During an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News last Thursday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham went nuclear on Dem. presidential Candidate and former vice-president Joe Biden as he exposed the former vp’s role in the rise of ISIS.

Sean Hannity: Tell us about the Joe Biden you know and the one that wants open borders, sanctuary cities and free health care for illegal immigrants.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: It was Joe Biden that convinced Obama to pull all of our troops from Iraq, it was Joe Biden that was responsible for the rise of ISIS as much as any single American politician, Joe Biden supported the Iran nuclear agreement, Joe Biden allows illegal immigrants free health care, Joe Biden will cancel the programme in place were if you’re seeking asylum you have to wait in Mexico. Joe Biden will terminate Trump’s immigration policies.



  1. Trump must win. Republicans must take back the house and keep the Senate and get this country under control. Democrats are lunatics and we can never ever give them control again. They are out of control.

      1. I know! They have been brainwashed by the fake news media and other crazed Dems that if the DNC gives them Biden, then they will back him because their brains have been drained to only trust Democrats, even as low as Biden. Scary, isn’t it!

    1. I’m totally with you. It’s hard to believe how far off the rails they’ve gone. And I’m so tired of the constant lies from CNN and MSNBC. There should be consequences for misleading Americans and constantly attacking our president.

      1. I totally agree with you. As soon as the Democrats realized President Trump was doing what he said he would, they panicked & decided to try impeaching him as a way to stop him from making this a great, non-socialist country. He foiled their plans. Therefore, in their eyes, he must go.

    2. The Constitution of the United States is at stake if Biden becomes elected and the Democrats take the Senate. Biden is senile and he would only be a figurehead with who knows who would be the real power. With all the wackos and subversives in the Democrat party, you can kiss our way of life goodbye.

      1. If Biden wins it will be goodbye America and then the Orwellian nightmare will begin in earnest. John, South Africa

      2. Why would we kiss our way of life good bye?? Why would we not fight for it? The founders gave us the 2nd amendment for this type of situation so you wouldn’t be willing to use it. You wouldn’t be willing to fight the democrats for your kids and grandkids way of life? I hope so because I would and if enough of us would we can and will win.

      3. I don’t know much about Joe Biden but it sure seems that Trump is a lagging in his mental abilities also. I wish a young pro-life and I mean someone who respects all life regardless of any of the Buzz identities not the least of which is the life of our planet that God made us stewards over well I wish someone like that would run for president! When I say young I mean 50 or under maybe even 55 or 60 but hey… Of course these guys are senile or have dementia! I am 60 and my memory is getting bad.! And yes I eat well and praise God and get exercise. There’s got to be someone out there please stand up! I am in recovery, 60 years old and I don’t believe anyone would back me up or I would run myself! Money money money money! There is a way that seems right to man but the end thereof are death! Who will save us from this body of death praise God that we have Redemption through Jesus Christ

        1. Speak for yourself then- Trump just getting into office could not have been done by anyone else let alone be bulletproof like he is.
          He is one of a kind for this time in our history and a miracle.

          1. Well said mtman2, Trump is the right guy at the right time, who ever heard of a politician who keeps his promises? Or put up with the attacks of the left and msm……

        2. Read the prophecies. God’s choice was and is Trump. He is working very hard and fulfilling bible prophecies. I may not agree with all his language tactics but we love that he speaks truth to power. More greatness to come after election. Many discoveries coming. God’ will always use whom He will to fulfill the end time. Uniting America back with Israel and declaring Jerusalem as the capital was only the beginning. The swamp will be drained just like God spoke in prophecy.

        3. I agree with you… You couldnt run for dogcatcher…i love and respect my President..and i praise God for him..i dont want the democrats corruption in our country any longer, and i am willing to fight and yes even die for this great republic… I believe in the constitution and the American people that love and respect our rights as free people.. The rest are commies and can go to hell…

        4. God and Hesus have nothing to do and are fake so called man made gods just like them all where only one human ever saw it!
          Quit giving praise for some diety that allows child birth defects and other crippling diseases to roam rampant and then claim those who have it are sinners!
          Religion is only a con to get your money.
          Look at EVERY TV evangelist and the money and homes they live in off idiots that give freely to them! Look at the Bakers! Got slammed by legal courts but morons still fed them money!
          Yeah keep feeding the con of religion no matter what the name is that requires your money! A God doesnt need money only the con artists preaching their crap do!

