On Monday, during President Trump’s rally in New Hampshire. Angry Supporters chanted “lock her up” about Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

The chant broke out as Trump complained about Pelosi’s conduct during his State of the Union address last week.

During the rally, Trump said “I had somebody behind me who was mumbling terribly.” Mocking Speaker Pelosi, he said “Mumbling, very distracting.”

That was when the Manchester supporters launched into chants of “lock her up” as Trump stood, nodding his head.

Trump supporters began chanting “lock her up”……



      1. No one is going to be locked up. They are all a clown show. We the People need to REVOLT and demand the billions of our tax money they stole from us via their Russian Hoax, Impeachment Farce, Ukrainian and Iranian money laundering! Four years and NOT a DAMN one of them in prison! Hillary Clinton deletes subpoenaed emails and they ruin Gen Flynn’s life and Carter Pags life and now Roger Stone! These people in our government are all con men and women and we ought to unite and get our Republic back! You know how to unite? We ALL pledge to NOT pay our taxes for one year until every single one of these treasonous traitors are behind a pen! Who’s with me? Let’s do it! Tea Party Revolution!!!

        1. you know what said you’re right these people are so powerful that they will not be locked up they will not answer for their crimes but yet if you spit on the ground at a policeman’s feet you get thrown in jail our country is a bunch of sheeple we are being led down the path of rune the black community should be especially outraged with the Democrats 60 years of telling them you need welfare you need food stamps you’re not good enough to make it on your own they should be outraged they should be outraged about the poor education they received it should be outraged about the way they’re treated by the Democratic party that claims to love them as far as it goes to the gentleman Katie that said his Twitter account was suspended my account on Facebook was suspended because I called Muslim terrorist camel humpers they suspended me for 30 days for inappropriate language I am a combat wounded veteran I have fought for my rights and your rights it doesn’t mean you have to agree with me but you damn sure will not silence me go Trump 20/20

        2. 3 more years and they’ll all qualify for statute of limitations exoneration, that’s the goal and hence the S-Show!

      2. Thank God someone text what I believe no one dares to say . Why has the U.S. become home of the cowards , wasn’t it home of the brave once .

      1. Sadly you’re dead on point. We the American people have allowed these sorry pieces of human waste to take our freedom of speech while using thiers to do it? Go figure?

        As vets it’s time to once again defend this country against enemies, sadly this time domestic. Any people who think thier duty is undoing elections is a Clinton dog. Any group of people using our tax dollars to make thier family and thierself rich is a low rate Clinton dog.
        Any group who thinks I’ll vote for some crazy ole commie is a double barrel clinton dog. To top it off any group thinking I’m going to give them my guns are a bunch of STUPID CLINTON DOGS!!!

        Time to stop haggling and get back to building our country…not year it down.send her 1/2 way. Let her swim the other 45 miles. But be fair, give her a piece of toilet paper with a map. So she doesn’t get lost.

    1. Executions are the best way to deal with people as treacherous as the Democrats. Leaving them alive allows them the chance of possibly doing more harm and ultimately succeeding where they have failed so far.

      1. I said that on Twitter … that these treasonous people shoukd be electrocuted for treason as our Constitution states. Twitter suspended my account! Communists run the clown show! I appealed and my account is still suspended because they said I would get my account back if I removed my tweet! Sucker I am not! Let it stay up there and show Twittface what my Constitution allows me the freedom to say!

    2. Excuses me,we must not forget about 911 or about why that old government needs all those under ground bases,what about all the tunneling that went underground connecting all these bases,billions of tax payers money went into all that construction,remember Wally world , tunnel’s people why.nobody was asked to vote for this construction to the American people, something smells rotten .who cares as long as we worry more about football and or foot ball soccer what difference does anything else make wright forget I mentioned anything.i support the President

  1. The woman is of age and israpidly deteriorating. Just get her out of office and ban her from ever holding any type of government office force her to retire take all the millions that she stole from the American citizens and apply it towards the veterans and their benefits. Sometimes we got it overlooked what old people say and when they pop out because they’re not getting their way. Let her go and know that you held the upper hand and outside card. Make sure she understands that what you did is forgave her as a Christian and a wise ruler does but of course I don’t have to tell you that. By the way you’re an awesome president and I’m glad I got to live to see America getting better.

  2. There would be less problems in Congress ,think of the money that could be saved if Nancy was charged with a crime. She destroyed government property. If Nancy and Adam Schiff were made to pay for their crimes , we wools be so much better off. The Democrats only want to cause trouble. No One Is Above The Law. That includes all the Democrats so make them pay for their crimes.

  3. Karmas a bitch nutty Nancy Pelosi you got caught you and your family all the Democrats in California adam schiff nadler Schumer you bunch of clowns idiots they found bidens 5 family members also that’s why you idiots tryed so hard to get trump impeached to coverup your corruption and crimes against America and other nations now we know why Maxine waters was looking and acting like a gorilla shes the one that started these investigations because the why she was acting people just had to investigate her same with there rest of you Democrats you idiots are your worst enemy’s you nut jobs told on your selfs with these phoney investigations against trump that’s wasnt true you Democrats should all be in jail soon look in the mirror idiots your the problem Put it this way the Democrats cash cow in the Ukraine is comming to a end and theres a bunch of Democrats involved that’s going down soon that’s why there trying to pin shit on trump and impeach him over fake shit so they think it will keep all there corruption hiden in the Ukraine there trying to start a shadow government in Ukraine soros shift Pelosi biden kerry Romney Clinton’s and others but it’s in the open now this is all a distraction so they think they can get away with there corruption there trying to pin on trump there the crooks not trump the truths going to come out soon

  4. Pelosi is a has been and must be removed from speaker ship at a minimum!!! Would be great if she were impeached and fac d charges for her antics!!! The entire democrat party on Capitol Hill is dirty so hope we can finish draining the swamp!!!

