On Wednesday, during Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s visit to Oakland two war veterans confronted Joe, exposing his support for Iraq invasion which led to the killing of millions.

A twitter user named Sarah Abdallah twitted a video from the Scene….

“Millions are dead in Iraq. We actually fought in your damn wars. You sent us to hurt civilians.”

Two veterans confronted Joe Biden for supporting the #Iraq invasion – a war that was launched on a pack of lies – a war that killed over a million civilians.

“I’m an Air Force veteran and I’m here with an Army veteran. We are just wondering why we should vote for someone who voted for a war and enabled a war that killed thousands of our brothers and sisters and countless Iraq civilians. You enabled that war. You are disqualified.The blood is on your hands. You are disqualified, sir… You will never be president!”


  1. Follow the money bidens relatives made in Iraq? Now 3.5 billion missing Ukraine..1.5 billion to Hunter…millions to Hunter burisma….cocaine pipe hunters rental car. Was he arrested..no…
    Follow the real corruption.. he ntrr to mpregnating a stripper and asked not to do drugs in strip club…,,, Clinton Chronicles YouTube…Part Sinclair YouTube,,, Google George bush scherff family Hitler,,just research, read Obama books and study his two biggest mentors Frank Marshall Davis and bull Ayers…Most Americans are very ignorant and led like sheep…I challenge you study what I just wrote, Clinton’s 12 billion, Obama 1 billion,. Where did they get there wealth ,,,, Obama 1956 pardons clemencies….

    1. Go get them we have an army of veterans that have been places with we will never dream of they need to ban together in the United States and go after these corrupt individuals.if they know the truth more than the people they need to gather together in one unit and never ever let anybody like Joe Biden in our presidential office or any office of government in the United States. I know I’m on the side of this veteran!

        1. My son was on board an LHD and responsible for coordinates to drop bombs on ISIS when that started. Will this war on the evil and terror in the Middle East ever end?

          1. The teachings of Islam requires that Muslims kill for a god over 110 versus commanding Muslims to kill the kuffer the non-muslim this is the problem with these Arabs and their Wars ever sinceMuhammad died these Muslim been killing each other 4 God Islam is the problem in the world just think if there were not one Muslim in the world we wouldn’t be having all these problems in the Middle East Islam is the only religion in the world that attacks other religions they want to kill us

          2. Only when Jesus our Lord comes back to stop it! We will then and ONLY THEN be delivered from ALL EVIL! HE will return! ♥🙏

          3. The fighting in the middle east has been going on for over 4000 years. It will be a miracle to change that!!

          4. Yes, ALL ward will end when Jesus Christ comes again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          5. When good men do nothing evil will flourish. I’m pretty sure we can call terrorists evil. 183

      1. Tell me why Comey, Hillary Clinton, mcCabe, Obama, all the Bidens Maxine Waters, Schiff and i can go on and on. Why are they not held accountable for all the fraud ? And the people that did very little compared to them are serving time? Trump needs to pardon them .Ma
        Democrats ruined the lives of these people. ANOTHER 4 YEARS TRUMP 2020 BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!! MAKE THIS RIGHT

        1. Because they are SOVEREIGN CITIZENS…listen to APRIL LAJUNE on UTube…she will explain what it means to be a SOVERN CITIZEN.

          1. Trump has been working on this since day one. The system was so corrupt they would have been let off & couldn’t be tried again. Trump said the corruption was deeper than he even thought. I pray it happens soon.

      2. Another Veteran here on the side of my brothers Air Force and Army, Army here. And of course, ALL of my fellow Veteran Brother’s and Sister’s. I was NOT THERE, but if this is the case, OUTRAGEOUS NUMBERS OF CIVILIAN CASUALTIES, the TRUTH MUST BE THOROUGHLY KNOWN!!! IT HAS TO BE HEARD!!!

        1. We are here for our veterans! I pray for you everyday! God bless our veterans and active military men and women! We true Americans love you and owe you a debt of gratitude! ♥🙏♥

      3. I as a veteran stand with you. Put some one in charge and where to meet, I’ve been ready for a long time

      4. Those rag heads have been killing each other and fighting over the same bucket of water for the last 10000 years. They’re not going to stop just because we don’t like it.

    2. Rick, everything you said…DITTO! Youve done your homework Sir! Now if the sheep would do thiers, maybe we could get this country back on track . What they don’t realize is they are the sheep being led to slaughter. It gives me hope to see there are some people , doing something and paying attention. great post!

