Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, railing against a “partisan affair,” said Tuesday that acquittal of President Donald Trump is the “right thing to do” after House impeachment managers “failed to demonstrate” that the president committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

Cruz had already pledged to vote to acquit Trump of charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, helping cement the near-certainty that the GOP-run Senate on Wednesday will clear Trump over his efforts to prod Ukraine to launch an investigation into one of his political rivals.

The article goes on to state the following:

But Cruz’s closing speech – an opportunity being given to every senator – still provided a significant marker in Texas’ political record, laying out the rationale for what will be the fourth set of impeachment votes ever cast by a Texas senator in modern American history.

“There are two things that House managers allege that [Trump] did wrong,” Cruz said. He cited delaying aid to Ukraine and obstructing justice. Cruz said what Trump is accused of doing has been done by other administrations with no ramifications or concerns.
Cruz also blasted former President Barrack Obama for his administration’s “aggressive” investigation of Trump during the 2016 election, calling it “abuse of power.”
“Impeachment is an extraordinary remedy,” Cruz said in his speech. “It’s not designed for when you disagree. It’s not designed for when you have political differences or policy differences. It’s designed for when the president crosses the constitutional threshold.”
Cruz accused House managers of abusing “the constitutional process by trying to use impeachment to settle a partisan score.”


  1. I very much agree with Senator Cruz. This whole trial sham was an embarrassment to our country. In short, I strongly feel this was a treasonous act against our President. There should be legal ramifications so this NEVER happens again. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff should be held accountable and charged with treason.

    TRUMP 2020

      1. MY QUESTION EXACTLY. I’m afraid all of this is just a big show to make people think they have some say. If nothing happens to either of them, that’ll give me an answer.

        1. It’s time for there to be a qoncequenc for there actions. To flat out lie as the Dem’s have been doing for years is ansalt to all law abiding American’s
          There needs to be jail time and not some Fed club med !! Real prison time

      2. Not ever. No one alive will ever pay for their crimes. There are two very distinct legal systems in this country and one is owned by the Clinton family. It’s never ever going to happen.

        1. They will pay, on judgment day, they will all stand before a just God, who knows all their little secrets, he has seen their lies, they have born false witness against their neighbor, have no worry they will pay.

    1. i wholeheartedly agree with you. Ive been saying for months that Comey, Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi ALL – EVERY SINGLE ONE – and likely more, should be charged with sedition, treason, bribery, aligning with a foreign power for their purposes, and every other slander and disrespect to the office of be the presidency they have violated. Their arrests need to be as public as possible; and every single charge against them read by We the People whom they have usurped authority. I’d start a petition if I knew how.

    2. I agree. This cant happen again and if there is allowed to go unpunished, there can be little doubt the dems will try I again. And treason it should be!

    3. Nothing ever happens to the dems! Pelosi should be in jail while paying the fine that goes along with it for ripping up a federal document! I can’t believe I see titles to videos that say – did Nancy commit a crime? They are looking into it! Heck, it’s on tape, that we have had to watch over and over again! What more proof do they want!

    4. During the cold war, Russia said that they would destroy us without firing a shot. Now that we have won the cold war, it’s so ironic that up until recently, we have still been destroying ourselves from within because there IS no other way to destroy us. Thank God that this sleeping giant is finally waking up to the truth.

    5. As I understand Nancy Pelosi must be REMOVED for tearing the President’s speech. I heard it on BlackConservative YouTube channel. He is an investigative reporter, very informative. I watch him daily.
      She has disgraced herself n insulted America with her childish action. She’s a terrible woman, she supposed to Represent women of this Great n Powerful nation. This power she holds has gotten too deep in her head. She has lied to all of America n the world.

  2. Railroad this son of bitch along with that drunken bitch Pelosi. Talk about abuse of power, what will be the next witch hunt before the Senate pulls the plug on your fruitless claims, that begun the second Trump won office.
    I hope the government finds you all guilty of abuse of power, and ousts you all from government, with huge fines to pay back American people for the millions spent on your witch hunt, NO Pensions, 10 years in prison no parole, no pardon!!!

  3. I believe that every one of the democrats house managers need to resign and/or be removed from their seat. They also need to be charged for cooperating with a coup against our great president. As well as the FBI agents who committed the coup in the 1st place.

