Breaking News! Democrat Found Guilty on 82 Election Theft Charges.

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Trey Adkins, a Democratic county supervisor, has been incarcerated and is indicted with 82 offences, many of which relate to voter fraud. He is accused of 34 counts of making false statements in connection with election fraud, 11 counts of violating absentee voting rules, 11 counts of forging public records, and three counts of conspiring to make false statements.

According to

In a case in which prosecutors allege a county supervisor in Virginia showed up at voters’ homes with absentee ballot applications and ballots to ensure he would receive their vote, the supervisor has been charged with dozens of counts of voting fraud.

According to WJHL, a grand jury accused Knox District Supervisor for Buchanan County Trey Adkins on 82 felony charges.

Those accusations include 34 counts of false statement – election fraud, 11 counts of absentee voting procedure violations, 11 counts of forgery of a public record, 3 counts of conspiracy to make a false statement – election fraud, and more.

WND reported that Sherry Lynn Bailey was also charged, who is Adkins’ aunt, allegedly took part in the scheme too. Bailey is facing multiple counts of false statements – election fraud, conspiracy and forgery of a public record.

Adkins was under investigation by Virginia State Police for over two years. Councils said they would have little further to disclose before a trial.

Adkins addresses the accusations against him:

Western Journal reported on Adkins’ embezzlement charges:

Adkins first won election to the five-member Buchanan County Board of Supervisors in 2011, according to the Virginia Department of Elections.

The counts of embezzlement stem from reports that Adkins supplied county-owned gravel to private individuals through his construction company.

They say that elections have outcomes and that is true of the elections in Virginia in 2021. They now have a Republican governor and Attorney General. Had Democrats won the elections, you can rest assured that he would never see the inside of a courtroom. They knew for two years what he had done. As a result, they overlooked his crimes since he was gathering votes for Biden.

However, it is a new day in Virginia and they wish to get the corruption out of the state, and I presume they will go for a heavy prison sentence to scare off future ballot harvesting. I could be wrong, but don’t put a wager on it.

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