    3. In a normal environment I would say that this vet has a point but he could have been less aggressive but in today’s environment and the aggression is being brought us I say we bring more of that just ask Maxine Waters they’re the ones that brought this out so now live with it

      1. These people who are yelling “Joe Joe Joe” are insane. Power to the veterans. Shame on you Joe for using your son as a crutch. Your son served valiantly. HE should be running for president. Joe, there is a name for people like you…narcisists. You used your power to start a war where you pocketed millions. Thousands of soldiers died in that war along with civilian casualties and you sacrificed your own sons wellbeing to make a buck. You are a traitor Joe. You have no standing. You are disqualified. This veteran is right…their blood is on your hands. Joe, you need to back out and repent. All of your dark dealings will come to light. You will pay for your actions. You are disqualified. May God have mercy on your soul.

        1. His son was shoehorned into the Navy, ( he was too old) where he served in an office job for nine months, after which he was discharged after failing a drugs test for Cocaine. Hardly valiant!

          1. Thank you Malcolm! I was reading comments giving Hunter a pass because he served and I was in shock. Hunter’s ‘service’ to his country dishonors everyone who did serve. There was no way he was fit for combat so he sat at a desk. He was less than honarably discharged for cocaine use. I haven’t seen the actual discharge papers, but I know it wasn’t honorable. It’s one more example of how the Biden family props Joe up, Iran, China, Ukraine, and who know where else; Joe sold America’s foreign policy to make millions for his family.

      2. Michael, you are so right. Identity politics has a price. The left pushed that perspective off the cliff. I pray that when the government stops dishing out money to universities that indoctrinate and only allow one kind of ‘free’ speech, that things will begin to change. In the meantime it’s up to us to teach our children well. They need a balanced view of the world before they can see past mistakes & do whatever it takes to mak sure the country doesn’t keep repeating them.

      1. You tell him how it is put this pervert Joe Biden under the bus because he killed all them people him and Obama you tell the public what he did you’re a great man Rick for telling this may the Lord be with you and keep you safe are you tell the world what he did

      1. As a veteran of Vietnam two tours all I can say is that all wars kill good and bad people and there must be a better way to settle our differences. War is the lowest form of communication between people’s.

      1. I concur. We need hundreds of these folks to speak up about Biden’s policies and
        his son’s corruption. Trump will literally tear Biden to shreds….it hurts to think bout it…
        Sleepy Joe has had two brain surgeries, one that almost killed him. Even w/o the
        corruption he’s unfit to lead.

          1. There are a couple of courageous and brave men I respect them very much . A real Man can stand there look you in the eye and speak his mind I honor them and his brothers that didn’t make it back!!! It would have said a lot for Joe to have set as side some time and talk to him one on one but instead just blew him off.

      2. You tell anybody I despise Joe Biden he’s a pervert and a murderer and you’re right he sent you to this war to kill civilians him and Obama you telling like it is Buddy getting out of our country he’s a traitor to our nation and he should be hung hung for treason I despise this man and Obama and all of them they’re nothing but murder is assholes and God will punish them one day but I hope we punish them before God does I’m with you 100% I’m with you 100% may the Lord God watch over you and keep telling what Joe Biden that he’s going to hell and tell everybody you can what they made you do why they made you go to a and kill all this innocent civilians you tell the public keep telling them don’t let anybody tell you not to keep telling the truth why he did

    4. Exactly! And this is why the corrupted Dems keep trying to get Trump impeached. He’s onto their game and they’d rather destroy America than face responsibility.

    5. This encounter with a liar, biden, reminds me of Obama’s confrontation with JOE the PLUMBER, lol. Remember, how that was all over the MSM, then suddenly went quite. But, then the story came back denouncing JOE the PLUMBER. His entire personal life became the story. All over the MSM, the story was all about JOE the PLUMBER. I totally believe that God’s hand was there in both cases.

    6. Awesome Vets!
      To top it off sleepy Joe brings his sons name into being he’s was a vet himself to set it up as if these 2 veterans are attacking his son. Good job of them pointing out they ate not attacking his deceased son. Joe will even stoop low and use his dead sons’ name. What a shame. He is truly an American piece of shit!

      1. His oldest son didn’t die in Iraq. He died in 2015 from brain cancer while he was Attorney General of Delaware.

      2. I choose to have more respect for Beau Biden, the deceased son of Joe Biden. While I am grateful for his service in the Delaware Army National Guard, his death was in no way military related. Biden returned from Iraq in September 2009, his yearlong stint on active duty complete. Unfortunately, Mr Biden died from recurrence of brain cancer 5/30/2015. Old Joe seemed to be indicating his son died in the war. In either case, bringing his deceased son into that debate was as slimy and sleazy as he is. RIP Beau Biden. Go to hell, Joe Biden. God Bless the courageous servicemen who came to tell the truth! That’s right boys! Shout it from the f’ing rooftops!!