      4. Obozo would b running things behind the scenes. He wants to b Pres again…I mean dictator. The only way he can is if Biden is elected. The will use Biden as a prop while Obozo runs the WH on the DL

      5. Actually, the deep state wanted Trump gone so that their crimes would not be exposed. Money laundering, treason, espionage, crimes against humanity, eat. The deep state are demonic and are involved in Baal worship. Including the pope. Obama, whose real name is Barry Satori is from Kenya. He was out in place as the president to destroy this country. That is why he implemented over regulation on industry, and raised the cost of doing business here which led them to move to China. The New World Order (in the bible) wanted China to be the industrial capital in the world. And also to act as the policemen because they have no problem torturing and killing dissidents. They are all about depopulation and putting the regular folks like us as their slaves. Take away any and all Rights including our belief in God. The majority of democrat politicians are all in on this. They want our beloved president dead so they can finish with their agenda. We are in the fight for our survival. This is the spiritual war that we read about in the Bible. And We Will Win…

    3. Yes. So many of our civil liberties will be taken if Trump loses. Right to life, speech, to bear arms and the right to safety.

    4. You are so right. Thank God for our President Donald Trump americans need to wake up before its too late. We will never be a communist and socialist country it is not in Gods plans for america.

      1. Love your sentiment but we don’t know exactly what God has in store for the United States not even a little bit girl! If you understand the Bible prophecy that well please share it! I do know that he wants each individual person to live for him and declare his glory in everything we do! I I’m not perfect at this but it is my main objective because I want more and more knowledge of him which brings Joy love and peace in my life. Those are the fruits of the spirit.

        1. Joel 2:12
          Therefore also now, saith the LORD, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:

          13And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.

          14Who knoweth if he will return and repent, and leave a blessing behind him

    5. Half of the Democratic Party is probably on the Cartel’s payroll. What other reason besides increasing their electorate, can anyone be so adamant about keeping our boarders open.

      1. It’s the damn Democat Party NOT the Democratic Party. Can’t even the Republicans get it right? Damn.
        Good friggen grief.

  2. And thats why the second amendment exists because tyrannical government is protecting aiding and abetting foreign criminals so WE THE PEOPLE need to protect ourselves

      1. I agree however that bitch the diaper on her head Omar should be first and then the rest of the squad and I would do it under a few conditions first I would have it legal for me to do it and I would love to volunteer to do it! I also would insist that none of them would be able to cover their face because I would walk and look at Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer and pencil neck Adam Schiff Inn at Little sawed-off bastard with glasses should go to prison was very hard labor and not get a day to rest for 20 years by then most of them would be dead anyway but it sure would be fun to get behind Nancy Pelosi with a bullwhip and crack it over the Bitches back every time she gave me some smart lip talk BACK!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Protect our families, the Democraps won’t, they are fools for illegals. WHY? That’s the question.

      1. They feel It’s the only chance they have to win, and they will take that chance no matter how many of us they have to sacrifice.

      2. The answer is they want their votes so they can stay in office and continue their lives of crimes, at our expense! Not just for themselves either. They bring in their demon spawn so they can continue on with their corrupt legacy. There is an easy solution – TERM LIMITS!

      3. I will answer your question for you. Plain and simple, they want their votes in the future when they make them citizens. Democrats see that the black voting block is coming off their “plantation” and are going to the conservative Republican side. Black Americans are waking up that the Democrats pander to them at election time and never help their communities. Pres. Obama and Eric Holder did nothing to help them but used them for racial tension and dividing this nation.

      4. Because the illegals would be the majority of their supporters since they want to make it legal for illegals to vote, that would be my best guess!

    2. I think Biden needs to be pulled from the Presidential election, He’s under investigation for crimes he’s committed. He’s guilty we seen him admit it on National TV . No one with known crimes or under investigation for crimes should be allowed to run period !!

  3. We Can nolonger put up with all this stupity It’s time to bring all the crooked people to court.
    Must be held accountable for thier actions. For abuse of authority ect.
    Do something about it.

    1. I can’t wait for Senator Graham to BEGIN his investigation!! Is it Joe Biden keeping Lindsay Graham from conducting like 3 different investigations into FISA Abuse, the Barisma scandal and the destruction of civil liberties of so many in the 2016 Trump Campaign at the hands of our Justice Department and all their little compartments? Sen. Graham is the head of the Judiciary Committee! So GET TO JUDICIATING!! I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the Senator for too many years. I want off this roller coaster!

