Senator Thom Tillis, a republican Senator of North Carolina in a tweet mentioning Speaker Pelosi, ripped apart the useless articles of impeachment against President Trump after his total acquittal in the Senate Floor on Wednesday.

Trump was previously pronounced not guilty of both articles citing “abuse of power” and “obstruction if justice” by a 52-48 and 53-47 victory margin.

According to Senator Trillis tweet: Two can play this game, @SpeakerPelosi. Glad to finally put impeachment in the rearview mirror so we can get back to work for the people of North Carolina.



  1. There was NO article of obstruction of justice! They claimed it was obstruction of congress! Get it right if you are going to write a story!!

    1. During the Fast and Furious investigation, Congress subpoenaed Eric Holder to testify. Obama used Executive Privilege to prevent it.
      I guess there must be a difference in Executive Privilege and Liberal Privilege.

    2. Waste of tax payers money just because they hate a President they can’t control and manipulate! I hope they post the amount that this garbage has cost the country. Could have went to much more important causes.
      Pelosi will be wishing she had spent some of that wasted money on seniors needs. She’ll be needing it soon by the looks of her!

      1. I hear Pelosi raided the Social Security fund to pay for the impeachment. I heard thats why recipients only got a 1.+% COL increase while Congress gave themselves 3.5%. Nice of them to take from seniors while they live high on the hog and get rich on insider trading.

      2. Oh, no, she won’t need it. She’s bilked the former state of California (now the state of Crisis), not to mention her son was in on the Ukraine money making scheme, so that she’s rolling in dough. None of it earned, in my opinion. She has no conscience. The end justifies her means.

      3. Plus she is married to one of the biggest crime family fathers in California they have over a hundred and twenty-five million dollars sitting in a bank account she won’t need any help as a senior just so you know

  2. Pelosi’s only skill set is talking with marbles in her mouth and shredding pre-torn paper. These were aquired during her extensive time and money wasting tenure in the House.

    1. Red it was a heck of a lot more than money wasting. Nancy used he son Paul to provide a degree of separation from those bribing her and the Speakers chair. Paul collected bribes for his mother from a number of countries wanting the ability to have their voice heard in Washington and the speakers had enough power to make her a valuable commodity to foreign interests from the Ukraine to China, with stops in between. Nancy has sold her office to the highest bidder for most of the time she has been in government , taking lessons from the queen of the sell out Hillary Clinton. I have been pleading that the government take a look at the kickbacks going into Democrat and R.I.N.O. Republican pockets from U.S. Aid over the 36 years the C.I.A. had captured and controlled the White House from March 30 1981 when President Regan was shot by John Hinckley junior who called George H.W. Bush uncle. John junior was the son of Bush’s Texas business partner in the oil industry. How many remember that George H.W. Bush was the son of Prescott Bush who was one of the Democrat elites charged with trading with the enemy treason in 1942 for supporting Germany after America joined the war in Europe a few months prior to their arrest. George H.W. Bush joined the democrat created C.I.A. when instead of dismantling the war time spying effort at the urging of the British elites turned it into a government agency under the leadership of Alan Dulles in 1947. In 1949 the C.I.A. along with British intelligence went to war against the people of China installing Mua as the imperial leader of the Communist party. In 1952 the C.I.A. turned their efforts against the American people creating operation Mocking Bird, their plan to assume total control over America’s media. In 1963 after a great deal of anti American activities President John F. Kennedy discovered the agencies criminality and called Dulles into the oval office to demand an accounting. Kennedy threatened to fire Dulles and close down the agency and two months later on November 22 1963 was shot dead on the streets of Dallas. The C.I.A. assassination team consisting of five members was led by none other than George H.W. Bush. After President Regan was shot by John Hinckley Junior he usurped the power of the Presidency and the C.I.A. led deep state installed their people into the office of President over 4 puppet Regimes in which America was led from war to war from times of tragedy through more tragedy than a nation should bear. V.P Bush to Bush 41 to Clinton42, to Bush43 to the illegal Presidency of Barack Obama the C.I.A. had total control ignoring the voice of the people. The deep state was shocked by the move of an awakening America who elected a warrior Donald John Trump to the office of the President of the United State of America. This was the year that global communism was to be in place on October 3 2019 the 70th birthday of the birth of Communist China a government that has slaughtered closer to 200 million of their own people. We look at 9/11 and blame it on foreign fighters in reality it was this same group committing an act of treason against we the people. Those involved were George H.W. Bush who lived in the palace in Saudi Arabia during the planning of the attack. George w. Bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Kristine Marcy sister of Field McConnell of Able Danger, Robert Mueller, and more to be named later. America is at war against the deep state led by the C.I.A. and the Democrat party who were quick to fall in line for personal gain. There is so much more of the truth to be revealed but few are willing to listen to the reality that if Hillary had managed to steal the election with her 13 million illegal votes America would not exist today as our forefathers had envisioned. The enemy will not quit sewing division among the people, causing confusion for all because the very future of their plan for a new world order depends on the death of America. President Trump, a warrior appointed by God for such a time as this is under attack day and night. Already there have been multiple attempts on his life. Please America rise up defend the nation the President and his family or America the freest country in the world will be lost. God bless America!!!

