While holding a press conference on Thursday after the Senate Acquittal of President Trump, Speaker Pelosi got triggered when asked if her decision to rip up Trump’s SOTU Speech backfired.

Pelosi have faced endless level of criticisms from the other side of the aisle regarding her action described by some republicans as petty and childish. While others said it was good, the American people had to see that in other to make the best decision at the ballot.

“Did you step on that message [taking the high ground] by tearing up the State of the Union?” Manu Raju asked.

“No I did not! No I did not!” Pelosi responded.

“I tore up a manifesto of mistruths. It’s very hard for us to get you to talk about the issues that we are working on,” Pelosi said slamming her hand on the lectern.

“It was necessary to get the attention of the American people, to say this is not true…And I don’t need any lessons from anybody, especially the president of the United States, about dignity.”



  1. I wonder why so many (thousands) mental deranged people are allowed to work in the US-Government and even reach elite posts!! This is insane! If the USA wants to survive you people need top change your constitution, your law and your political processes! How ever, we see also in Europe the take down of whole nations by the global-corporate-elites together with there alies in politics and administrations! The globe is in turmoil and the consequences will be serious and lasting!

    1. We need to change our Constitution? Is that what you meant? Yea, i dont think so! What needs changed is the Democrat party of evil. Our Constitution STANDS. And always will! Per PATRIOTS.

        1. I am surprised Trump had all these issues, I mean I thought Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler would be jailed for all their bullshit.

        1. Russa has the Gulag for tratiors why can’t we ship them off to some bleakand dangerioud place on earth? give them fire and since they hate gung leave them a sharp stick they may aurvive or not?

      1. You are correct, it is obvious they are totally evil and permanently out to lunch. They propose to do things that harm american’s and benefit criminals and illegals. e.g.(Democrats want to take away the peoples guns, so that only criminals will have guns to commit crimes on the law abiding citizens who would then have no means of defending themselves). e.g.( Democrats wany to provide free health care to all illegal aliens while forcing americans to pay absorbanent amounts of money for the rest of their lives, and on top of that will levi higher taxes on the working class taxpayers, so the illegals get coverage at their expense) To consider to treat american citizens in this way is pure EVIL.

    2. We do NOT need to change our constitution! Our constitution is what makes america great. Politicians just need to get back to basics and start following the constitution again. Its nice you have an opinion. Thank God you dont get to decide for us and can’t vote in OUR elections. Shove globalism. Most FREE people don’t want any part of it. (Check global protest to back that info) We LIKE making our own decisions instead of politicians deciding for us! Globalize this!

        1. A the party of Slavery it\s easy to see why the Dem’s want open borders thrpoor masses comming in would be the new slave will make the middle class feel better about themselves.

        1. Mexico has very strong anti gun laws. How’s that working out.
          Oh, I forgot FAST AND FURIOUS whe obama and holder were sending assault weapons s to the cartels!

      1. Our constitution was put together. By the smartest men on this planet 250 years ago and if they were alive today, they’d still be the smartest man on this planet. They did not make the Constitution. To last for 10 20 50 or 100 years. They made the Constitution to last for thousands of years. You don’t need to change anything about our political system. Our liberties our rights our amendments what you’re seeing today is a combination of almost four Decades of corruption started with the clintons bringing their crime family to Washington DC. Trying to destroy. Our country’s economy. Trying to destroy. The moral fiber our beliefs our pride with corrupt politicians this was their plan all along. Obama was the culmination. Of this process Thank God we caught it just in time. We finally have a president to fight against these traitors. And if we don’t fix it now in the next four and a half years. We will continue to have devastating problems These people are globalist communists fascists. If we don’t stop them. No one will.

    3. Nancy Pelosi promised us she would quit instantly if PRESIDENT TRUMP was not impeached..why don’t they ask her when is she going to quit? I want her to keep her promise..spoiled lying rich bitch, while thousands in her district are sleeping on the streets and starving she loves in one of her 400 million dollar mansions..And the ones who support her don’t know the truth about her if she kicked them in the arse and told them I only want your votes you bums..

