he’s working hard to control at and make sure things get back on a steady line. Despite this virus knowing that he is working so hard I am not worrying about it, just trying to go about as he is instructed and it’s actually working out pretty well. God bless our President Trump and Vice President Pence. All the Democrats want to do is keep you under there are some on welfare and food stamps. I threatened you if you try to go to work. I had a very awful letter from Medicaid working at Walmart. They swear they didn’t tried it, but it sure had their name on it. I am disabled and I can’t do a lot of things. But as long as I’m still walking a little bit I can do light voluntary work and I can tried to get a job at Walmart and worked there for a month and a half but the doctors pulled me out because of my disc in my back. Thank you President Trump for all you do. It scares me to think that pedophile Joe Biden would ever be our president or that horrible Bernie Sanders.

  2. Biden is a fool! A court jester! A corrupt piece of sh!t! I find it disturbing that he has made it this far and that there are people willing to vote for him! WTF!

    1. Here’s why I think Biden is being served up to Dems. He the only acceptable one that anybody that is a moderate dem. The others are preaching communism. That’s not going to fly with moderate Dems. My question is, who are they going to get for his running mate? I believe what they are doing is getting it set up for his running mate to take over very soon after they win, which I don’t think they will, and declare him unfit because of his dementia. That’s what I think they are up to.

      1. I do to, I dare in an article, possible RUNNING MATES, because Joe Biden said he would choose a WOMAN. Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, what I’m thinking too, this person was NOT MENTIONED in the ARTICLE is Hillary Clinton, the Socialist Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Left, Radical Left wanted HER to carry out their 16 year PLAN, 8 YEARS TREASONOUS NUMBER 44(HUSSEIN), then 8 years Hillary Clinton, these PEOPLE WILL & DO ANYTHING to GET WHAT THEY WANT, & it’s WORLD DOMINANCE, LITERALLY, &the CITIZENRY UNDER THEIR THUMBS.

  3. Biden hasn’t really done anything for this country and he’s been in office since the 70s. Who in their right mind, thinks he’ll do anything for our country now? He’s creeping up on 80. It’s a massive joke that he’s the front runner. This is proof that the American people on the left are completely insane.

  4. Im speechless,u don’t go out to celebrate or raise funds at a time like this no wonder I swiched parties. And I’m poor but thx for this blessed nation my vote counts. The Demo’s have showen thier true color’s they don’t give a shit about us. Common thier mind is greedy they just as well sell us off,to get thier way. Demos get out of the way and let a real man lead

  5. Old Joe can use the money he gets from the Ukraine. He doesnt even need money for a campaign. Let him show acts of kindness right now when its really needed.

  6. This man should never be in any office anywhere in this country. Biden has proven he is not to be trusted. He does care for this country and he should be blocked from all government dealings. Joe Biden is a trader to our country and taking money from Americans should be a crime. NEVER JOE BIDEN!!!—-

  7. Biden is the biggest crook in the swamp. Along with his family . The sleazy credit card companies in his corrupt state have bankrolled his entire sham ” career “.

  8. Most people have become aware that Biden is being propped up in a deceptive way to disguise the real candidate. Whoever his Vice Presidential nominee is, will actually be the President. Shortly after taking office he will be “Clintoned” or set aside as incompetent. The only people not aware of this have the unfortunate label of Democrat. Democrat used to mean something different, such as Kennedy. Now it simply means Marxist Socialist or Communist. Most of them don’t even realize that.

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