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Murja Ibrahim Kunya, a popular Tiktoker, was sentenced to prison by a Shari’a Court in Kano.

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Murja Ibrahim Kunya

Murja Ibrahim Kunya, a popular Nigerian female tiktoker, was sentenced to prison by a Kano State shari’a court after she denied all of the charges leveled against her.

The Muslim Court of Justice in Hoki Field in Kano, under Justice Abdullahi Halliru, has sent the TikTok girl Murja Ibrahim Kunya to prison.

Barrister Lamido Abba Soron Dinki read to her the contents of the charges against her, which she denied.

Murja is accused of defaming and threatening Aisha Najamu of Izzar So and Ashiru Idris, who are both her friends.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case to February 16.

However, Murja’s lawyer, Barrister Yasir Musa, asked to be sent to Hisbah instead of prison, but the court did not agree.

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