On Monday, House Intel Committee member Rep. John Ratcliffe featured on Fox News where he trolled house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff whose continuous attack on the president threatens the potency of the coming election.

“Adam Schiff has been one of the worst offenders here” – the Congressman said, before blasting the do nothing Democrats, reminding Americans that Schiff who has had a long record of leaking classified information is at it again in a bid to ruin president Trump’s reelection bid.

Since all the attempts against the president has been futile, from the 2016 faux Russia collusion, and president Trump’s victory or the hoax impeachment, the democrats will stop at nothing to remove this President, and as it seems a new scheme is already in play, yet again by Adam Schiff.



  1. The democrats are ‘running for their lives’ to flee their corruption and bought out attempts. Adam is top of the heap. I don’t think this is going to continue for long. Trump will win.

    1. Trump will win again to make it 3inarow
      12 yrs as president never mind making it 8 years then his son’s will run for president too,my god the USA is going to be the country it’s meant to be and it’s all down to Donald J Trump while the whistleblower shifty Schiff doesn’t know which table to hide under because the rest of the democRATS got there b4 him lol am delighted for the American ppl black white Mexican Hispanic it dm you all deserve it #PEACE #TRUMP4LIFE #4MOREYEARS

    2. I agree. I want to know, as many Americans do, why is Adam Schiff not being prosecuted for his illegally leaking classified information? He should be removed from his seat for breaking the laws of treason against America and the President?

  2. I really am just so fed up with the double standard in the judicial system. The scales of justice are nowhere near equal and it’s so very wrong. When are we going to see the script flip on these perpetrators? Adam Schiff is without a doubt a criminal and a traitor to this country. There’s evidence “in plain sight” yet instead of justice we get more and more of his deplorable actions.

  3. We need to keep showing videos of Adam schiff lieing an leaking over an over on YouTube an all other outlets so we can make the American people come to their own conclusion that he’s very bad for America… we cant let him remain in office 4 another term he is scaring Americans into another cold war..

  4. In my ooinion Schiff should pay the price fir his Treason towards the President and the Country ,he should be and needs to be arrested and tried for Treason and given the appropriate penalty for his actions like any other Traitor

  5. The crap just keeps on rolling. Tired of hearing this crap. schiff should be gone also nancy They need to find something else to bitch about..

  6. We can only hope and pray! If anyone of the DEMONICRATS gets the presidency we’re f##ked! We can’t let the dems win nor can we let them keep congress! We republicans and patriots have one hell of a fight on our hands! They’re going to cheat anyway they can and if we see it we have to call it out! Don’t let them get away with anything grimy and dishonest. That is they’re MO and they’ll cheat anyway they can!

  7. I couldn’t agree more. Who’s his boss? Someone if not the President must be in charge of his actions. Is it Pelosi? That would make it understood why nothing has been done to him for his abviously fake lies he boldly told to the public.

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