  5. Yes. She needs to be silenced. It’s obvious she’s just playing games. She acts like a child that don’t get her way. And she has family with interest in Ukraine.
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. What is taking so long,? Lock her up, if it was President trump,, the DEMOCRATICS would have in jail, she is not about the law!! LOCK THE OLD HAG UP!!!!!!!

    1. Never will forget the picture on the internet several years ago where she is marching down the street near the capital with her gavel in hand and stupid Democrat politicians following her.

  7. She is too old and stupid to be in congress. Lock all the democrats up and keep doing the great job your doing .and while your at it send these illegals and Muslims back where they come from and if the democrats don’t like it send them along and they can live with them and support their asses .

  8. Try them Pelousey, Nadler, Shift and Shumer for treason them Put Them To Death. Life in prison or death for everyone involved in the Coup against POTUS!!!

  9. I actually hope this is the demise of the Democratic Party. And all the corruption that it stands for and has done to the American people in the past decades. . Thank you. Mr. Trump. An Administration well done. Trump 20/20

  10. I àm very concerned that the Democrats will not even get a slap on the hand for everything they have done to this country. There has been treason and theft at the very least. If any of us tried this we would be hauled off never to be seen again. Where is the justice we all deserve.

  11. SOTH – “speaker of the house” my @ss!! Just drop the “H” off her title of SOTH & we have EXACTLY what this corrupt, drunkard, dementia patient is: >> a “SOT” !!

  12. Some people say that creatures like Pelosi should be executed for their actions. I beg to differ. For corruption mongers like Pelosi, a fate far worse than death would be to forever lock them away in mental institutions where they would have zero influence on anything, including when they go to bed. Keep them medicated just enough so they can’t think clearly enough to contemplate suicide. It wouldn’t take long for them to become howling-at-the-moon lunatics.
    Some, like Pelosi, are already on the verge of that now.

  13. When Nancy the witch began an impeachment inquiry, she summoned and interviewed 17 witnesses. She wasted the American people’s taxpayer money on her personal purpose of deposing the President through the most insane and absurd impeachment in American history.
    Were you surprised ?, all the 17 witnesses summoned by Nancy the witch were witnesses to the testimony against Mr. Trump. If the Democratic Party has upheld the slogan of justice for the United States for the impeachment of Mr. Trump, why din’t they even interviewed someone who had a different opinion to them?
    You are too naive to ignore the dictatorship of the US Democratic Party in this regard. The worse thing that happened is that you accept the dictatorship, unfair, no justice happening right before your eyes. Do you think it’s good for the United States?
    You guys are wrong. This led to a series of unaceptable behaviors that attacked and defamed the later US laws of the Democratic Party of America and Nancy the witch. She even humiliated the face of American education and culture with the uncultured behavior of “ripping up the Trump’s speech” in front of the United States and the World.

    As I stated, Dems only called witnesses against Trump. And all those who spoke against their allegations were all lies, especially including both presidents. I think that at the national level investigation all conclusions must have good evidences. But what did we see?
    The 17 anti-Trump witnesses were proposed to be true even though no evidence was provided, all they had were just testimonies. And even the two Presidents directly involved in the testimony case were said to be lying?
    Where was the evidence of the two Presidents’ lies? No, just by Dems inference!

    Through the above sections, you have seen the smelling, autocratic, disgusting and authoritarian nature of the US Democratic Party. Dems do not hesitate to sell off their personalities, their personal aims to illegally depose the President of the United States.
    Why do you let a group of people trying to undermine American law and the Constitution for implicitly carrying out their personal plots. Are you willing to pay taxes for that?

    When the witch asked for more witnesses this time, remember the previous witch’s claims. That is “a mountain of evidence” or “overwhelming evidence”

    If it’s as many as the previous statements, why ask for more witnesses today?

    The answer to this problem can only be a “mountain of evidence” that is just a cheap trick to those who are light-hearted, both believe in the witch and her gang. The sorceress did not hesitate to sell her pride and honor in exchange for public opinion deception of US citizens who believe evidences accusing President Trump are a lot.

    Thereby, the witch tried to convince US citizens that the President was guilty, deserving of impeachment and deposition.

    Today, through the witch’s opposition to the US Senate’s LEGAL and HUMAN vote on calling for more witnesses, all US citizens believed in the witch’s “evidence mountain” a while ago received a fiery slap in the middle of their faces that the President was guilty and deserved to be deposed.

    Gentlemen, those who support the witches’ allegations of deception, should gather the little justice left in them only to come and ask the witch: “if there such a mountain of evidence? Why demands more witnesses? ”

    The Senate may consider calling for more witnesses if the witch previously admitted “overwhelming evidence” was fabricated.

    Unfortunately, the Senators also think the witch was telling the truth about the “overwhelming evidence”, so they couldn’t help but hold the witch responsible for her words.

    The witch’s opposition to the results of the Senate vote to invite more witnesses, has accused the witch’s personality. It was a flurry, ready to turn away from her words. A person with no charisma, no personality like that, who holds a stand for impeachment of the President, where will the United States go?

    The witch was openly opposed to a legal vote showing that she dared to challenge the law and violate the US Constitution cruelly. She acted as if no one could touch her. Today, the American citizen must teach her a lesson : “In this country, no one is above the law”

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