Biden Terrified After New Poll Reveals Americans Know His Secrets.

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The majority of potential American voters want Joe Biden to be president for one term, according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, while only slightly more than a quarter of respondents want him to serve a second term.

Should Joe Biden run for reelection in 2024? was the question presented to respondents in the poll, which Rasmussen Reports published today.

60% of voters felt Biden shouldn’t run. 26% of respondents suggested they want Biden to run for reelection. 14% of respondents revealed they were sceptical.

According to Breitbart, at the time individuals surveyed were inquired about what they thought about the 79-year-old president’s physical and mental competence, the news for the elderly president unexpectedly got substantially worse.

How confident are you that Joe Biden is physically and intellectually competent of serving as President of the United States?

For a total of 43%, 26% of respondents described themselves as “extremely confident,” and 17% as “somewhat confident.

Similarly, 40% of prospective American voters said they are “not at all certain” that Biden is prepared to serve as president, and they were joined by another 14% of respondents who said they are “not very confident” in Biden’s proficiency.

This implies that 54% of likely voters think Biden’s physical or mental health should preclude him from serving as President of the United States, compared to 43% who are confident in the elderly man’s abilities

While Biden has generally revealed he’s interested in a second term in 2024, the elderly president usually adds that he is “a great respecter of fate” and could choose not to run again pivoting on unnamed factors.

The polling also shows 45th President Donald Trump ahead of Biden in polling, and earning favour with key demographics, explains Breitbart’s John Nolte.

Rasmussen noted that Trump would beat Biden 44% to 40% if the election were held today.

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