After the epic beat down of Former Vice President Joe Biden in the last Democratic caucuses at Iowa, the 77 year old candidate was already at the brink of snapping.

During his campaign rally at Hampton, New Hampshire, A female economic student named Madison asked the Democratic contender a question which made him snap, attacking her in a ferocious manner.

Madison started by stating the obvious of Joe Biden….”So you’re obviously the candidate with the best advantage in this race. You’ve been the vice president. You weren’t burdened down by the impeachment trials.”  She said.

Before asking the bomber, ”So, how do you explain your performance in Iowa and why should the voters believe that you can win the national election? Madison asked.

“It’s a good question,” Joe responded. “Number one, Iowa’s a Democratic caucus. Have you ever been to a caucus?” Joe asked her, just before completely loosing it…



  1. You know I don’t understand why people don’t understand the real problem with Joe Biden and why they don’t reater ate what he says about little children how he likes them to rub his hairs on his legs and how he likes kids sitting on his lap and how he told a little girl 10 years old how beautiful she was and to come talk to him afterwards how come nobody ever talks about that this guy is clearly a sick pedophile not to mention he’s senile as hell and he worked for Obama and Obama was a disaster Trump will kick everybody’s ass in 2020 because he’s for the people and he’s a patriot and respects the constitution.

    1. Yes everything You said is true !! I voted for the President last time @ will vote for the President next time ! But We better be thinking about the next Presidential term AFTER President Trump !!!! The V.P. is questionable at best (jmop) . Look at His policies of His home State @ the 2nd amendment ( nuff said )

      1. Is this a fact about Biden and surgery to fix his ” pedophilia “??
        I can hardly believe that but I sure dont like him. I dont think he has any “character ” . At least Trump isn’t a liar.

    2. Exactly I’ve been onto him for AT LEAST 3 years. He is a pedophile! The democrats , Clinton’s, along with the disapearer Epstein are Satan worshiping, baby blood drinking, child pedophiles…. People just cannot grasp the corruption …corruption that is sickening.

    3. The Communist scum of a governor here in Oregon is trying to give our electoral college votes to commiefornia. Virginia is trying to make “the popular vote” the only one that matters. Point being, they are fu€king their own states to keep President Trump from being re-elected. I live in Oregon, our governor is a communist loving piece of excrement, giving our electoral college votes away, like they mean nothing, we the people didn’t get to vote on it, nobody asked us, and frankly, I’m mad as hell about it!!

    4. I’ve been putting comments on YouTube about that very thing all year long, last year and this year. People are so focused on that false impeachment thing that they close their eyes to real facts about American politicians. I’m glad that someone else out there is aware of such heinous, shameful individuals as American political officials. Please do something to correct the problem quick, if you are able to??!!!

  2. Wow he’s so cringey. Whenever he’s asked a question he can’t answer to make himself look good, he attacks back the only way he knows how. That’s name-calling. He called the other guy fat under his breath, he this time just blatantly calls this woman a name straight to her face as he smiles. You know, if people on the left were just better people in general, no one who is running as a Democrat would have a chance….not that they have chance right now anyways, but it’s just low standards of which people on the left are, that give Democrats a small chance.

  3. Joe Biden would sell the United States, piece by piece, to the highest bidder and never blink while doing it. He’s a stain on America and cares nothing about American values. Obama groomed him well, to take what he wants and not give a crap about anyone or anything else but himself. He taught his son the same “values.”

    1. As with use of the Haiti earthquake, or, this latest, with Ukraine, through employment of mere masquerade of “good works”~”green energy”; “for the children”, what-not~Killery Joe et al, siphon off billions of USA buying power, launder this, through corrupt and complicit global financial institutions, and as then nearly untraceable, they funnel it into their own tax exempt supposed charitable organizations, . . . their rationale and justification being that, most any other of these supposed honest American citizens would do the same; that’s just the way the game is played.”, . . .

  4. Corrupt lying sleepy joe…All of these elitest fascist like joe can’t answer in a civil way…they have to resort to name calling and labeling. SCUMBAG.

  5. Reason NOBODY talks about it is because TOO MANY OF OUR OFFICIALS got their hands in the COOKIE JAR TOO!!! Somehow…Someway… they or their LOVED Ones….got caught up in this SICK PEDOPHILES AGENDA and dont want to pay consequences! So to keep Their “SECRET”….they cant blab on sick JOEY or they will be OUSTED TOO!!! SICK WORLD !!!

  6. Joe, Nancy and good old Bernie should go hand in hand to some old folks home and contemplate who to will all their millions to.

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