  4. So many times over the past 3 yrs, I have had to pray peace upon myself, as I watched these Godless hypocrites call themselves Americans, with their smug smirks, telling lie after lie, defacing and making a mockery of our rights, given to us by God, the constitution, and our forefathers, they are nothing short of traitors to our people and our way of life, to the president, and our children, and grandchildren, they would set themselves up as kings and queens amoung us, rather than servants of the people, there can only be one solution to this problem.

  5. These treasonous men and women have commited treason the media are guilty of sedition.
    Both punishible by death.
    As for the cia fbi and other government employees the same, death.
    All must be jailed, the time will be short before the scumbags begin to lay out the truth of who was the originator and all the players of this coup.

  6. The Democrats continue to tell lie after lie to the american people. They put themselves above the law. I have heard that Adam Schiff and others have immunity because of their positions in congress.Why are they given this immunity that gives them the authority to lie to the people of this great country over and over without any consequences. They create lies that they claim to be true. We the people see the double standards. We also know that what we see are the powers of evil at work against the works and powers of rightousness and truth. I pray that all of these people that are corrupting the law be held accountable for their corruption, and be brought to justice.

  7. To date they are all being far to kind to these people that have been elected to the position they hold. This is absolute treasonous criminal activity to overthrow the presidency of the United State. Hello! We are not as stupid as most of these coup members look. I’m not joking, many of these people physically appear on a day to day basis as these travesties of justice have played out on our screens of high tech scrutiny. They seem to follow only the rule of need, If a rule helps them they need it. If a rule doesn’t help them they change it. If that doesn’t work they just bastardize the situational need for advantage to their cause with the chairman acting like a child in their power of the little wooden hammer by their side . I’ve seen the chairman need to be prodded to use it as the are blathering out incoherently. The investigations into the whole smell stink of them can’t come soon enough for this vote.

  8. This is absolute insanity. How can anyone claim the President is abusing power when he asks someone to investigate what appears to be clear corruption? If Biden is innocent of wrong doing he would be exonerated. Biden is not above the law and the citizens of USA have a right to know.

  9. It’s really sad to find these people hid their corruption so well for years, they could do that with anything and who would know or even bother to check it out since it was so wide spread. It’s like they were a professional group called the government MAFIA. They’ve all been above the law for quite some time. They always watched each other’s back, talk about cover ups. Then here comes along a billionaire builder, not a politician, but a genius builder. Someone who’s been listening and watching all this time his world around him crumble. He stepped up to the plate and realized he needed to do something about it. So he became President of the United States, how about that? He saw what was going on and put two and two together. He EXPOSED all the negative going on around us and right before our eyes, but no one did anything about it. Until now, since President Trump became our Chief to lead this country. Thank you Mr. President for your outstanding ability and fortitude in making this country of ours, the United States of America, safe, wealthy, respected, prosperous, and great again. We will all keep it great and thank you for bringing God back into our country where he belongs and allowing all religions and denominations to practice their faith freely. No politician has accomplished so much in so little time, especially under tremendous pressure you’ve been embarrassingly placed under through no fault of your own. You deserve the respect and gratitude from people of all religions and nationalities, because you earned it. Thank you from the heart.

    1. Suzanne
      I agree with you- see-i began praying for your country from 2008 onwards intensifying my petitions
      toAlmighty God when Donald J Trump was elected in 2016 – till today . With his acquittal i would proclaim that Justice and Truth has indeed triumphed over the spiritual and human for ces of evil.
      The battle is not over but victory is sure . Isiah 54:17
      Speaking from sunny Singapore- : Grandma Lois
      God Bless the USA !

  10. I agree. This cant happen again and if there is allowed to go unpunished, there can be little doubt the dems will try I again. And treason it should be!

  11. We the people need to make the change in our elections! I do not approve of what the house has done. No one is above the law. There have been serious laws that have been broken in FISA Court, think was proven 17 of them. If they can do that with The President of the United States, what you think they could do with a citizen???? Trying to impeach a president is like stealing away the vote and voice of the American people! We voted him into office, Now let him do his job, which I am impressed with, he is not another lying Politician, but a bussiness man and a Patriot! Democrats you will see We the people vote come this November, I think you all cut your own throat and will see the result this next election.

  12. During the cold war, Russia said that they would destroy us without firing a shot. Now that we have won the cold war, it’s so ironic that up until recently, we have still been destroying ourselves from within because there IS no other way to destroy us. Thank God that this sleeping giant is finally waking up to the truth.

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