      1. Yes quit your job you not only discredit the Presient but you degrace yourself in the Eyes of the Lord. You are not a kind or caring lady . You live in a Mansion and you dont want borders but you sure have a great big wall around your home. You will stand before The Lord oneday and he will probably say he never knew you. Oh I forgot you are from the devil.

      2. Yes it is deplorable that she is living in la la land and head of a political party. 40 years in office is way too long. When was the last time she walked among her constituents who are crapping and round drugs in open public areas. Kids see this as a choice to do the same and not worry about consequences.

        1. Nancy Pelosi belongs to one of the biggest crime families, the most corrupt family in California What little bit I’ve seen of her for the past 25 or 30 years, she’s never impressed me as any kind of Master strategist at all. She’s kind of like the overachieving under-achiever bimbo. Democrat Every time she opens her mouth she lies.

    4. The constitution DOES NOT need to be changed. What needs to be changed is that WE THE PEOPLE do our jobs and when ANYONE does something in gov. that does not line up with the constitution or is illegal or even questionable for the masses that they are removed from office with their staffs and convicted of their crime and if its Treason that we have the Constitutional punishment happen immediately on them and their staffs if its a person in office.

      And we NEED to REMOVE EVERY perk that they have gifted themselves and cut their wages at least in half. And if they do not show up to work they get wages cut and that they have to be at Work physically the same amount of days the rest of us are. And Social Security and Medicare are taken back from them so they cannot touch it all all. And make it illegal to lobby or even be a lobbyist.

    5. You need to change your country !!! Try Russia or maybe Venezuela they have the government you are looking for. They promised that everyone would have free everything only to realize nothing is free it cost them their freedom. They are now slaves to a government of those in charge who are the only ones that benefit. MORE GOVERNMENT LESS FREEDOM !!!!!

      1. I have a suggestion.
        How about they build a few communes that are totally socialist/communist and let people go and live their for a few months. I can’t imagine anyone coming out of their saying, @I wish the whole world was run this way”!

    6. She needs removal from office inacted now and then arrest immediately after. Petty and childish, she disrespected the President, The Whitehouse, Both Houses, and (I might say) the ineffective do-nothing Democratic party. I believe she cannot be arrested while in session, but unseating and then the arrest on this, (as well as other criminal acts)…..cited here under…..
      18 U.S.C. § 2071(b)— specifically directed at custodians of public records. Any custodian of a public record who “willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys (any record) shall be fined not more than $2,000 or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.” While the range of acts proscribed by this subsection is somewhat narrower than subsection (a), it does provide the additional penalty of forfeiture of position with the United States.

      And Boom, she made her bed, sleep in it.

    7. We don`t need to change our constitution, we need to FOLLOW it to the letter! The only thing we NEED to do is destroy the communist/socialist lefties!

    8. Our constitution and our laws are what make us the Greatest Country on earth dude so that won’t never happen. But we do need to take down the Democrat party.

    9. We don’t need to change our constitution. We need to adhere to it. This Pelosi woman is a deranged monster that will go down in history as the woman who’s blunder cost the democrats their entire existence. Don’t get me wrong that’s a great thing but she isn’t on the right side of any of this cluster that has been the last 3 years.

    10. This old hag has gone on with her charades long enough at great expense – “our” expense, its time this pathological liar gets thrown out and cast aside like an old dust mop. To think We the People can’t read through her lies and deceit is an understatement. They think we are stupid,….another understatement and misjudgment on they’re behalf. They can fool some of the people some of the time, but they’re not going to fool them all the time.
      Its time for a good old house cleaning! Top too bottom.

