At least one brave Republican Senator is taking a huge stand against the blood thirsty Democrats and their proposed bill which will allow abortion after birth to be legalised.

According to the Blood thirsty bill, the baby will be delivered, kept comfortable, resuscitated if need be – that is if the mother desires and then a discussion will be made between the mother and the physician on whether or not she (the mother) wants to keep the baby.

Senator Cruz stated the following during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing:

“Governor Northam supported a bill that would allow abortions when a mother was already in labor. For all of us who are parents, imagine that.”

“[Governor Northam] said, and I quote, ‘The infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.’ This is a sitting governor, the Commonwealth of Virginia, calmly discussing allowing this baby to die.”



  1. Ok…let’s vote on whether this baby dies here
    and now, take a vote? The Pro Abortion folks
    have stepped way over Ethical lines.

      1. You are correct by the MAX !!! GOD bless you. This topic should be widely promoted to show just how lousey it is to be a “choice Left wing, good for nothing ass hole. No, no. That’s too good. I am getting angrier by the key stroke.
        Thank you. larry

    1. How could any ‘human being’ deliver a BABY then stand there and let it DIE because they just don’t want it??? There’s something called BIRTH CONTROL now. Abortion is NOT IT!
      How many families would love to adopt this PRECIOUS INFANT ??
      If its case of rape or mothers/babys life only as soon as pregnancy is known at a certain number of early wks.

      1. It’s still not the innocent babys fault. Punishing the baby for the sin of it’s father is immoral. bloodthirsty. demonic. It is in reality, the biggest blood sacrifice ever done in satans name! If it happened to you, wouldn’t you take a measly 9 months out of your long life to carry the innocent child, and give it to a family who would love it. If not, there is something evil about you, even if you were the one raped.

    2. For how long will the blood cry from the ground? Every soul is precious in the eyes of God, and God has a purpose for it. May God help us understand why He created us. Shalom

    3. Didn’t one of the Founding Fathers say, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.”?
      Yes it was. He’s on the 100 dollar bill. Benjamin Franklin, modern day Solomon.
      I think I might throw up: Isn’t Nestle salting its food with fetal tissue?
      YES, it is!
      And as Paul Harvey would have said, “Now you know the REST of the story.”

    4. I was 17 years old in my senior year of high school when I became pregnant. I was engaged to to be married. It rocked my world. Changed my life forever. I was raised in a Christian family. Never at anytime did I consider having an abortion. I knew that God had a purpose and plan for me and my baby. 9 months later we welcomed our baby boy. Our beautiful baby boy turned 51 years old today. He’s is physical therapist with heart of love and compassion for others. How could anyone abort a baby or murder it at birth. It is murder.

  2. The Dems are going to try to outlaw guns to private owners so that the bloodletting by people so they won’t be able to just randomly shoot people. How do they rationalize the killing of one against the killing of an innocent child? Do you think that the legalized murder of a child isn’t having an effect upon the nation as to the value of all life? It may just be the trigger for these shootings, One life doesn’t count for as much as another,

  3. according to the holy bible ,
    people do the plan, but the final out-come , comes from God,
    Hon,Senator, thank you. your mission is representing “Life” not death. “DELIVER” *I whisper.

  4. Disgusting, Im an atheist, but I’m starting to believe there is a Devil & it’s the whole Democrat party. Any doctor that supports this is going against their hypocratic oath. Why not put up a bill that supports Democrats over the age of 21 being hung drawn & quartered. No bloody difference to me!

  5. That is infanticide plain and simple. Therefore the full extent of the law must be enforced. I am waiting for a law officer to arrest the next member of government, in any country, advocating the killing of an unborn or born, human being.

  6. These babies don’t belong to us, they are God’s children, they are a blessing from him, First commandment thou shall not kill, Babies have no voice, so let us be there’s, In Jesus name Amen 🙏

  7. This is really reprehensable in our day & age.
    These babies feel pain & suffering just like us.
    My Granddaughter was pre mature & was bord at 20 weeks, weighed 1lb 12in. She has a heart defect, kidney defect, a cleff pallete. She has been nothing but a joy to us. Could not imagine life without her……

  8. This is absolutely unacceptable, those politicians are assassins and they want also doctors and mothers to become assassins. This is unbearable, it is demonic, satanic, hellish, all those Satan hitmen have to be thrown out of any power.

  9. They get so panicky and worried when someone is suicidal and ready to kill themselves, but don’t want the 2nd Ammendment so everyone may protect themselves from being killed by someone else. Someone is demonized because they have a gun, or even something that resembles a part of a gun. Yet: democrats want to murder babies before they are born, and upon being born. Those sickos are UNAMERICAN!!!!! Luciferian satanic and selfish in everyway, BLOOD THIRSTY PEDOPHILES!!!!!!!! 👺👹💀💀💀

  10. Make a mental picture: The delivery room is a medieval court room with a judge(mom) and executioner (doctor). Where is the defense attorney for the baby! We should get people to imagine themselves as the baby. Have them imagine the struggle to finally see the light and be brought to this world only to be tried without anyone in that room on your side. You don’t have a choice! Someone is flipping a coin if you are murdered or not. Because you couldn’t be guilty of anything…you just took your first breath! Your crime is EXISTING!

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