Sleepy Joe Biden gets angry at Tv host after he was exposed, having lied to Americans about the ill treatment of illegal aliens during the Obama Administration.

Joe Biden, during the Democratic Presidential debate in Houston, Texas lied about how they didn’t keep illegal alien children in cages.

Host George Ramos of Real America told Joe Biden “you said during the Obama-Biden administration, and I quote, ‘We didn’t lock people in cages,’ but you actually did.”
Before revealing that a picture of an 8-year-old boy from Honduras was recently found.
“Yes…w…w…w…in, 2018.” Biden answered while stuttering…

Ramos also said he found out that the picture was taken back in 2004 at a detention center in MacCallum Texas.

Trump had previously blasted Democrats for taking pictures of illegal alien children from 2004 in order to make his policy look bad…



    1. Times are changing in America, we want immigration control. Why are the democrats pandering to a group that cant vote?
      Legal immigrants want them stopped also, we are in a paradigm shift wanting to turn away from the liberal ideologies, along with the rest of the world….
      Here’s Why the LEFT is LOSING (And Why They Won’t Recover)!!

      1. Do not be fooled. California has alresdy approved Illegal immigrants. To vote. Thats why the dems have encouraged them to come. Check it out. Its anarchy.

      2. The Democrats pandering to the illegals in our country is their attempt to build a bigger voter base for them. I think every politician that promotes sanctuary cities should be treated as criminals that are breaking our laws and should be prosecuted just like any other lawbreaker

  1. Biden may be correct on how he helped illegal aliens but the fact remains that they are still illegal aliens. Americans first! Expecially if Americans are paying for it! All The Demonrats can go and live in Honduras and Guatemala. All of them! They can care less for people here. So, adios!

    1. You know that is a great idea.The dems could take all their stolen funds and rebuild three poor countries. And can someone tell me why they do not take back their own countries? I think that a revolt , like the American Colonists brought about would work for Mexico, Honduras and so on.Stop letting people just walk in to America;;;;; My grandfather 3 uncles and my father fought in World War 2 and my brother fought in Viet Nam. Now make those who claim ( I want a better life) fight for it. Put them in the MILITARY!!!!!

  2. Biden is such a lying POS. He changes his answers to things at the drop of a hat. You can’t believe a word he say. Along with 90% of the Democrats and 30% of the Republicans. Politicians have not been trusted since the beginning of our country. Term limits and accountability need to be started. The days of people sitting on their hands about the government, needs to stop. It’s WE THE PEOPLE, not WE THE GOVERNMENT.

  3. Mr. P..Trump please keep your head hi,We need your help. Put ALL these bad DEMS in Jail.The Americans need Help to keep our. Country.. Thank you for putting GOD first….

  4. I love politicians who think the American people are ignorant and that’s how they loose,He is a liar and the American people now see through the elitist the Democratic party for who they really are,ruling class war mongers who want power and money….

  5. Besides being senile and a liar, creepy Joe is clearly a Pedophile. All you have to do is watch creepy Joe when Vice President was swearing in people in whitehouse the inappropriate touching of children & whispering in little girls ears and campaigning in 2020 telling people how he likes children sitting on his lap and rubbing hair on his legs, telling a 10yr old girl how beautiful she is and to come see him afterwards. Hes not fit for office Obama picked him because Joe is an idiot easily controlled

    1. career politicians you hearing stuttering you know why he’s nervous because he makes millions and millions of dollars for himself and his cronies and his family off the hard work sweat and livelihoods of American taxpayers if sleepy Joe has to change his ways he might have to get a real job like you and me imagine that get up in the morning go put up with a boss come home never have enough money he doesn’t want to live like you because he’s better than you it’s much easier to take money out of your paycheck every week that it is to actually work the Democrats think you’re fools and your sheep to be fed upon!!!!!

  6. Biden has all characteristics of a pedophile he loves kids grabbing his legs….. Meaning his small penis get on when kids grad his legs abd he looks so excited grabbing other’s people children even on public events. Why was epstein murdered inside a higth security prison in NY cintroled by a demoRat? We most conect the dots…..

  7. love this site I leave a comment my opinions as a veteran who has literally fought and bled for my rights my constitutional rights and I’ve got someone else who’s going to read my post and they will decide if what I said is appropriate what’s wrong with that picture people 😭😭😭

  8. well, ramos is a real piece of work . Joe secret service detail, females asked to be moved away from him as he swam nude in his pool. pevert, son is a chip off the old perv block. crack, meth, betcha ole joe tweeks too.

  9. Only in America can you bold face lie, steal, and do illegal favors for family and still run for President. Joe Biden and his son both are scumbags and should be in prison! We can’t let them win! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!

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