On Tuesday, Speaker Pelosi ripped President Trump’s State of The Union speech after a long week of Republican to Democratic beating in the pursuit for President Trump’s Impeachment.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw reiterated the favor, calling the Speaker out for her behavior he described as “childish”…. 

“Trump delivers an uplifting, unifying speech about how America is stronger, safer, and more prosperous than ever before,” said Rep. Crenshaw. And “Pelosi rips it up in dramatic, childish fashion. This dichotomy tells you all you need to know about your choices in 2020.” He added. 

Appearing on Fox News “Fox & Friends”, Rep. Crenshaw also joined Brian Mast, a US veteran who said he was glad Pelosi ripped the speech because it shows exactly “how she feels”. 

Rep. Crenshaw also said the Democrats “can’t stand the thought of anything good classical American or any good accomplishments being talked about by President Trump.”


  1. To think that this childish evil woman Pelosi is third in line to govern our country try if we should loose the President and Vice President… This thought is absolutely horrific and therefore Pelosi should be removed.. NOW

    1. Yes, I am very thankful for the wonderful life of our President. We see many things which grieve the Holy Spirit. However, we continue to trust in Jesus Messiah to come soon.

    2. It won’t happen. Mr. Trump is chosen for this appointment. He does well. Nancy Pelosi represents nothing but a woman who can’t get what she thinks she needs not the American people.

    3. As I said to my family, the only thing she will be President over, is her case of Pampers. And no, not Depends. She has regressed to immaturity.

      1. The correct word would be “wreak”,not “reek”………….To “reek”means to smell badly, or to stink. Of course, on second thought,you are very close to correct in this idiot’s case.

    4. There is nothing you or I can do about it I individually, but there is one who is overlooking this whole thing and His will will be done; no doubt about that.

    5. She act like a spoiled baby ,and she suppose to be a leader,she a hateful spiteful. Coward,not a leader ,step down Nancy. You are no longer fit.

  2. TRUMP IS OUR LAST Chance to Drain the Swamp , and defeat Communist Globalist control in USA. Thanking GOD FOR TRUMP

    1. God is using POTUS to show all of us what we have elected and the real truth is exposed about them. They can try all devices but HE IS STILL POTUS.

  3. TRUMP IS OUR LAST Chance to Drain the Swamp , and defeat Communist Globalist control in USA. SCHIFF and Associates must be Caged They’ve earned 10 times over

  4. Thank GOD it’s over (fake impeachment). President TRUMP gave a fantastic speech. Skeletor is just mad because she hasn’t came out on top in all her endeavors to try to stop this great man. Can’t wait til NOV 3rd. I’ll b there voting for one of the best President’s in my life time.

  5. Yes, Pelosi is scum.

    Be aware, though, that Crenshaw is also a snake in the grass. There is video of Crenshaw telling a crowd, “I’ve researched the U.S.S. Liberty incident, and it was unquestionably just an accident.”

    No. It wasn’t an accident. Even some Israelis admitted to it. Israel was broad-daylight deadbang guilty of intentionally trying to murder 200 U.S. servicemen by sinking their ship with all hands.

    Crenshaw lied to protect Israel, the entity that also did 9/11. We don’t need “patriots” like Crenshaw.

  6. Nancy Pelosi struggled to put up a brave face but, we, the people of the United States of America knows, no matter how much Nancy disguises her real and true feel ings of horror. Because indictments are fast approaching and is one of the top of the list to face Lady Justice. And we, the people of the United States of America very well know that, Justice under the rule of law cannot be partial, Justice under the rule of law cannot be less and, Justice under the rule of law must only be exacted in full.

