Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz sparred with New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over several unanswered science questions.

The spat began Thursday when Ocasio-Cortez criticized President Donald Trump for putting Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the task force responding to Coronavirus.

Cruz responded by asking Ocasio-Cortez, “As you are speaking as the oracle of science, tell us, what exactly is a Y chromosome?”

This stated a fiery spat between the Republican senator and the Democrat socialist congresswoman:

Cruz shot back at AOC:

Ocasio-Cortez responded:

Cruz replied, “We see evolution every day: the Dem party is rapidly evolving into an angry, anti-science socialist ideology. You insulted Pence & I asked you 3 real Qs re science. You ignored all 3 & responded w/ your resume & ad hominem attacks. Instead of insults, address the substance.”

This was before he added two more questions to the already unanswered questions for Ocasio-Cortez

Then mocking the Democratic socialist by wishing her congratulations on her science fair.
“BTW, congrats on the science fair.”


  1. AOC,
    That was the dumbest retort you made to Senator Cruz.
    What exactly does the belief in evolution have to do with the knowledge of chromosomes?
    The former is speculative while the latter is observable science.

    When evolution graduates from the status of theory to actual observational science only then will your question be a valid one. Until then please stick to what your constituents elected you to do.

    1. Like many people who are in AOC train of thought,,have graduated from college
      with very little knowledge of history and facts.
      If you ask a question,they answer you back with some gobble let good.
      40 yrs ago a person with a 8th grade education,had more knowledge of history and facts,
      then a person In today’s world with 4 yrs of college.
      It’s very sad what they are learning in the school system of today.

      1. I spent from the 3rd grade to my senior year in high school in special education at a time when it was nothing more that a day care for children with no effort to give them a real education. but going on vacation with my parents to the Boston and down the east coast into the area of New York and the Hyde Park area I learned more about the Revolutionary War than i could have learned in school. the same with the Washington D. C area through so,e of the Battlefields of the Civil was fought. Then was started going through the Midwest and into the west like Colorado, Nevada, and Utah and learned about the western expansion but to actually go and experience what those people lived through with the settlers, cattle ranching than the railroads. Then when I started studying history in school and could used what I learned to add to what the teachers and the incomplete materials that the schools were using as history books. those trips filled in a lot of gaps that the required taught history is school left out.

        1. Also between not getting a good education and life I can figure out what a Y Chromosome is. and other tings that AOC can’t seem to grasp. I seems that her four years in collage was a huge waste on money that the government should not have to pay for. i would have been differently if she would have really learned something useful but since she didn’t the tax payer should not be on the hook for it.

  2. I still haven’t seen AOC on a Debate like Candace Owens or Ben Shapiro. She would be destroyed by Contenders like them, exposing the Real truth about herself. She’s not too Smart!

    1. I would like to know how she tricked her district into putting her in office to begin with. She’s really an idiot that has very little knowledge of almost everything. You can’t give away booze. That’s a federal offense, but then, she’s already proven that she really doesn’t care about the law;just getting her own way. Petulant child!

    2. AOC, Double dog dare ya to go one on one with Candice Owens. Please, please ,please- you might actually learn something. Please talk to someone who isn’t about double speak, who actually has knowledge about our history – not the history your overpriced leftist university spews out. Go listen to Prager University courses for free- double dog dare ya!!

  3. Every time that woman opens her mouth we see ignorance drowning in stupidity. She is a fear mongering idiot trying to fundamentally change our country into a new middle eastern type world. One that disrespects women and embraces hate and war. WE do not want or need her here. Someone please superglue her Fu**ing mouth shut and send her back to the middle east so she can remember/learn what this country is about. She DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM! JUST SHUT HER UP!

  4. Typical of the Progressive fascist answer. In any debates I’ve had with any of them, the first thing they’ll do if they can is to dissect your grammar/and or punctuation. If they can’t do that then the next course of action is to laud their educational achievements. and when that doesn’t work their end attack is to call you one of their favorite words–“racist” “bigot” and depending on the topic, “xenophobe” “misogynist” “homophobe”

  5. Thank you, Ted Cruz, for those traveling questions! Dumb politicians need to know that their time is up because America is coming back!

  6. Thank you, Ted Cruz, for those traveling questions! Dumb politicians need to know that their time is up because America is coming back!

  7. Aoc is a brain dead bitch dont waste your time shes done finished Horse face is out throw her a apple maybe hit her in the head it mit make some brains come alive for once shes the most stupidest idiot in office jail time comming soon chased Amazon out of New York twice just to protect the illegals in her district were is this girls brains dad if your out there kick her in her brains what she has left because they aren’t working is she mental retarded what’s wrong with this scripted bitch some body do something quickly or go back to bartending and blowing you loser moron you dont make sense to the American people you never make sense on what you do what do you think your talking to first graders so many people hate you I wonder why? Stupider then stupid your your worst enemy look in the mirror asshole that’s the problem your not government material your a waste of us the peoples time and go back to school and learn something this time pay attention to the teacher I dont mean pay the teacher with dad’s money stupid idiot and Go to hell horse face buck tooth aoc what about American casualties she cares more about iran then the United states worried more about there family’s and kids what about American people you ignorant peace of shit were is your brains are you retarded you need to get your brains tested and why are you in this country illegally you got kicked out showed you get back in the Democrats got assholes like the squad doing there dirty work so if anything happens you assholes go to jail stupid fuckin morons

  8. Wow just wow!!! Once again Occasional Cortez leaves me speechless! How in the HELL can someone so damn brain dead be in Congress ??!!! Get her OUT NOW not later! Her parents must be so embarrassed!!

  9. How does AOC do it? How does she know that Pence doesn’t believe in science or that Cruz is anti-science? One of the marks of intelligence or wisdom is the ability to see the abstract, the nuances and the “shades of gray” in an issue, and to be able to see or appreciate the fact that almost nothing is black or white, and to be able to think critically about information in context. In her mind, apparently, if one believes in the existence of a divine creator, one CANNOT believe in the scientific method, or modern medicine. That is so uneducated, so anti-intelligent, that I want to know how she can be so sure about things she has apparently not studied, not asked about, and not experienced. Has she had a conversation with Mr. Pence and asked him about what he believes? Or does she have some psychic ability that allows her to know? Or is she making assumptions based on what she wants to believe, or the ability to only see what she wants to see? How can she see 57 shades of gray between male and female, and call that scientific, while accusing others of being anti-science because they see the possibility of there being an intelligent design to the amazing realties of cells, organs, bodies and eco-systems? How can she be so convinced that the climate model of the future that she believes is accurate actually IS the only model that can possibly be accurate? How can she be so sure that Socialism will work in the USA when it has not worked anywhere else on the planet? Or…, is she lying about all of it? Either she knows better and is lying, or she is repeating what she heard from others, or she is delusional, or she really is as uninformed as we believe her to be. What do you think?

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