During a campaign rally in Las Vegas Nevada,  President Trump responded to the latest anonymous reports that Russia is putting in an effort to help win him the 2020 election.

President Trump blasted Democrats and the fake news media today, calling out Pencil Neck Adam Schiff in the process….

President Trump: These people are sick. That’s pencil neck. Pencil neck again. Little Pencil. I just see it again. I was told it was happening. I was told a week ago they’re trying to start a rumor. It’s disinformation. It’s the only thing they’re good at. They’re not good at anything else. They get nothing done.



  1. This charade of another phony hoax has got to stop enough of all this mediocre delusional psychotic bullshit by these criminal democrats end this insanity now and let our country heal and get on in life the democrats are poor fucking sports in this political game and they are delirious with many mental issues and faults they all need to be committed to an asylum for the criminally insane

      1. I 100% agree its not good enough just to fire them they need to be incarcerated for there crimes, because that is what they are committing a crime against the american public. With that said they also need to be sued by we the people for stealing our tax dollars,

    1. I agree 100 percent,that there lunney,n should be expelled from office,immeadiatley!!! Thay just keep waisting tax pay
      ers money. Its time to end this crap, n get to work for the American people!!

    2. I think fake news media and pencil neck are sleeping together! They are JOKES! Get all of them out of DC!

      Stop shuffling the bad guys from one government department to another! You are fired means or should mean you are out of government period!

    3. We as Conservatives and those caught in the middle want this insanity to stop? We must take back the house and keep the Senate! Let’s vote, vote vote Republican you all!!! This will halt Pencil-Neck & Pelosi will get kicked out from her do nothing role and send a message to those A.O.C. communists too! So, it’s in our hands come November folks!!!
      Trump will win again but he will need his soldiers to carry-out his agenda in the House & Senate and stop all this nonsense. We cannot get lazy, fat and happy yet. We got work to do…let’s spread the word, get out and vote come Fall…Go Trump!!!

  2. Now I don’t trust you tube they wouldn’t let my comment be put up they told me to go back that I already said something similar when I didn’t I haven’t commented in a week liars all of them just like Adam Schiff and the rest of these criminal democrats

  3. By the picture I’d say that shifty Schiff is tilting his head as usual; because he’s stuck in between gears and now the storm is blowing his little boat all around in white waters. I suppose that, this is usually when wacky waters, and the witch arrive in the public eye, except this time they are busy bidding from the general population.

  4. Yeah….when all the while it was BERNIE SANDERS the russians are trying to put efforts into as their candidate!!!! It’s really about time Mr. Grennell sweep and clean the whole intelligence grounds. There must still be some demo-crotches and demo-rats somewhere in the holes and crevices out there!

    Mr. Schiff must prepare himself when the doj start questioning him about his ties with IGOR PASTERNAK, the blackrock and the templeton investments, only two of the companies closely tied for money-laundering purposes, with Burisma. Why aren’t there any republicans interested to confront schiff about this, i wonder?

  5. The frightening part is that these erational emotional congressmen and senators are not able to make decisions to diswade advisories like China and Russia from militarizing space and moving to overthrow America.

  6. That is nothing new for You Tube or Facebook .They pull that stuff all of the time . They do everything they can to protect the DEMON-ACRATS , the Muslims , the ILLEGAL’S , everyone but thee AMERICAN PEOPLE’S !!!!! They are not a PUBLIC Platform as they claim. If they were they would shutdown CHRISTIAN’S , REPUBLICANS , CONCERITIVES or the HEBREW PEOPLE’S !!!

  7. Now for the Thrives in the DEMON-ACRATIC PARTY ! Let’s see Pelosi stold about a BILLION DOLLARS OUT of SO. SECURITY to pay for that Bull Crap IMPEACHMENT .
    Now we have that SCHIFFLESS sorry Schiff leaking lies about the Russians , helping our PRESIDENT TRUMP , and Sanders ! When will he be arrested . Because what he leaking is Top Secret information ! That means nothing to the Satan WORSHIPPING LYING BOLSHEVIK , COMMUNIST , FASCIST , SOCLIST , DEMON-ACRATS !

  8. The Democrats have gotten away with so much with little facts or patriotism. If you would stop with blood drinking vacations and pedophilia you might skate by, but now set the tribunal, bring Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, nadler and anyone missed and grill the sh.t out of them till they finally learn their lesson and place in the USA.

  9. make no mistake, it all started at the top with Barack Obama. He is the one also that should be put in prison for treason. Read judge jeanine’s book liars leakers and liberals and you will get the whole story

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