    7. I believe you are a American Patriot and you’ve exposed to the world in the people listening to this video the media refuses to bring all this corruption to the light of the people and being exposed in this video what’s the bidens have done what a bum has done to this country they need to be taken out of office and locked up in Guantanamo Bay I support this effort and I think that the American people are going to get a great Awakening when Justice comes do for these crooks

    8. Joe Biden should never be president. Besides the fact that he must be getting senile. It’s a disgrace that a man like Joe Biden has caused so much harm.

    9. Kudos to the brave veteran for letting Biden know
      That We know what he is. I’ll vote with the soldiers. Biden is not fit to represent anyone.

    10. You are correct. I too do a lot of research. MSM spread lies as do all that go to them for news. Where’s the $6.75 Trillion Obama misplaced. Went in office with barely 49k now spending millions sealing his & Big Mikes past. Who does that ? Besides criminals. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Where the $787 Billion Stimulus Fund. He was in charge of it. They said we could track how the money was spent ., when ? It wasn’t spent in the States. We did find a small amount in Hong Kong. So that criminal administration that he was part of, don’t like Our President. They knew he’d find out just how much they scam & rob the tax payers. Obama & Big Mike had excessive personal assistants. They like the rest of that corrupt Party need to be exposed for what they are. Old man Bush was a despicable person as well. Trafficking heroin & opioids into the US. Clinton’s ran Cocaine. Only ones the War on Drugs don’t apply are the big Drug Traffickers / Child Sex Traffickers in the WH.
      They a sick despicable bunch of liars. Adam child sex trafficker Schiff operates out of the Standard Hotel in LA. Yet they pretend to care about the Constitution. They don’t give a damn about , but keeping their dark, deep, disturbing secrets hidden from the people they rob blind. Clinton Cash – you tube / Adam Schiff Had several videos exposing him. Guess all my sharing of it worked. Old man Bush – Franklin Files. There’s tons of good stuff available if People’s just put in a little effort. China Lake AFB rescue of 20000 people living underground on the 5th July 2019. Several weeks later they returned rescued 1200 children in cages. Deep State Controlled base, as is Edwards AFB, which is 15 mins or so driving time from China Lake. You tube & other social media sites are trying to censor us from sharing Facts & Truth. Keep spreading it. We must win TRUMP 2020 !!!!

      1. Hey Catherine,
        Thanks for all the Good info, I also do a lot of research myself, Most people (DEMONRATS) DON”T want to know the TRUTH , They all all Despicable Scum RATS!!

    11. 2016 I crossed over from Donkey to Republican it was my Presidents mistreatment that caused me to WAKE THE HELL UP. At first I believed that Trump did collude. As the days, months, years went by my focus was to research wth was going on.
      As I looked deeper n up came the crap corruption the main story about this was in Ukraine. Ukraine n China will break the donkeys back. And so far my “woman’s intuition”, that feeling deep in my stomach, has shown me the truth about the CORRUPTION in Politics. The White House needs to do a GOOD Deep Cleaning n disinfect out all the Obama germs, Clinton germs, Bush germs… How about jus start over. Hire only people who loves our President n who loves our Nation. The rest must go!

      They haven’t begun to tell us what they found out in China. It won’t shock us. I know Clinton’s allowed China to come n compromise them. (All of that witchs email was going straight to China. They didn’t hack her, she n obama allowed it. Kerry son n Pelosi’s son was involved w Ukraine).

      I know there are MANY in office who are compromised. STARTING w those who bark the loudest have much to HIDE, Nadler, Schumer, schitt, waters, PELOSI jus to name a few…

      Thanks for your research I will look into ur recommendations.

      1. Bushes, Clinton and Obummer gave the manufactureing of YOUR ANTIBIOTICS to CHINA!!!!! They want to kill innocent AMERICANS easy…refuse to supply them!!!!! NOW DO YOU SEE WHY TRUMP WANTS THE USA TO BE SELF RELIANT?????? MADE IN THE USA!!!!!!!

    12. Through their foundations and reaserch ,pharma…some just don’t listen till you open the closets you will keep asking and get no answers ..it’s not them that hidden the truth some Gov.just don’t want to deal with truth even if it’s in front of their face..