    11. No we do not need to change the constitution! Vetting and immediate dismissal for corruption and insubordination to the elected leaders are all that’s needed. Propaganda and lies are propagated by the mainstream media. An unelected controlling group of Elites has attempted to overthrow our Government. Probably yours is in the same position or your leadership in complicit with Globalism. People must do their research, reporters need do their job of investigating and and corruption would be much harder to attempt. If an elected President made campaign promises he had better get them done and our congress and house must support the Presidents agendas and work to fulfill what the people elect them to do. None of this has been going on. It’s disgusting. Donald Trump is the only President in my 60 years who actually works to empower the people, protect our country and its people. It almost went full on Globalist. Had Hillary Clinton won we would be in financial collapse and probably riots. The left have lost all sense of truth and honor. There’s been no integrity.


    1. Disgraced our Country..our President…her position..herself. Im am so sick and tired of these lying LUCIFERIANS dictating their bruised ego and hurt pride…they are FAKE ASS AMERICANS..ALL I CAN SAY IS IM HAPPY AND GRATEFUL TO BE AN AMERICAN AND NIT A DEMOCRAT! ITS THIS PRESIDENT THATS BRINGING PEACE ..ITS THUS PRESIDENT BLESSING ALL AMERICANS! TRUMP 2020

    2. We are all better off!! The liars and the corruption in the Lobotomy Party are very close to starting to pay the price for the ignorance they spew. It will be great to watch them go down

  3. The Liberals are getting worse. I wish the conservative Democrats can clean up their house. GOP has also liberal Republicans but very few, like Mitt Romney who will never again have a chance to run as president unless the Liberal party will accept him. He has shown his true color and Conservative politicians will not forget a traitor.

    Let us vote straight conservative Republicans to help OUR President make our country great again.

    Horace G. Friend
    Member Presidential Advisory

  4. This woman is the most pathetic and ignorant person holding a position that she never deserved. I pray. Pray that she receives the jail time that she so rightly deserves along with all the rest of the idiodic liberal pansy Democrats that put our country through this turmoil. Four more years of president Trump and he’ll be able to weed these Antichrist out of the system and fix our broken education system that are teaching our kids their line of bullshit.

  5. We need to stop look in at her and look in the mirror we are responsible for that monster being there vote vote vote

  6. Watching from abroad and watching how the corruption have taking indeed the Democrats… no real facts over an impeachment that was so political by not calling it a COUP… these people must be bring to justice cause any logical pro democracy/ pro Constitution/ pro freedom of expression that this government has to up with is only sean in III World countries like Venezuela / China etc. Indeed America is being bless by God cause the evil / treasonous/ anti Republic and destruction of the Constitution are so visible! Hope the other half wake up to see it all. And for at list one of this individuals end up in a court and convicted! God bless !!! 🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  7. What happened to the Democratic party of John Kennedy. I quote (from memory) a excerpt from a speech he made “Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country”. Anyway that’s the quote to the best of my recollection. It is important for any democracy ( Represented or Other) to have a minimum of two viable parties . Look to any country that has only one viable party for a length of time and you will see it has become corrupt.
    The framers of our constitution were and I believe still are without peer.

  8. Sputtering nonsense that’s why she can’t make a complete sentence without choking on her words. And as far as the word “lie”. I can use use it .. Pelosi you are a liar , all you do is lie, the whole world knows . You are discrace to your country and to the human race you and the rest of the haters club! Don’t be hatin’ just dissapear in shame

  9. Pelosi wants us all to believe that she is defending us from a person whose intent is to destroy America. But instead of praising our President for achievments such as record low unemployment figures for Black and Latino Americans, she says that President Trump’s State of the Union address was a speech of lies. Nancy has so little time left to make things right with Our Maker and appears to be hopelessly lost in her self deception. God, please forgive her, she knows not what she is doing, nor what she has done.

