In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday evening, Cry baby Adam Schiff lamented about President Trump’s senate acquittal saying “Trump’s not Exonerated” because there wasn’t a fair trial. All seven(7) House impeachment managers were hosted to express how they feel and complain about Trump’s acquittal.

The impeachment managers argued Trump has not been acquitted because the Senate trial was not fair after their case went up in flames last week.

The House rushed impeachment and brought a weak case with no crimes named in either article of impeachment.

The Senate didn’t even come close to convicting Trump so now the same House Dems who denied Trump due process and blocked GOP witnesses are claiming the Senate trial wasn’t fair.

“I think he’s not been exonerated,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) said. Dem Rep. Jason Crow (CO) followed up and said, “it’s hard to have an acquittal without a fair trial.”

Rep. Val Demings called Trump’s acquittal “fake news.” “Well, and back to the acquittal part of this, I would consider that fake news, because we did not have a fair trial,” Florida Rep. Val Demings said.



  1. He did not commit a crime! !!..Stupid Idiots! !!
    It was not a crime for, Just because you say he did. .DemoRATS!! ..What did your trile prove? A KANGAROO COURT IN Congress? ??..Anyone can see that. ..You think the people are stupid? ??

    1. What a bunch of hypocrites. Talk about a fair trial what about the trial in the House. No Republicans and a few Democrats voted against impeachment. Never should of went to the Senate. They keep saying first time in history. Well it was the first time in history that we had a partisan impeachment. Pelosi and Nadler both said they would not impeach unless it was bipartisan.

        1. It has been too long. I pity the families that had to see their loved ones murdered because they got in the way. Hilary had to get rid of them for her convenience. She can’t trust any body and she can’t be trusted. Pathetic !!!!!!!!.That’s what greed and the love of money will do for you. I can’t wait to see her tried for treason, and Bariatric Obalama.

    2. The Democrats had 17 witnesses and stacks of paper work. And had NO evidence!
      The Democrats stared to impeach MR Trump before he had even been elected President of the United States. And the Democrats paid the Russians to make up false accusations.
      The American people are much smarter than the Democrats think. We the taxpayers would like our 35 million back and the pay for 3 years the Democrats did not work. And fire the ones that hurt America so badly.

    3. Democratic majority congress held a kangaroo court to impeach pres trump and then place it on the senate to hold a trial when it was their job to do so. Now they crying that he was not aquited but impeached forever? These democrats are full of shit always keeping the American people dependent on gov and not helping them to improve for a better life. They should all be shot for treason!!!!!!!!!$$$

    4. So many delusional plonkers together. The would not know the truth if it bit then. THE TRUTH ALWAYS WINS OUT. COMPLETE FABRICATIONS BY THE DEMON RATS
      I agree completely. They say he was not exorinated. He did not commit a crime he was not impeached. End of story.

  2. Strong evidence??? Overwhelming??? I must have been following something else. I did not see any substantial evidence only here say. I would love to know exactly what this evidence is, I have heard all the adjectives describing the evidence, but it would be great if the public were treated to solid proof of this “strong overwhelming evidence ” oh and please, spare us the emotional vitriol , its become annoying .

  3. “well, I had hopes”. disguising

    He wasn’t charged with a crime he wasn’t indicted so he doesn’t need to be “exonerated” or “acquitted”. “Not exonerated” has no meaning according to the constitution. Our judicial system dictates that every person is innocent till proved guilty and entitled to face their accusers in open court. These people are literally acting like young children that can’t get their way. The things they’re saying make no sense yet they have prestigious law degrees from some of the “best” universities in the world. Let that sink in. These people are actually idiots. Wow I sound exactly like Tucker Carlson!!!

    1. I watched when the Senate voted whether or not to convict Trump;no Republican voted to convict him,not even Romney. I watched the entire proceedings,why are they saying Romney voted to convict,or ANY other Republican senator,for that matter? Wtf???

  4. Darn Democrats. The failure happened in the inquiry process. They refuse to admit a failure in their part. They are the cheat team. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.

  5. Jesus Christ almighty, the audacity of these absolute 100% wackos is astonishing, especially when they describe their own behavior as what the Republicans were doing! Same old, same old! Im sick and tired of hearing these Treasonous Traitors constantly saying, “The American people know this, they know that, and yes we the American people know this whole agenda to remove our duly elected President was a sham from day one, every single attempt! We also know that what the Democrats are doing and continue to do is a whole multitude of crimes, including TREASON!

  6. It is easy for dems to lye. Their genetic DNA is based on lyes. This genetics comes from their parent who does not like the USA and love money. Deep down they all have some connection with treason and manipulating through blackmail other countries.

  7. What evidence you people are talking about?!?????😣. You repeat yourselves over and over against the President. The American people see through you very well that your are desperate and have no case! Why because the Trump didn’t anything wrong and you just don’t like him!

  8. The Far-Left Radicals in Wash DC have truly
    lost their minds completely, their Hate for
    Trump does not make him guilty. No Evidence
    Of wrong-doing and yet they continue their
    Circus charade, these Socialist/Communist
    Scum… need Public Hangings to make a
    comeback, then they would find their way
    back from the Twilight Zone.

  9. Im so glad I’m no longer a Democrat this is not the Democratic party that I believe in. They are no longer for the people. President Trump may not be a refined gentleman and is a little unorthodox. But he believes in America and its hard workers. Democrats need to stop stealing from the hard working taxpayers. And do their job!

  10. There were 17 witnesses , thousands of documents , you showed them , the lawyers showed them . You refused all Republican witnesses in the house hearings, refused Trump representatation , you rigged the process again and failed !! You lost , go home !

  11. One simple question…… Did the demonrats allow one witness for PRESIDENT TRUMP? I dont want to hear it was unfair. The unfairness started in the house….LEAD BY NANCY PELOSI. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!

  12. Ever since Kennedy the dems have gone rogue. With their bully pulpit,the so called news they get to control the agenda and hide what’s really happening.

  13. I agree these traitor scum should be hung in public for trying to overthrow our beloved President and the will of the AMERICAN people. We need to purge our land of these enemies from within and all the ones who had anything to do with it at all. It is a fact that there is no middle ground to be reached anymore on anything with these people and 2 peoples with such polar opposite ideologys cannot not exist for very long together without one beating out the other with violence. Its gonna come down to them or us period cuz like i said our two camps are just too far gone from agreeing anymore, The problem is basically they are pure scumbag traitors and we are Patriots that must protect and preserve our great nation. Prepare yourselves because that day is not far off.

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