  4. I served my country for 20 yrs. I did it for the freedom all Americans deserve. I didn’t do it so illegals can come and take it from us. As a country we have become complacent, scared to say anything for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. I say, it’s time for Americans to take back our Country. If you don’t like how President Trump is trying to protect us, then leave. Try to find another Country that will give you all that you have taken from the US.

  5. Declare National Emergency!!! Make all of our Medicine & Equipment in USA!!! HRC on Board of Walmart ! Democrats & Rhinos Sold USA OUT.. We are at War w/China they make everything!!! Not Russia (but HRC & Obama’s sol out our Uranium to Russia) God help us bless Pres.45!!! Democrats want open boaders free Medicare for world!!! They will run HRC & Michaele for office vote Red or be dead!!!!

  6. ‘Can’t imprison a sitting president’,… I wonder if that’s why these corrupt politicians are endorsing this corrupt former VicePres.

    Joe Biden is showing signs of DEMENTIA, his wife n the deep corrupted politicians are pushing for his win. He would destroy our great nation n push USA into the NWO. WE MUST ALL VOTE RED!

    I am appalled at his wife to allow him to continue. Theyr making a fool of him. I would NEVER place my family member into a position like this to runaway from the inevitable GITMO.

    Why didn’t Linsey Graham do something about this when Obama was in office? How long did the Senator(s) know about all these dealings?

    Obama’s admin should ALL be investigated of all of this horrific tragedy. And going backwards to OldMan Bush whose big idea was to create NewWorld Order. Theyr all sick puppies needing Power, Money, n control of a Nation so great as ours. Have u noticed how rich they became while in n leaving the white house?
    Now that Trump had opened “Pandora’s Box” these corrupted politicians are trying to destroy him. By telling lies, making up all kinds of UNTRUTH.

    China caused this virus to control their population. But it kicked them in their asses n now outsiders are contracting this mishap.

    1. Colvena you said a mouthful and you are right on. I wish you and everyone would read a book entitled Confessions of an Economic Hitman and you could see ‘all the dirty deeds HW Bush committed while head of the CIA in Central and South America. Everyone should read more about our leaders and you will see how this country destroyed other countries that did not play ball with the US. We have a leader now that needs nothing in the way of money and wants nothing but great things for the US.

    2. You’re exactly right. A lot of the Politicians were involved, Some were paid to look the other way and some were blackmailed. I’ve been read the court documents , and what these people have done is treason and espionage. I’m glad Trump is cleaning out Obamas leftovers he should have done it as soon as he got in. And what they did in Benghazi they should hang for. The only reason they told the other platoon to stand down, Is because Obama and Hillary sold weapons to Libya , and they didn’t want anyone to see them. They didn’t count on the one man to survive, And he told them about the weapons. It had US right on them. I can’t wait for Justice to come for them all. They are the most despicable, disgusting examples of human beings I’ve ever seen . They will definitely pay when they go before God.

  7. Not to mention that Joe Biden is really creepy around young children,you only have to look at a few white house videos from the Obama administration. The same administration that approved trans gender men to read to young elementary school children.SHAME,SHAME SHAME.

  8. I think Biden needs to be pulled from the Presidential election, He’s under investigation for crimes he’s committed. He’s guilty we seen him admit it on National TV . No one with known crimes or under investigation for crimes should be allowed to run period !!

  9. It was Hussein Oblamma that said he truly believed China was our partner in Climate Change and Pandemics! They’re one of THE WORST Polluters in the world and Pandemic….yeah….they’re really forthcoming in information and help on the Nova Coronavirus, aren’t they? Oh yeah…Uncle Joe was right there, too, as they allowed U.S. trade deficit whereby almost all our Pharmaceutical products are made in China! China AIN’T NOBODIES FRIEND!

  10. If Biden wins it will be goodbye America and then the Orwellian nightmare will begin in earnest. John, South Africa


  12. Our President will win 2020 by a landslide. There is no one else who could or would ever have the guts to stand up to the criminal elites. People need to stop expecting him to speak a certain way. Where has that gotten our country with the slick and dishonest politicians who came before Trump. He is doing EXACTLY what needs to be done to fight this war! He’s our treasured bulldog! Thank GOD for his strength!!

  13. l believe Obama and Killary will be made to answer for their crimes when I see it. They should be hung for letting 4 Americans die in Benghazi. Trey Gowdy caught Killary in lie after lie on the Benghazi killings she told her family the truth but not the American people

  14. When Pres, Trump was elected, he saved our Country from being a socialist country with open borders
    and no law enforcement. If he is not re-elected in 2020, our National Security and Protection of All Americans will cease to exist.

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