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‘Almost certain’ Iran killed Ukrainian aircraft: US official

It’s “highly likely” the Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed Wednesday morning in Iran, killing all 176 on board, was shot down by Iran, a U.S. official said. The crash was just hours after Iran had launched more than 20 missiles at U.S. military facilities in Iraq, which fueled speculation the plane might have been shot down inadvertently by the Iranian military. Those missiles were fired at U.S. military sites in Iraq in retaliation for aContinue reading

10 Facts about Trump’s Impeachment campaign You are not Aware of

The ultimate check on the chief executive is the congressional power to eject a president from office via impeachment. History showed that President Richard Nixon opted to resigned instead of facing the probability of being removed from office. Asides him however, no other president in the history of United States have been removed via this process. The constitution of the United States equips congress with such powers. While some individuals refers to impeachment as removingContinue reading