The former Vice President and Democratic candidate on Tuesday yelled at a reporter for asking why he was about to flee New Hampshire after incurring a colossal loss.

Joe Biden got rattled up by a reporters question and reacted poorly, yelling “I’m not giving up on New Hampshire…And don’t poke that in my face, while grabbing the mic.

Joe Biden who came fifth place in New Hampshire and according to reports, received no delegates, was about fleeing to South Carolina before the confrontation.

With the recent results in the Democrats race, it’s no surprise he is becoming more temperamental as the day goes. Among others, Biden also recently attacked a supporter, calling her “A Lying Dog-faced Pony Soilder.”



  1. The man is a hypocrite and a sore loser. He is too old and doddery to be President..same for Bernie, Elizabeth Warren is a proven liar..and Pete B, well I’ve seen more charisma on a gnat…and let’s go to Bloomfield, no character, just lots of money and he’ll be using that to wipe out all democrats…trouble is, he won’t win, not a hope in hell.
    Voters: Make sure your vote is legitimised by using your ID, then there can be no doubt about rigging the election, because as you know, the Dems are good at that. Only they are allowed to rig elections. They are all evil…nasty spiteful and arrogant people who assume their rightful place is in the WH…only it isn’t. TRUMP won by the votes of the people. They (We The People )no longer wanted hard core lying and lazy democrats, they wanted freedom, peace and prosperity…along with the safety of our children and babies. Safety, honour and protection from Globalists who want to tear down the US of A…they are dirty to their core and need dragging out by the scruff of their necks and indicted for treason, corruption, human trafficking, Drug Running and distribution (Heroin) and all under the watchful eye of Obama and Bush…Anyone who believes that rat pack…has no idea of what is going on and they need to research asap what they are voting for. It’s all on YouTube.

      1. This man is a pedophile. Even his close friends have said in the past that they don’t bring their kids around him. Hes a sick Satan worshiping pedophilia loving monster. Anyone who votes for this man is delusional and DUMB

      2. Because all of you have to empower the President to do it, Mr. Trump is not a tyrant. He only serves the American.
        Express your opinion to Mr. Trump then force him to jail Nancy the witch, mate.

      3. Sue Now that was a very great and strong Comment!! I just hope and pray that,more and more Americans follow your great advise!! Show your ID WHEN YOU VOTE!! AND PRAY FOR ARE PRESIDENT!!!!!🙏🙏🙏 WE NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP, TO CONTINUE TO DRAIN THE SWAMP!! AND PUTTING GOD BACK IN ARE COUNTRY!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

    1. We all know of George H. W. Bushes Funeral, Joe Biden received an sealed Indictment envelope between the pages of Bush 41s funeral program, about a year ago . Other’s also received sealed envelopes with Indictments. Joe Biden, Hillary, don’t have good records to be involved in the 2020 Presidential Campaign for their acts of alot of Carnage and other Shameful Curel acts against Humanity. They act as though their Innocent.

    2. NC repelled the Federal mandated Voter ID Law for 2016. A NC judge ruled NC citizens would not be required to show ID. The NC Att. Gen of NC (Dem.) Josh Stein blocked Republican Appeal of the judges decision. The Left makes the rules in Raleigh NC now, even though much of the State is Republican. Voting Polls are all staffed by crooked Democrat volunteers that get hostile at being asked if ID is required. A flyer came in the mail last week in BOLD Spanish that ID would not be required 2016 even though Federal Law was passed requiring ID. The Fed needs to come in and investigate the corrupt Left ruled government in Raleigh, NC.

      1. North Carolina is where Thomblin lived ( former GOVERNOR OF WV,) he was Allowed to be governor ( WV) even though to run for thAt office you had to actually live there….but he DIDN’T….he lived in NC…AS CORRUPT AS CORRUPT GETS…

      2. Absolutely correct Edward. I voted to apply the law and Gov Cooper vetoed it. How is that the will of the people is not upheld.

    3. I entirely agree with your statement, but I will go a step further, Joe Biden and his son need to be investigated, and touching little kids Joe Biden needs to be indicted for that, and during a rally he openly admitted his hair stood up, when I child rubbed up against him, his excitement is discusting, and we don’t even need to speak about Hilliary the liar and corruption of all demon-crats, the fact that whether it’s true or not, but having a feeling or a thought that someone in his Congress, the Senate or any person who is supposed to be working along with the president, and not to tell someone about it, never would make an option for impeachment, if you tell one person what’s going on the they try to hide things, so keeping it to himself, is totally okay with me, get the investigations done on Adam Shiff, pulosi, and Obama as well, let’s get it on corruptor’s!!!

    4. Sue you are so right, we have to get the Dem’s/Communist out of our Government. God Bless you And God Bless America, and our Wonderful President.

    5. You are spot on! I couldn’t have said that better. H.R.C , Sorros, The whole Bush family, China and on and on. The whole damn lot can’t go down fast enough.
      I just want to run down the street and scream ” WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE “! This is more than just a 2020 election to me.

      Its 2am here so I am sorry for the quick messy response. United we STAND.

    6. You fuck yourself. Bernie Sanders is a better president. Than trump could ever be. And Pete buttigieg really sounds like someone that could make America great. Both of them are better than trump by far. They both speak better than trump by far. Have a better vision by far.

      1. Matt, consider how you began your post. It speaks volumes about who you are. And who you are speaks so loudly no one can hear a word you say.

      2. Why don’t you learn how to string a sentence together “by far”. You ignoramus “by far”. Stupid people like you are the ones voting for these sick, evil Democrats.

      3. Someone needs to get it under control. But you’ve got so many people out here that is complete idiots, believe everything they see on CNN NBC and MSNBC , We should everybody boycott them

      4. You go fuck yourself ass clown. Go cash your welfare check and smoke your dope and take your socialism and shove it in your ass. What’s wrong? You can’t make it, so you need the government to come save your sorry worthless ass? Bernie will bankrupt the country. The math doesn’t work. Get a job and move out of your mommy’s basement

      5. The problem, they speak and Trump do.
        What is Sanders said till now?
        Free sandwiches for schools?
        Why is Democrats always talking about
        to give to children before elections and steal from their parents after?

    7. Of course I agree with the opinions regarding Biden as a nasty corrupt worthless candidate. He has proved that. However I watched the video and did not see him become unhinged. We do not have to resort to the methods of the left and exaggerate or lie about a person for click bate. The left give us enough material every minute of every day.

  2. What is Biden doing working his pie hole at the poles? Huh?? Hey, America, the poles are a near-sacred place of the quiet, thoughtful exercise of our process of election.

    Some of our fellow Americans would do well to acquire some manners. For that to begin with Joe Biden is obviously too much to ask. It is therefore up to us, We The People, to set this ship aright.

    God bless our President Donald John Trump. God bless America.

  3. I will be glad when they finally show the people of America with the proof . Biden and Obama and Kerry stole 1.8 billion dollars from America. It ended up in the company Burisma , And from there it ended up in place to start a war with Russia . All I can say is . I pray Our President wakes up and fired all of the Obama holdovers . Which he had the right to do on day one

  4. Why do you moderate the truth ? That’s an odd thing to do . No cuss words or vile four letter words . This causes me to rethink your position of who you actually are

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