EXPOSED: How Ilhan Omar used Lover’s Company to launder Money.

Ilhan Omar has been accused of a lot of things since her election into office. From cases of marriage fraud to tax frauds to dark monies, even hateful comments and Antisemitic tropes. But this time, she has taken it a step too far.

The New York Post revealed that a high profile divorce case was reported on Monday when a lady stated in court with documents that her spouse was cheating on her with a lady, one which was shockingly revealed to be Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.
Omar’s alleged paramour, Tim Mynett, was a fundraising consultant for Omar’s 2018 and 2020 campaigns. This proves that both parties actually know each other and work closely together. Omar is divorced from a marriage to her brother and to her legal husband as well.

The Congresswoman has not commented on the charges as at the time of filing this report, but there is a possible second scandal involving more than $200,000 invested by her campaign with Mynett’s company. Why is her campaign investing in this man’s company? It is understandable to say that the alleged partner is one of her sponsors but her campaign also being his company’s sponsor? What exactly is going on?

According to reports, Of the $145,406 reported by the E Street Group during the 2018 campaign cycle, $62,674 came from Omar’s campaign. Aside salary taxes and transfers to the Democratic party of Minnesota, E Street Group was Omar’s second-largest supplier, according to FEC information.
The company, E Street Group, spent more than 10% of its campaign (not including transfers to other campaigns).
The overwhelming majority of Omar’s resources spent on the E Street Group were paid out after winning the disputed main and completely non-competitive general election race in its D+26 district. Could it be that they were payments for helping her win the elections? And what help were rendered?

In contrast to the rules of the FEC, Omar’s filings did not determine whether its E Street Group disbursements (or any of its disbursements) were for the primary election or for the general election.
However the Campaign payments to the E Street Group, often referred to as “fundraising consulting” charges for its FEC filings, accelerated in the 2020 cycle. Her campaign spent 160,000 dollars on E Street this year, a year off campaign.
Almost one in every three bucks spent on her re-election (again, not including transfers to other campaigns or commissions) goes to her supposed lover. Has Ilhan Omar been paying this man illegally through his company? Are these payments connected to their relationship?

Omar did not reply to the Post’s questions about the supposed affair. Her congressional office refused to answer the questions thrown at them, instead passing along a campaign email address. Her campaign did not respond to the email address.

It is safe to say Ilhan Omar is not only Antisemitic, she is a radical leftist and an Islamic terrorist sympathiser who is also actively involved in possible money laundering schemes as well involved in infidelity. How much of a bad example is she to our children and younger generations.

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