    13. This was incredibly heartbreaking to watch this young American HERO. He’s absolutely correct. All of these young men and women who loved this nation so much gave their lives. Many more soldiers came with serious wounds both physical and emotional. The suffering hasn’t ended. YET, THESE CRAZY RADICAL SOCIALISTS, have wasted precious time and our American treasure to do NOTHING for the American people rather, all their time and tax dollars were spent one bogus investigation after another. They are now WILLING to DESTROY this NATION and Trump to regain power. Evil, crazy idiots. THANK GOD IN HEAVEN FOR DONALD J. TRUMP.

    14. We are not all sheep brother
      We see the despicable nature of these vile pos robbing us blind at setting forth harmful agendas. We have backed Trump from the beginning. Thank God for Trump! God will allow exposure to come to the surface. Patriots and God fearing Americans are in control and they can’t stop what’s coming. Truth will set us free. Those that have harmed our fellow American children will be exposed and dealt with. We will never forget and we won’t sleep. God bless America and God bless believers.

    15. They stole it from the US Treasury. Obama has no job, no business, etc that made money. They( includicHRC stole stole, stole.

  2. Americans Demand this Video be put BACK UP. Biden Blocking the Truth tells EVERYONE in America that these Two American Hero’s Spoke the Truth you proved it that they Hit the Bull’s Eye

  3. Looks like these veterans are following the Alex Jones recconmendation of getting in these hack politicians faces at their events. Best idea he’s ever had, it may seem pointless and ineffective but it works.

    You don’t need big things at big places to be effective, the power structure fears the numbers of people that speak up and the far greater numbers of people who listen and support those who do.

  4. I love how Biden threatened the veteran. You better not go after my son said sleepy Joe! Why? He’s a sleazy snake just like you! Screwing strippers, doing cocaine in the club, and let’s not forget the Ukrainian and Chinese deals! Deals that Joe was there for, and even paid for his son’s airfare on tax payer dollars. He’s just as bad as Clinton! The veteran in the video said it very well. Just the blood on his hands from the veterans that died should disqualify him!

    1. I think these war veterans have every right to be angry. They joined thinking they were defending our country. But it was always with these commie dems and some republicans all about getting rich from these bogus wars. Greed pure greed started alot of these wars.

  5. I just don’t want to stoop to their level (Dims) and I would never assume to “understand” the pain of serving and losing friends. Our service men/women are the bravest – they do sign up to serve at the behest of the country and President – they don’t get to pick and choose their service based on total agreement and everything being just right. I hope they will get some relief from their pain and then protest with their votes! – Go Trump!!

  6. Americans are dumbest people on the face of the earth.They believe their politicians and follow them like sheep. Wake up America. YOU are misled and your rights are abused and you are lead astray. It’s about time we rise up and reclaim our country and preserve it’s ancient God established values for our children’s children.
    Thank God for these two brave warriors.

  7. Creepy Joe Biden says he’s for women now right when it’s convenient.

    Let’s talk about Anita Hill. Who is sexually harassed by Clarence Thomas supreme Court Justice. Anita Hill went to Joe Biden for help and he did for a little while until he threw under the bus for a better deal what the Democratic party. throwing Anita Hill into the bus she is no longer in politics she was chased out

    1. What i don’t understand is how the hell is Joe Biden getting to run for President in the first place he is corrupt & there is pleanty of proof
      evidence and it makes me puke to see people
      American people supporting this disgusting pile of shitt of a man. I am voting Trump 2020 &
      I voted for him in 2016 and if i could vote him in
      for another 8 years i would. He deserves it after all the dems put him through.

  8. Shame on Biden ! NEVER should Hunter Biden’s name be spoken along with our brave , selfless military men and women. Stop white washing the Democratic party, it is what it is !!!

  9. When you control vast amounts of wealth, you could like our president said, walk Dawn the streets with a gun killing people and get away with it. Ask OJ if he killed Nicole. Not guilty in the courts yet still had to pay millions in restitution. Come on, I watched his eyes when asked about her and he is guilty as sin. Same thing here. Watch for tells when Joe is asked why he should be president. HE NEVER ANSWERED! He simply supported his position giving qualifiers, indicating HIGH probability that he is hiding something.

  10. You will never escape your wrongs in this world but you do have the right to ask God for forgives tell your transgressions to him and start talking .Your name will go down in history as a traitor no escape. But if you do the right thing in this world you might be forgiven.

  11. Because Twitter has banned me from their platform, I also cannot watch ANY videos posted in twitter, so I didnt get to see this scathing burn so deserved by creepy Joe.

    Can it be posted somewhere that Twitter cannot control who sees it?

    Feeling censored and shut out over here.