  7. Its a shame that the DEMS went this fall. It’s a shame that the newer DEMS did not stand up to there senior DEMS. That is why we need tern limits. Mr Trump is not a old limitation. He is a business man and the DEMS can’t take it. They ran the gamit and lost not they will cry and cry. Now it is time to drain the swamp. Get rid of all the old doggies. We the people elected Mr Trump. I would Ask Mr Barr over the phone (lol) to investigate stiff and Pelosi and the rest of our elected traitors to include Clintons and Obama and the Biden’s. Lets make it happen

  8. My question is is Nancy Pelosi going to be charged for committing a crime and that crime throws her out of office immediately and she could never hold office in the government ever again don’t believe me look up Title 18 USC code 2071. Are they going to do that or they going to let her slide that’s my question

  9. I think the President must remove the evil ones immediately to keep the peace and prosperity of the good ones. I think there is no other solution other than to remove the evils ones once and for all.

  10. Somebody needs to make a video of 5 year olds reenacting the end of the presidents speech except for poloser part in shredding potus speech could be played by 2 year old spoiled brat!! WILLIAM HAMMOND VET wawoka79@yahoo.com

  11. Well just to get to the point.
    Pelosi/SHIFF/Shumare . Shoe maker, what ever that clowns name is should be brought up on treasonous acts against the American People. We as a Country put President Trump into the White House not her .They should be arrested tried and CONVICTED. The hung in the streets of Los Angeles rite where they live and let the homeless that they put there throw shit and needles into and onto their rotting bodies. Democratic Socialist have no place in this Country…..PERIOD…. We are the United States of America the land of the free and the brave. We stand together and hang Traders………..

  12. I and my family believe that PRESIDENT Trump has just started cleaning this stinky stinky SWAMP. He absolutely needs more time. America sit back and watch them go down like dominoes! OBAMA’S ,BIDENS and the CLINTON’S just to start. Do not miss the real swamp clean up. The Best is coming! Get out and VOTE TRUMP 2020 Let us show these Democrats how STRONG This REPUBLICAN Party is and we stick together TO WIN!!!!!!

  13. Nancy Pelosi is a Disgrace!!!! She should be removed IMMEDIATELY. I think she fears that people will be finding out about her son Paul Pelosi Jr working for a Ukrainian Co. Called Viscoil. I wonder how he got that JOB! DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

  14. I feel angery and sad that Pelosi treeats our President and country with such disdain. I hope a lot of people sees what they are about and turn for President Trump.

  15. She pelosi broke the LAW. She destroyed a gov. Document . if charged its like 3 years in prison and a fine. So she need to pay for what she did. As for President TRUMP he rocks . trump for 2020 .and all his children needs to run for president for the next 40 years .

  16. As long as DERANGED DemonRATS with Nasty Nancy will be in charge, America is in trouble. Just remember that and vote ALL OF THESE EVIL DEMONIC RATS 🐀 🐀 OUT OF POWER NEXT TIME YOU VOTE, AMERICA !!

  17. Her actions were very petty, and she showed
    the True Nancy Pelosi to the whole world.
    Hard to believe a Socialist/Communist Far-
    Left Radical is 3rd in line to the President.

  18. They have no respect for the United States or the potus the man works in a snake den every day and his mind is his antivemon ipray for him everyday the demoncrats have gone off the deep end they are pure evil wake up people it’s scary desperate people do dangerous things I think they will try to kill our potus yes I said ours we the American people love him I am a pissed off American Gary r bonnell Elkins wva

    1. I do pray also for President, his family and our Beloved AMERICA. The left lunatics are sooo evil I fear for our President’s safety.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  19. Nancy the Millionaire, has nothing to do except count her money and make trouble as a hobby.
    She should have her Ass Kicked Good and thrown out of America.

  20. Why should we be shocked. Shechas shoen tume and time again that she hates the President and the GOP. She stormed out of the White House twice over the budget because of the wall. Just in October she made her typical childish didplaybstanding up andvshaking her finger in hisvface then storming out. We cannot have a government as long as shes speaker. Senile, full of hate and power hungry

  21. Title 18 section 2071

    Nancy Pelosi, according to the law, needs to be arrested, fined & removed from public office never to hold public office again. As Nancy says, ” No one is above the law” not even the Speaker of the House.

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