      1. God Bless Trump POTUS,
        Draining the swamp is a bold task.
        Many have to be adjudicated and Justice served. They cannot be wrangled in the WDC COURTS forever delays and setbacks.
        The Country is beginning to coalesce in support of POTUS. 2020 VOTE will be supported by free people.

      2. Not to mention “The War On Drugs”, what a hoax. I never believed for one minute with the militia this country has, there is no way tons of drugs are getting by them…….AND they are not, our own CIA has its own port!! and dock AND keeps a watchful eye on the poppy fields, and we have G Bush #2 to thank for this, AND when said country’s leader sent a message to Bush he no longer wanted to do ‘this’, Bush told him “We are not interested in that here!” (Intel from Bill Cooper/Sedona speech.. very informative) Besides all the False Flags killing my fellow citizens, like THAT isn’t bad enough, a sect of my own govt bringing drugs into my country killing more people AND others going to jail, doing time, court, probation……..guess they get paid twice when you look at it money wise. what a bunch of shits! The TriLateral Comm, Bilderberger Group, Illuminatti, The Elite, same shit, different name, least I forget, THE FED!! hey all you cocksuckers, WE know who you are and we know what you are doing, WE outnumber you and are NOT afraid of you, too many people know a lot more than I do and I know more than I want to……you will not succeed, our love for this country and one another TRUMPS your greed and psychotic minds, we won’t be brainwashed any longer, we know all your games and you are getting sloppy. You have played chess with America long enough…….game over

      3. Pastor-Phil Biggs, thank you for this article. I would appreciate a copy of it to study and to distribute. Would you please friend my husband and i on Facebook at Joan Elaine Taylor (Erickson, Hobbs).

      4. Thank you so much for your very informative remarks. Do not lose hope as many more Americans are now awake thanks to Qanon. You may already be following Q since you are already well informed. Here is the link just in case: Qmap.pub.
        We still have millions to wake up to the truth. God bless you, sir. God bless our President Trump, his family, his administration, and God Bless America!

      5. Hear ye hear ye you are so right please let the United States and all the people in it understand what you’re saying put it out on all the media you can you are so right this whole thing is upside down and those crooked lawyers in the Democratic Party and in our government and the government trolls in the Trojan horses are still there he must be found and crashed and tried for

      6. I agree obama was a plant no legislation experience only color, not even a citizen of United states, Kenya is his birthplace, under trump who has no political allegiance or party favors cant be bought or bribed for by lobbyists and does not even really get paid ,he gives his check to charity u rasist media whores, Babylon Zion’s mainstream media with democratic leftist national socialist party, exactly like nazi Germany buy media outlets push agenda

