Gender Equality and the rise of Feminism

The International Women’s day was declared by the International socialist movement, which set aside March 8th to be used as a day to advocate for women’s right. This day has been celebrated worldwide since 1917, and so has been Feminism over the years.

Feminism has been in existence since the mid-19th century and has increased with more severe hatred directed towards man, the presumed enemy of the female world. The Feminism movement which started with the name Women’s liberation movement has raised questions on the validity of patriarchy and the hierarchy of gender. Their propositions over the years has been for the total equality of the male and female gender. Some even go as far claiming that there is gender discrimination with regards to pay-gap between these genders and advocates for the equality in all areas of life for both. But what these Social Justice Warriors have failed to understand is that, gender pay gap is a myth. Men and Women do different jobs even in same office, and you don’t expect them to get paid same amount of money when they are doing totally different things.

The work hours of women are mostly different to that of men, most women work less than men, most women go on more leaves than men do. women tend to do more of less tedious jobs than men. So why are we advocating for same amount of pay for people not in same class?

A Social Justice warrior, while questioning Jordan Peterson on Patriarchy stated that male children should be made to play with female toys and male toys be given to female children, her reason being that , masculinity is a form of discrimination and that children of all genders should be treated same way. Now, treating children of all genders same way is not the problem, but raising a male child to become a female is the problem. What do you think the society will be like when we cannot point at a female child and say this thing is for boys and that thing is for girls? Feminism has found its way right into the upbringing of children, and everything you say is seen in one way or the other as a way of discriminating against a particular gender.

America is a free country, and we all advocates for the rights of women, but let’s not bring up myths and try to make up what is not. If you want to earn as much as a man, work for it and not play the gender card in order to get what you want. To be successful in the United States, you only need to recognise opportunities when they arrive and learn to work your way to the top.

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