House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) trolled Speaker Pelosi after the Senate voted to acquit President Trump.

The Senate on Wednesday voted to acquit President Trump on both articles of impeachment.

Article 1 “Abuse of Power” — Not Guilty! 52-48

Article 2 “Obstruction of Congress” — Not Guilty! 53-47

McCarthy ripped up the bogus articles of impeachment and posted the video to his official Twitter account.

“Acquitted for life,” McCarthy said as he tore the articles of impeachment in half.


In an appalling lack of respect for the House, the country and the President, Speaker Pelosi ripped up President Trump’s SOTU speech Tuesday night.


  1. The entire DEM. PArty should be sequestered and them and their families should be investigated for coruption and sedition… And all should be indicted and run out of politics all together. As for the Clinton’s, Hillery should be executed for what she and her family has done….but prison for Bill and their daughter who is as bad as her mother. May JUSTICE prevail…..

    1. Is there a law on the books that would end this Pathological need to destroy the Democrats exhibit? I can say this because I am a Board Certified Psychiatric RN with thirty six years in the field. It is almost a fixed delusion. I would feel bad for our President if he were a Democrat, no President should have to deal with this debacle while trying to govern our country and keep us safe. Thank you for all you do. Blessings

  2. Thank you Kevin McCarthy!!!!! This whole things has been a sham. Now go another step, charge Pelosi with charges of destruction of government documents. The Democrate House Judiciary of perjury
    lying under oath,is a felony. Pelosi should be removed from Speaker of my House ( not hers, belong to the people) the rest of the liars charged as well. This must not & can not stand. Remember Pelosi said no onebis above the law? Well, that means you Nancy.

  3. Thank you US Senators that voted to acquit OUR President for life! The House majority leader showed poor qualities to a high standard and has no leadership abilities. The entire Democrate Party has been overtaken by the radical left and is no longer the party of the people. Just a side note, a list of Senators that voted against it is out for public view. Find your Senor and see how they voted. Senator Manchin (D, WV) is being watched very closely by his constituents.

  4. Trump is my idol, he represents the guy everyone should look up to, his state of the Union speech made me think, ” he is making America, great again” we as Americans should come together, all races, all people should realize we are a better type of people, because Trump has given us another opportunity, a chance to be our best, even when they were trying to knock him down, he still was doing his job as THE president, I believe good things are gonna come out of his fight, the power just became greater because he stood his ground, and prevailed, Amen to Trump!

  5. Peloski should be removed, one way or another. Adam Schiff should be disbarred. Hillary should be incarcerated. If any of us did what any of them did, they would throw our ass UNDER the jail.
    Get served with a subpoena saying don’t delete anything off your computer and then Hillary turns around and deletes 30k emails and NOTHING happens to her?
    Go on to the floor of the house and recite your own made up version you deliberately filled with lies telling of a telephone call between the President’s of two countries, intentionally designed to damage the POTUS!
    Hold press conference after press conference swearing up and down you have proof the POTUS is a liar and a crook and on and on and on, none of which is true!
    And then behave like a spoiled 6 year old and disgrace the United States because you have no class or self control?
    I can not believe some of the crap the dems have got away with, at least so far.
    The whole party is a train wreck.
    Look at how many people believe their lies and bullshit and choose to hate a President Trump. Over what? They have it in their heads he’s a thief or scam artist or somehow making gobs of money, yet, none of them can prove anything so, they blame it on the Russians or scream “cover up”. And people believe it. It’s like watching a bad horror movie. You almost want to feel sorry for them, but their such ignorant aggressive ass holes saturated with hate – and love every minute of it – there’s nothing anybody can say to wake them up, they just keep making more shit up, it is simply insane. I never ever would have thought this could happen in America. Maybe some third world country you’d have trouble pointing to on a map, but not here. And THEN there’s AOC!!

  6. Well Done President Trump I’m One of Your Great and Admiring Supporters from Australia. I Think the Next Big Undertaking He Should Resolve is Who Are the Government Appointed Criminals that Robbed the U.S Treasury of the Tens of Trillions of Dollars. Coincidently Revealed 2 Days Before the “Powers That Be” Destroyed the Twin Towers to Divert The Attention Away from Thier Historical Heist

  7. Since the House failed to prove their case shouldn’t President Trump have the right to sue the house reps for falsely accusing him for something he did not do.?
    Or at the very least, isn’t there a process to fire their asses for wasting public time, money and attempting to bring shame and disrespect to the Commander in Chief, President Donald Trump.

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