      7. I believe every word you said. Our own govt planned and executed 9/11. One picture of flight 93 crash site is all the evidence you need to know that they(government) are lying. There is no plane! No nothing. A smoldering hole in the ground. Where is the wreckage? Liars all of them.
        I think Kennedy was killed for a different reason. In June of 1963 kennedy had the treasury dept start printing treasury notes again. I believe around 6 million dollars were printed and that’s why they killed him. Oswald didnt have a clue of the plot to kill kennedy. Again the film shows kennedy being killed but it also shows that the story was a lie. Where does Kennedy grab at first? Does he reach and grab the back of his neck? No. He grabs his throat in the front. He was shot initially from the front and subsequently from the front. Bush couldn’t remember where he was when Kennedy was shot. What a liar. I believe bush was responsible for the attempted assassination of Reagan. If you can find the pictures of the scene from across the street and if you look above where the shot came from you’ll see a balcony with a sliding glass door with the curtain open. The secret service would never allow that situation to occur. If you enhance the photo it looks as if someone is lying on the floor holding a rifle or similar looking object. Nixon and Johnson were in on it. Johnson’s hitman was there in daly plaza. They were all in Dallas that week. Oswald had nothing to do with Kennedy they had to shut him up before that became obvious. Obama was the most corrupt president since Roosevelt. The guy that stole America’s gold. Why people didnt revolt when gold went to $35 an ounce overnight from $20 an ounce. They stole 40% of our money and no one did shit. Like today with the federal reserve stealing from us everyday. The corruption in our govt is staggering alone without the pedophilia and child trafficking being considered. Those people are evil to the core. Bush Clinton, obama, bush senior are all the same. They were all groomed by bush senior. Our govt really needs do-over. Totally remade. The corruption is too extensive to fix. The deep state is real. It starts in Rome to London to Paris and America and is controlled via the ,”Council of Foreign Relations” and their controllers. Dissolve the CFA and fed reserve now. Have a nice day.

  3. No I’m not putting it behind me she did what she did I want her to pay for this and the rest of these people let’s start this and get these people out of office please let’s go after these people before they start their s*** again and make us American people pay for their b*******

  4. Yes! So thankful our President has been acquitted and this sham is OVER! MY tax money should NOT be paying for this. I’m outraged that you would use my money for these hoaxes instead of for the people of this great nation!

  5. She needs to be ousted of any Government duties along with the antisemitic squad and Schumer and Shiff., Nadler, Al Green, Maxine Waters, I’m sick to death of the Demarats calling everyone a racist when they themselves are the racists; and their crony policies in American states an so-called “sanctuary cities/states. Oust all illegals too. Our America and our citizens are suffering economically, racial devision and physical endangerment/murder. We also, aren’t getting the proper healthcare(because the illegals are taking billions from us). It’s time to take back our Country and treat it’s LEGAL citizens wit the attention and proper care they deserve. A great deal of the homeless population would decrease immensely.

  6. Thank you Senator. I find it ironic to say the least they charged the President for obstruction of Congress. This is a Congress with an 11% approval rating. Think about that for a moment. If you were a baseball player and had a batting average of .110 you wouldn’t be there long. Congress is the only work place I can think of where you can make $174K and have 11% productivity and have the balls to return to your home and ask to remain employed.

    What’s wrong with this picture.

  7. Pelosi, should not be in charge of anything. She is a very dumb, jack ass. And Shiff he looks like a small penis in a suit.

  8. Get those crazy dems the hec out of our congress send them all to cuba since they love socialism so much cause AMERICA DOES NOT I WOULDN’T VOTE FOR ANY OF THESE LIARS IF YOU WOULD PAY ME A MILLION BUCKS. THATS WHY PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL WIN BY LANDSLIDE

  9. I was on the receiving end of Obama’s job killing policies, now that’s momentum. And we were subjected to Obama’s punitive mandates on healthcare, Dem ideology. If so, Nancy Pelosi will rip your heart out and cut your throat at same time, goes beyond paper. Constitution is a LIVING document you don’t mess with, like fetuses you’re willing to abort. Nancy, the only numbers you need to be concerned about is your lowly approval rating.

  10. God put Donald Trump in for a reason.
    We need someone like Donald Trump in Australia to drain the lakes in Canberra.
    God bless Donald Trump

    US CODE 18 2071
    (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

    1. I agree with holding pelosi,nadler,Schiff accountable, I have a gripe with my fellow Americans, why is not enough of u not demanding this , facts can be obtained easily through judicial watch, Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff went to foreign countries asking for help to oust our president without diplomatic agenda by president, that makes this treason


  13. I feel Nancy Pelosi and any other trader. Needs to face the music. She should be charged with ripping up the state of the union papers with criminal referral as is stated by law and put in prison, fined, and removed from office. And that other Muslim senator be also arrested for treason. She dosen’t need to be in office.

  14. With all the revelations of abuse and corruption coming out the Justice Department has an overflowing platter. I wonder how attorney general Barr and prosecutor Durham will prioritize Pelosi. She should be at the top of the stack.

  15. The really funny thing about this video is that Pelosi is so deranged, it will cause her to publicly troll herself with a truly childish reaction. Her TDS is so overwhelming, she won’t be able to help herself.
    Imagine her reaction if she was to sober up long enough to think before having her usual knee-jerk reaction.

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