  12. It’s hilarious that his supporters have to keep shouting his name. It’s so he will remember it when someone asks.

  13. Defeat the pro-death-everything-about-America party! Vote PRO BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES: PRO-LIFE, PRO-FAMILY, PRO-ISRAEL, PRO BIBLE.,.
    PRO-GOD IN THE FLESH… PRO-JESUS!!!!!!!!! Blessings

  14. Finally these kids are wising up. I didn’t have any choice going to Vietnam. I was drafted. I should have left the country. I could breathe and not walk with a limp now. Let the fat rich old bastards who start the war go fight the wars themselves. We get the best and brightest killed because the Army has a good propaganda program. Follow the money like this young man says. Look how rich Halburton, Cheney, The Bushes, Obama, Biden, and many more became. Sent all the illegals to fight the wars. They don’t want to win them just prolong them as long as they’re making money.

  15. There is such hatred and greed and evil at the top we will self destruct as Rome did. We as a country will be left to the consequences of our actions. Choosing lies over truth, death instead of life, evil over righteousness. Apathy over action. Our so called leaders are bringing destruction upon our heads. May God have mercy on us and may the ones who are destroying not only America but humanity rot in hell.

  16. If for no other reason, and there are plenty of them, why would Joe Biden who is obviously suffering from dementia, be able to even be running in the Presidential race. The Dems want him in because he will just do whatever he is told. My son had to go to that farce of a war, based on lies and corruption, while people like Joe’s two brothers and even his sister got rich off deals struck for building and things for the war. Our young men return home, some in caskets or maimed for life and treated as disposable numbers on a board. Hilary let American citizens die in Benghazi, because they wanted to act like terrorism was over. Her sorry husband ran off to Canada to keep from going to Vietnam. They keep the wars going, because they get rich. And it’s the taxpayers dime. Here we are in the USA , our infrastructure crumbling beneath our feet, our American brothers and sisters homeless and hungry and the Dems want to give illegals a pass. It’s time somebody cleaned the swamp. I voted for Trump in 2016 and I will vote for him in 2020, because this man loves America and her Americans first.


    1. Kelly,
      Not forgetting the moron that pushed himself between Biden and the Vet,and kept edging further in front. The moron in the white shirt and no tie with white hair, Standing just to the left with his purchased asian bride by his side.

  18. I can speak to all the crap democrats and rhinos have been up to from President Kennedy’s assassination to the war of attrition that was the undeclared wars that were Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. I served in the U.S. Army on and off from early 1964 until April 1993. Some of the things I saw and heard throughout the years would astound the most stubborn unbeliever. I’ve spent the years reading, researching and verifying the things I have learned. Beginning with the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871… which is known by other names, such as The Civil Rights Act of 1871. This act led to the creation of the United States, The Corporation, at the expense of the United States, the Republic. American citizens went from beings citizens of the United States of America to being employees of the United States, The Corporation, with Washington, DC as headquarters, much as is London the Headquarters of the English and British Commonwealth Corporation. SSWho owns and actually runs the American Department of Defense? Until recently, it was owned by Queen Elizabeth II, and recently stepped aside in favor of Prince Edward, Prince Harry’s brother.

  19. Joe Biden is a senile moron . Pathetic POS , a thief a liar a fraud and a worthless oxygen thief . God forgive me but I sincerely hope that the old washed up bastard gets this shit disease and dies a slow miserable death along with that other old useless POS Sanders

  20. It is not just Biden, it’s a string of political “turds,” that can’t seem to do their homework or have nimrods in the intelligence community, advising them. “Weapons of mass destruction?” well they’re still looking for them. Bush started that fiasco and the rest just carried it on. Pakistan our ally? What a joke. In the end, Osama Bin Laden was half a mile from one of their military bases in hiding. Afghanistan? another joke killing our soldiers so the tribes could perpetuate their poppy fields with the Taliban “hot on their heels,” to take them over for themselves. Saudi Arabia, otherwise known as a fuel supplier to the US and has no real standing army of its own, depending on the US for protection. Somehow the Saudi’s have the means to supply terrorists to the rest of the world that seem to end up in the ranks of the Taliban, Isis, and other terror groups. We can’t seem to learn. We put up absolutely the dumbest people in the world like Hillary Clinton that was allowed to run for president of the US, after giving money and enriched uranium to Iran….for free, to do what with? If that wasn’t stupid enough, Obama helped her. He probably was busy giving free weapons to the Mexican Cartels and wasn’t paying attention. Benghazi, 30thousand emails and the list goes on for Hillary baby. Pretty scary she got the popular vote. How many stupid people are out there running around that don’t see or care about this stuff?

  21. Those rag heads have been killing each other and fighting over the same bucket of water for the last 10000 years. They’re not going to stop just because we don’t like it.

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