On Monday, Former House Intel Committee Chair Rep. Devin Nunes featured on Fox News “Fox & Friends” where he trolled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who’ve showed signs in continued effort to attack President Trump despite his recent acquittal.

“Old Habits Due Hard” the Congressman said, before blasting the do nothing Democrats, reminding Americans that “the Democrats on the intelligence committee started this right after Trump was elected so that’s going over three years.”

After an epic victory to President Trump was announced on Wednesday, Speaker Pelosi spoke to reporters on Capitol Hill, leaking her wounds and leaving a door open for another possible Hoax confrontation of President Trump before the next election.

“We will continue to do our oversight to protect and defend the Constitution. She said. But those cases still exist, if there are others that we see an opportunity we’ll make a judgment at that time.” Pelosi added



  1. “Opportunities”???? That pretty much says it all! There is something horribly wrong with these people. What a waste of our money. I agree, he needs to tighten his inner circle and get rid of the previous administration’s staff.

  2. Remove Pelosi and Schiff. The investigations costing the taxpayers millions is not to be used as their personal piggy bank for their personal vendettas. Schiff was caught red handed lying. Americans pay these officials to work to make progress and changes for us, improve our lives. They did not uphold their oath and have lost the trust of Americans. They have made a choice to do their own bidding and not the people’s. They made a choice and now we make ours- fire them!

    1. I`m kind of overwhelmed there still in office they have gone below the lowest it never should have been allowed to go this far .
      If it were my choice they would receive the same punishment as if it were me doing what they have done !

  3. I think the democrats,”demon”strated their complete disregard of America’s constitution and President Trump’s State of The Union Speech…..The hatred and lies coming from their mouths and so called minds really said it all..
    I admire President Trumps dignity while he was falsly accused of all the trash that the” demon”scrats dished out to the people globally….everyone was witnessing their lies…
    We (Australia ) knew President Trump would come out “Trumps”…. I bless his victory and his compassion
    You all have always had a mighty leader🌹🌏

  4. The US Democratic Party has tried to trick its lies into falsifying President Trump. Let me take a look at this:
    The US Democratic Party has accused President Trump of retaining $ 301 million in aid money for Ukraine to pressure / trade / bribe the President of Ukraine.
    Its purpose was the investigation of Joe Biden, a man whom the Democratic Party of America has labeled a potential political rival of President Trump.

    First of all, let’s see that linking these two things is just an inference of the Democratic Party of America. For this to happen, there must be a tape recording of Mr. Trump saying “no investigation, no aid”. This is the most important evidence to determine the indisputable status of President Trump.

    Look at the huge danger that the US Democratic Party creates for the United States of America. Because when this Democratic Party’s argument is successful, it will create an extremely dark era for the United States. A period of condemnation only through inference, lacking convincing evidence from reality. Imagine the dangerous incident that the Democratic Party tried to create for the United States: at that time, people would throw money to buy a witness, because you see: witnesses can be bribed to do false proof. And condemnation is based on deduction, so the cases of injustice in the United States will increase according to the method of impeachment of the U.S Democratic Party 

    Now, look at the lies of the US Democratic Party:
    1). The purpose of Mr. Trump is aiming to eliminate political rival Joe Biden.
    By the time Mr. Trump asked  to investigate Joe Biden, this name was not a candidate for the US President. The US Democratic Party’s argument based on a certain poll to conclude Joe was a political opponent of Mr. Trump is a big lie. You can see all the results of the polls are so uncertain and doubful It is never absolutely accurate to be able to provide as solid evidence.
    Yet there are still people who are brazen enough to lose their emotions, brazenly present the results of a public opinion poll to view it as an official evidence to convict a US President.

    Try to ask the President of a country that is so, what people will suffer if the Democratic Party of America really has power ?

    2). The Democratic Party is lying, deceiving about changing words in their own indictment.
    The US Democratic Party accused President Trump of pressing people, later changed it to a quid pro quo and eventually changed it to a bribe.

    Thank God, the impeachment was over. If not, it is not known how many more shameful changes the American Democratic Party will take place.

    In the record of the conversation between Mr. Trump and the President of Ukraine, there was a saying that the Democratic Party hurriedly grabbed and debunked, “I’d like you to do us a favor, though”.
    The Democratic Party has ridiculously deduced that a favor is a term for coercion or quid pro quo. I ask you, why ask for a favor when you’re pressuring or bartering with others ?
    When you buy or trade in your daily life, do you ever have to ask for a favor? This will help you to make your own remarks about the lies and lies of the Democratic Party in their allegations that the President has. Until this fraud is exposed, they were hastily changed to “bribes” to continue to deceive the American people to believe in Mr. Trump is guilty.

    Bribery is the act of offering someone money or something valuable in order to persuade them to do something for you.

    By definition of the word bribe is as above. Of course, US laws must also follow this moral standard to judge bribery.
    But here, we once again contemplate the absurd, unruly of the Democratic Party of America, whose character Pelosi “the witch” has defiantly defied the law. Pelosi has placed herself above US law to arbitrarily rewrite US law by assigning “refusing” to hand over a sum of money or valuable items that are also “bribery”.

    Pelosi ” the witch” has violently attacked the laws of the United States. That shows the tyranny to the end of a tyrant. Pelosi “the witch” considered her to be the law and gave herself the right to self-rule and force American citizens to accept it. In fact, any American citizen who does not recognize her tyrannical actions is considered as a liar by her. Take the two Presidents as example.

    A person above the law, but always hiding in the name of the law and the US Constitution to be deceptive. You can imagine how dangerous that thing would be for the United States if it were to remain free in society.

    3). If you want to know the truth, look at the facts that have taken place. The issue of aid to Ukraine directly relates to two people: the US President and the Ukrainian President 
    Both Presidents directly involved in the incident claimed that there was no pressure / quid pro quo / bribe. But it was ridiculous enough for the US Democratic Party, they did not accept this testimony just by their personal thoughts and without any convincing evidences, the US Democratic Party has firmly asserted that the two presidents involved in the incident were lying.

    You should imagine the seriousness of the problem: Both presidents have been accused of lying without being considered fairly. The two presidents were supposedly lying only because they spoke out against the Democratic Party’s allegations. They are Presidents, and if it were just a normal citizen like one of you, it would be much worse than that.
    The U.S. Constitution gives any U.S. citizen the right to defend themselves when convicted. What rights does the Democratic Party have by its own right of depriving the President of his citizenship as stated in the US Constitution?
    By not publicly recognizing Mr. innocent’s statement Trump. Pelosi and the Democratic Party have brutally defamed the US Constitution. A crime may result in treason.

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