President Trump, during his Wednesday address to Americans concerning the issue of Coronavirus threat, blasted the Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Calling her out for trying to create panic and use the situation for political gain.

Pelosi speaking to reporters previously said the President doesn’t know what he is talking about with regards to the virus. Asked about Pelosi’s comment, Trump hit back, while calling Speaker Pelosi incompetent;

“I think Speaker Pelosi is incompetent,” Trump responded.
“I think she’s not thinking about the country,” he said. “Instead of making a statement like that where I’ve been beating her routinely at everything, instead of making a statement like that, she should be saying we have to work together because we have a big problem potentially and maybe it’s going to be a very little problem.”

Hours later, President Trump tweeted a video of DeAnna Lorraine, a republican running against Nancy Pelosi for the state of California…

In his tweet including a video of DeAnna Lorraine firing Nancy Pelosi, he pounded further on Pelosi’s incompetence…


  1. Biden and Pelosi have had enough literally. These parasites have fed off the American taxpayers money for too many years. Do what needs to be done; for sleepy, sick, Joe, vote Trump in November.
    As for Pelosi do to her what she tried to do to the best President we have had in decades; IMPEACH HER!!

    1. Yes, I believe we should! Impeach Nancy Pelosi! You got my vote, let’s get it done, cause she is viral like the Coronavirus!

      1. If only they COULD BE impeached. Members of Congress are not subjrct to impeachment, thanks to a law passed in the 1850’s.
        “Can impeachment be used against members of Congress?
        Technically, members of Congress do not go through impeachment proceedings. But they can be expelled from office and disciplined in other ways… expulsion is accomplished merely by the House or Senate acting alone concerning one of its own Members, and without the constitutional requirement of trial and conviction…”
        Not much we can do but vote them out.
        Utah is working on a law to recall Senators if they fail to represent the people of Utah. It started before Mutt Romney voted to convict Trump, but I think he is the one they want out. I think the other 49 states should pass similar legislation.

        1. I know how you feel about getting these thugs and freeloading charlatans out of office. However, I truly believe we the PEOPLE need to stand up, instead of being the silent majority on the sidelines, and VOTE THEM OUT! There’s no more powerful message you can send to the rest than that. The more we move away from our original Constitution, the easier it becomes for the evil ones to use these more Expedient ways against us and the great leaders. Such as how the Democrats RAPED our Constitution during the so called “impeachment.” The bottom line is we have a FECKLESS SUPREME COURT. Why? Because they’re afraid to be called “racist, homophobic, and all the bullying tactics the Democrats use. Because the Democrats know the Justices can’t defend themselves in public. They have to stay quiet. There’s a mechanism for changing our Constitution, Democrats have went after our 2nd Amendment Rights and “INFRINGED” on them already too many times and the reason? It’s always the Democrats reason. The most dangerous reason ever! It’s the one Hitler, Stalin, and the worst murderer of all Chairman Mao, “THE ENDS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.” This is the Democrats reason for the way they conducted impeachment. The reason for spying on Trumps campaign, etc etc. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    2. Where do you begin? No one done anything to Hilary Clinton with emails and Benghazi as promised and I believe nothing will happen here either. She should have been removed from office immediately if the destroying the documents and throw in jail. Like all politicians they use their position to get away with doing and saying anything they wish. The whole impeachment ordeal was a joke and one big lie. In a normal courtroom this would be considered as filing a false claim or statement which is considered the same as committing perjury. They should all be removed from office and thrown in jail. They are never held accountable for their actions I for one am sick of it and think if anybody should be held accountable for their actions it’s the people that run this country. Trump 20/20 !!!

      1. I agree. We have allowed these people to slid for too many years. If we can’t do anything to get them charged drop it and find another way to get them out of office. These people are a true detriment to the USA.

    3. AGREED❗That Nasty old hen has done enough damage to this country & California. Shes been in DC for around 40 yrs maybe more….EXACTLY what has she done besides line her purse with 💰💰💰⁉️

  2. Pelosi political agenda is for destroying the USA. The question is whether she’ll Cheer when more of We THE PEOPLE get sick from the virus, or go into hiding to protect herself? What a Dispicable person!

  3. President Trump keeps knocking out the democrats . Keep going this way and it’s going to be a one party country . Hey , isn’t that what the elites in the swamp were trying to do ? Hmm . Well to pull that off the swamp would have to take over the leadership of the Republican party . That’s not going to happen, is it ?

  4. We have seen Nancy the witch disregard these ethical standards, openly riping off the SOTU. Unfortunately, this happened right on television. That means this rude and lacking of culture performent can be seen by all the people of the United States and the World. How will the World judge our American culture after the rude act of Nancy the witch. The World will consider the US as an uneducated and culturally unresponsive country because a senior US government officer has made a nasty act of none educated on television and in particular an act of no culture. I wonder why that act of no culture and none education has been socially agreed and justified ?. It is also natural that the law must take place without remedies. An indisputable proof of the rationality and legitimacy of the entire United States is not rationalized and legalized.
    If the American are so conscious of their national cultural values, the American have the duty to let the World know that the American can never accept this incident act of bringing big shame to the US as Nancy the witch did. The American must demand the US government should strictly punish Nancy the witch for her national humiliation. An urgent and necessary job to protect the honor of the United States for all American who know of shame and honor for uncultured, humiliating acts for their country ‘s image in the world.

    Humans have had to learn and evolve for so many years to achieve such a level of civilization. Why then would you accept the grave of witch who has abandoned the civilized world only to return in being an animal in power of your nation ?
    Act now for American’s benefit and honor ! Be smart and brave in such communication situations.
    Life always has difficulties. It is easy to make people discontent and become rude. With those rude people, lack of restraint, so that we also become rude like them if we keep silent.

    My friends have talked about her act. They express their difficulty: when my friends and their families were watching the Sotu on TV, Nancy did her terrible act. Their children asked the parents if that act was right because an old woman did. Their children asked if they could do the same as Nancy’s act. The parents tried to tell it was wrong but their children said why nobody said a word if it really wrong ? Surely Nancy the witch thought of herself first. She didn’t thin of the US education. She didn’t care at all.
    Now if the American don’t put Nancy the witch in jail, we will hardly teach our children right and wrong. Who will return the justice to us ? We always listen to Democrats and their supporters, letting them ruin the country and the national culture, education.

    1. I like your sense of values & that you recognise that Nancy Pelosi’s actions teach the next generation/s some very bad lessons. Well said.

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