  10. It’s more and more appearing that they are being used as pawns by the deep state. So it stands to reason that deep state has got something on them. Why else would they blatantly lie and make fools of themselves

  11. I Just don’t see how many lies they can tell, I’m starting to believe that these dumb ass people are just pathelogical liars and lie so much they actually believe themselves and eachother. I mean what other explanation is there lmao, they will be gone soon then when we re elect Trump for another four years we can place these corrupt Dems on the hall of shame and vote to have Republicans run they house. I didn’t vote and I have never voted but trump has proven to me that he is the right person to run this country and I’m going to vote to have him run the country for another 4 years. We need him I have never seen a president do everything he has done under this much pressure since he started running for president, and look how strong he is today. That’s how you know he is not corrupt he has nothing to be afraid of because he has been innocent from day one.

  12. Everything in Trump’s speach was true, however the liberal democrats can’t stand the truth and they try to twist all of Trump’s accomplishments around and claim they did those things. Pelosi is the biggest baby I’ve ever seen in a government position, in fact I’ve seen two and three year olds act better than her childish tantrum. Get her out of the House.

  13. Disgraced our Country..our President…her position..herself. Im am so sick and tired of these lying LUCIFERIANS dictating their bruised ego and hurt pride…they are FAKE ASS AMERICANS..ALL I CAN SAY IS IM HAPPY AND GRATEFUL TO BE AN AMERICAN AND NIT A DEMOCRAT! ITS THIS PRESIDENT THATS BRINGING PEACE ..ITS THUS PRESIDENT BLESSING ALL AMERICANS! TRUMP 2020

  14. Oh by the way Pelosi … Tearing up the State of the Union Address was necessary to show the American people what they , the Dems , are doing , she said .. so what are you doing? We’re waiting … It’s been 3 years we’re waiting ….. Hello? Any year now …. Helloooooooo oh yeah we remember ! Nothing! Unless you count spending millions of OUR MONEY !!! We want our money back !!! Can WE THE PEOPLE sue this Constitution and law breaking elected white trash, anti God , swamp people?

  15. The petty undignified vile witch Pelosi I’d terrible for this country. Hateful and socialistic ultra rich old coot needs to be out. Californians have suffered because of her.

  16. Dems… All they want is to bring illegals in here for their votes. They get elected and they line their pockets. Just look at the Obama administration. Biden family. Hillary. Then blue class workers like me have to pay for the illegals while Dems get rich!!!!!!!!! Enough is enough. Drain the swap!!!!!!! Vote for America ❤️thank you President Trump I have done so well and the past 3 years.

  17. Thank God for Nancy and her like-mindedness to reveal their arrogance, intolerance and disgust. It secures the world four new years of Trump politics. Best regards from Norway.

  18. We the people of the United States have been wanting a president like Donald Trump for a long long time I’ve been on this Earth for 51 years I have only seen one other president do what he said and that was . Ronald Reagan and now we got a president that will stand for the American people unlike Obama and the clintons who have sold the American People out who have for year’s treated the American people as less than human We the People of the United States not the representatives that do not represent the American people! We the people need to stand behind Donald Trump he is doing the best that he can with all these sorry pieces of whatever you want to call them have tried their best to start a coup against our president and against the people of the United States of America these people should be held accountable for the treasonous acts God bless America God bless Donald Trump God bless the people of America I say keep making America great kmag

  19. Don’t like to use the word lie ,she has no class ,the words that have come out of her mouth and now she wants to act as if she can take the moral high ground. She’s a vile ,disgusting predator

  20. Nancy says she prays for president Trump. The question I would like to ask her is does she pray for the tens of thousands of unborn babies she helped to murder which by the way she will pay for when she throw in hell by God himself.

  21. When they wrote the Constitution, they made added checks and balances so that no side, party or person could have an advantage. The Constitution deliberately hinders the ambitious who wanted special treatment. They hope to create a one party state by granting themselves unilateral control of Congress and the Presidency regardless of what the Constitution says about it. They would create a fascist state of America in which they rule forever.

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