TRANSGENDERISM: The Science of Preference and Identity

Science has made so many intelligent discoveries over the years, most of which has made life very comfortable. Humans can barely survive without science and the good it has done for our society. Going by our knowledge from school days, we have come to an understanding that science can be Physics, Chemistry or Biology. These branches of Science have proven and established indisputable facts over the years, and these facts, some of which have formed the bedrock of our society today, are still being held unto by reputable Scientists.

However, the Left believes that the emotional argument of preference should be more valid when it comes to some issues we disagree on. One of such issue, is the emergence of transgenderism. The Left has argued that Sex is different from Gender, and that both has no connection whatsoever, they have even gone as far as forcing the public to use some abnormal terms in a bid to redefine words and add new words to the dictionary. When you, as, a common man, refuses to use their preferred terms and pronouns, you are then labeled Transphobic, Homophobic, bigot and what have you.

There have been reported cases of parents getting sued by their children because they failed to call them what gender they feel they belong to. A high school teacher was fired and sued to court for failing to use a student’s subjective pronoun. The most bizarre of all was a report that a mother dressed up her 4 year old boy as a girl, and made the poor child believe that he was a girl. There have been reports from Canada that Parents no longer have the right to decide what sex or rather, what gender their child is until the age of 4 where the child is allowed to choose for themselves.

Every normal human being knows that no child at age 4 knows much about right and wrong, not to talk of sensitive issues regarding sex and sexual orientations. But this is the world we live in today, and it is one created by the Left.


The left usually does not consult Science nor facts before embarking on their emotional arguments of choice, preference and identity. But there are facts that suggests that transgenderism is a case of mental illness called gender dysphoria. It is absolute nonsense to believe that some people have a male brain existing in a female body, that is not how biology works, magical transgender fluidity is unscientific. The biological fact is that, people born with two X chromosomes are female, while those with X and Y chromosomes are male. Every human is categorised into one of these two, so how come we have transgender today, it is because they have a mental illness that makes them believe they are what they are not. it is called Gender Dysphoria. People born with gender abnormalities should not be celebrated as having a different gender from the norm, that is a science of preference and not facts. You cannot magically change your age, you cannot magically change your gender, and you do not magically becomes something you are not just because you say you are or feel you are.

Gender dysphoria is real, and people suffering from this, should be taken for proper medical attention, not celebrating them as though they are war heroes. The advent of social justice warriors wanting to change everything even our day-to-day grammatical words is very dangerous and should be stopped. We need to come to an agreement that a transgender boy is not a boy but a girl who has identified as a boy. Allowing a transgender girl who was previously a boy participate in a girl’s wrestling match with a normal girl could be catastrophic as their biological strength are not the same. You cannot claim that people are the gender they prefer to be. Your preferences shouldn’t redefine science just so as to please you.

The left believes a person’s inner sense of belonging to a particular gender, such as male or female is what is refered to as gender identity. They have also claimed that there could be more genders other than male or female. Some even claim it is possible to belong to neither of the two.

It is no doubt that trans people are suffering, most even dispute the claims made by transgender activists. Many transgender who feel distress over their sex know that they are not what they claim to be, some do not even wish to transition. Some just need medical attention and love to make them accept themselves as regards their bodily reality. This feeling of being the other sex is gender dysphoria and it doesn’t define reality. The big question is if gender is a social construct how can gender identity be innate?

If we want to embrace Science, then we must accept the facts stated by same science and not make up things to believe. After all, like Ben Shapiro always say, “Facts Don’t Care about your Feelings”.

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